ADV Announces Two More DVDs and Possibly Subbed Classic and R? (May 3rd, 2002)
ADV continues to announce DVDs early, with the recent anouncement of DVDs 7 and 8, set for a Tuesday, September 3, 2002 release. Each DVD will continue it's six episode trend, with the seventh finishing off the first season and kicking off the Doom Tree are with dub episodes 37 - 42 (orginal numbers 41 and 43 - 48), and the eigth continues the Doom Tree arc with dub episodes 43 - 48 (orginal numbers 49 - 54). DVD7 is titled "Fight to the Finish," and DVD8 it titled "The Doom Tree Strikes."

In other ADV news, at Sakura Con last weekend, ADV announced thet they're close to finalizing a contract for subtitled Sailor Moon (Classic) and Sailor Moon R. This means that there's a good chance that ADV will get these rights, and if they do I think they'll start releasing them after all the dub DVDs are out. Last summer when they mentioned releasing the two seasons, they showed no proof that they had rights or anything for dealing with the orginals of the seasons. Now, they're actually making progress. Instead of basically saying "we want to do this and are waiting for masters that we don't have the rights for" (well, they never mentioned not having the rights, though they didn't and still don't, but you get the idea) like they have since aquiring rights to distrubute the dubbed seasons on VHS in October 2000, this recent announcement shows that they're finally doing something to GET the rights to what they want to do and finally do it. I think there's a good chance of it happening, though it's not close to offically happening yet. I'll post more on this as more info is released.

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