Pioneer Announces SuperS Set Four (April 11th, 2002)
Pioneer has recently announced the date for the fourth set of SuperS releases. The set is set to be released on Tuesday, September 3, 2002. It appears that Pioneer doesn't want to do what they did with S and release the season throughout all of 2002, as three months are going by between instead of two which has been done with every release up until set 2 of SuperS. Online stores don't have the info for the fourth set up yet, which means no minute counts and no way to see how many episodes this set will have, Pioneer did announce the two VHS titles. The DVD will retain it's title in this set with the name, "Pegasus Colection IV," with the seventh VHS titled, "Meaning of Love," and the eighth, "Beautiful Dream."

Update a few hours after initial posting: I found a minute count for the DVD, and it looks as this set will also have six episodes, with three per VHS. If this stays true, it looks as SuperS will be more than six sets long as initially thought, and no hints ho how they might release the rest of it.

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