ADV Announces Next Four DVDs (May 5th, 2002)
Before the release of the first two Sailor Moon dub DVDs a week from Tuesday, ADV has announced the next four. The second set of DVDs will be released on Tuesday, June 11, 2002, on the same day as the third Pioneer SMSS set. Each DVD will have six episodes throughout the entire two seasons of the DiC dub, with DVD3 having dub episodes 13 - 18 (orginal numbers 16 - 19 and 21 - 22), and DVD4 will have dub episodes 19 - 24 (orginal numbers 23 - 28). The third DVD is called, "The Man in the Tuxedo Mask," and the fourth one is called, "Secret of the Sailor Scouts." The third set of DVDs will contain the next twelve episodes between them, with DVD5 having dub episodes 25 - 30 (orginal numbers 29 - 34) and DVD6 having dub episodes 31 - 36 (orginal numbers 35 - 40). The fifth DVD is called, "Introducing Sailor Venus!" with the sixth called, "Adventure Girls!" Those two DVDs are set to be released on Tueday, July 23, 2002.

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