Sailor Moon to be off air for a bit (July 3rd, 2002)
In June 2000, S aired for the first time, however the current run of R then stopped instead of finishing to lead to S. July 2000, an episode is skipped in the initial run of S because it was sent back for more editing. People complained, Toonami / Cartoon Network never acknowledged the skipped episode, and it's aired in all following runs with nothing ever said about it. September 2000, SuperS begins it's initial airing, but no promos air to tell fans of the new episodes. October 2000, an episode is skipped with the same excat handling as stated above. January 2001, SuperS finishes it's second run, which should've started every episode to air from the beginning, however S and SS run again instead of the first two seasons. March 2001, the SMR movie is set to air, promos air for it, and it suddendly get's pulled from the schedule. May 2001, the rin of S and SuperS that began in January end, and Sailor Moon goes off air, which is good in that it has some off time, though it's been almost a year at this point with seeing only S and SS. November 2001, the movies are finally finilized and aired with no problems, which was a good thing. June 2002 added another good thing to the list, with Sailor Moon back on the air, starting from the beginning and going through all the dubbed episodes.

Now we're in July 2002, and we add another event onto the mini-calendar. Like all but one (well arguably two) of them, this addition is a bad one. I got home from work today, opened my mailbox, and there was a mail from Callistocharon telling me that CN's schedule had been updated with Sailor Moon getting taken off the air soon and put back on in August sometime. So I went to the schedule myself, and gathered the details I could. This Friday, July 5th, dub episode number 24, "An Artful Attack," will air. Then starting Monday, July 8th, Sailor Moon loses the 3:30PM slot to Ed, Edd, and Eddy, until Monday, August 5th. On that date, Sailor Moon will regain the 3:30PM timeslot. Now there's aother problem. The first is the fact that it's off the air for a month for no apparent reason, the second is that instead of picking up where it will leave off, it will pick up with dub episode 45, "Cherry Blossom Time," which is what would air that day normally if it wasn't taken off the air. So what Cartoon Network is doing is taking Sailor Moon off the air, and continuing on like they hadn't stopped when it comes back in August. I don't get it, there's no rhyme or reason to this except to piss Sailor Moon fans off, which they must like to do since they've done it quite often since June 2000 as you can see from my mini-history above. I just don't get it....

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