Sailor Moon to NOT Come Back (July 13th, 2002)
I got home from work, and saw an e-mail from Tomoki Himi informing me that they checked the CN schedule a couple days ago, and that Sailor Moon was not on the schedule for August 5th like it was last week. I checked the schedules to confirm this, and indeed, it's not going to come back then, and is not on the schedule at all as far as late August, which is how late the schedule is posted to. I don't know what to say or anything, this is fucking ridiclous. I don't see why they even bothered to have it on if it was only meant to fill a slot for a short period of time. So as of now, cable TV viewers can just forget about Sailor Moon being on TV, and if you want to see at least the first two seasons, we're back to the hoping that a local station still airs it.

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