Good news on First SMS DVD (November 16th, 2000)
It looks like Pioneer came to their senses because the DVD release date now matches the date of the VHSs, Feburary 6th, 2001. I'm relieved, now they're all only about a week delayed from their orginal date, which is no biggie. But I'm still very confused of how this is all being done. As I stated earilier this week, the DVD is 160 min, both the uncuts tapes are 95 min each, the 1st dub/sub is 90 min, and the 2nd dub/sub is 70 min. However, if we ignore the uncut dub lengths, and take into consideration that each episode is about 22 minutes or so, it seems to me (please take note this is a prediction, I'm not saying this will happen, as I am not a representave of Pioneer and no offical information of this sort has been released as of yet) that Set 1 will consist of the orginal LD Volume 1, episodes 90 - 93. Set 2 seems to have the first three episodes of LD Volume 2, episodes 94 - 96. the DVD will be a combination of the two, and therefore probably having episodes 90 - 96.

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