SuperS Set Five Announcement and More (July 11th, 2002)
Boy have I got a lot to cover in this article. From seeing the announcement and finding out things when getting details on it and just plain figuring out what's been going on that I didn't understand before, I've figured out what Pioneer is doing for SuperS releases on DVD and VHS for the most part.

Let's start with the obvious. The fifth set has been announced. And it's going to be another long wait between releases. It will also be only six episodes. I don't like this pattern and you'll see why after this news blurb. The DVD, "Pegasus Collection V," will be releases on Tuesday, November 19, 2002. It will contain episodes 152 - 157. The ninth VHS is labeled "New Powers" and the tenth, "Pure Friends," splitting the DVD release completely in half like normal, each getting three episodes. That's the easy part of this news article, now to make things interesting.

You see, when I was gethering the episode count data on the DVD as well as get the info on the VHSs, there were three VHSs listed under DVD5 instead of two. Reading the details on it, it explains that this VHS has three selected episodes from the edited dub on the tape. Taking note of this, I go to online stores to see their SS VHS lists because I remembered that was a third VHS being released with set three which had a matching cover with one of the VHSs, but I had never reported on since there were never any details on it, and even the "back cover blurb" as I like to call them matched one of the VHSs. And when looking to see if stores still had this tape on their lists, I came across another "unknown" tape, whose release date matches that of set four. So now, let me explain what this all means.

From set three on, there will be a third VHS released which I shall call the "Best of collections," as these tapes will have three select episodes from the edited dub on each tape. The first best of collection tape was released with set three on June 11, 2002, and is called "Super Transformation." The second is being released with set four and is titled "Dream Meanings" which will be released on September 9, 2002. The third one will be released with set five on November 19, 2002 and is called "The Power of Friends."

So this makes things interesting, making this best of series of tapes out of nowhere. Hell, they don't even acknowledge them on their own site. Staying on the subject of VHSs, it appears that there will be no sub version of SS on VHS like there was S. Yes, this is old and you probably all know by now, but I was kind of hoping it was a mistake. Not like it matters to me since I use DVDs, but I know there are a lot of people who don't, though I highly encourage people who don't to get a DVD player, VHS is dying and anime companies are realizing this, limiting VHS releases, if they do any at all. Back to the subject at hand, no SS VHS sub obviously can't be helping VHS sales too much, and the SS sales are supposed to help Pioneer decide if they want to do Stars or not?

As many of you know, at a con last summer, Pioneer said they might consider bring Stars over here based on SS sales, let me clarify that, based on SS sales from new SM fans, as they know that people like me will get the DVDs as they're released. If they notice that a lot of new fans are being made because of their releases or something like that, they would consider getting Stars. Now, one would wonder if Pioneer is even trying to do well in SS sales. Why do I ask this? Well, just as I most recently mentioned, there are no sub VHSs for SS. Sets are being released every three months instead of every other month. The best of collection might spark some sales, though I don't see how it could do much. And with the announcement of this release being six episodes, this means that there are nine episodes left of SS to be planned. That's right, nine, such a horrible number for anime releases. I have yet to see a nine episode DVD from anyone, and I highly doubt they would do it if it's even possible. A five-four release is most likely, with one set getting five episodes and one getting four. A very bad thought came to mind while typing this which I hope they don't do, which is spread the nine episodes evenly over three releases. All I know is that I wil be eargly awaiting Pioneer's next announcement for set six so everyone will finally know what the hell they're doing.

Now, you just saw me go on about what they're doing that's hurting their sales, but with sets four on, they seem to be promoting sales of their product as well as other Sailor Moon products. I say this because on the DVD and VHS releases from set four on, after the "back cover blurb" is an advertisement of some sort. Here's what comes after the blurb on DVD4:

A new story for Sailor Moon seen only on the Cartoon Network! DVD reversible cover feature original art commissioned from Japan! Get 6 full bilingual episodes on DVD for only $29.98! Backed by a full line of toys (Irwin Toys), role playing products (Guardians of Order), graphic novels and books (published by TOKYOPOP).

They're actually encouraging people to watch the TV product on Cartoon Network, they're making it known that the art is the same art that was used in Japan, and advertising the other Sailor Moon products (minus the ADV ones of course). The price is listed in this blurb, and I just don't see it getting printed on the cover. It could be that they're just doing it for stuff that's not out yet and taking off the blurb when the stuff is released, but they didn't do that with the sets before, so this confuses me.

All in all, a lot is unfolding regarding the SuperS releases, and there's still a lot to be found out. Hopefully Pioneer will announce something soon and shed some light on this, I predict we'll know something by mid-September, but until then, let's just be satisified with what's known and enjoy the releases we have now.

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