Early SuperS DVD Cover (November 6th, 2001)
This... is weird. Not only do we not have any art for the final S DVD, we don't even know what episodes will be on those last two tapes. And yet, though S is finishing up with anyones guess to what will happen in those unknown areas, the first SuperS set is all but ready to be released, the only think not known is the VHS covers. Yes, I said VHS covers, implying that there's a DVD cover, AND that the episodes that will be on each tape and the DVD are known. Let's recap what we know about the first SuperS set. We know that it will be released on Tuesday, January 29, 2002. The first VHS is titled "The Eclipse" and the second "Diana's Secret," with the DVD being called "Pegasus Collection I." Now, let's add in the new facts. This set will have the first six episodes of SuperS (yes, six not seven like I thought would be the case). All six of these episodes, 128 - 133, will be on the DVD, with the first three, 128 - 130, on "The Eclipse" and next three, 131 - 133, will be on "Diana's Secret." Now, to the weird part. There's a DVD cover already made. That by itself is strange, but it doesn't end there. Looking at the cover below, that does seem like DVD dimensions, but instead of saying "Pegasus Collection I," it says "The Eclipse." It doesn't make sense to have the VHS title on the DVD. This could lead to severl possiblities, however, since it's so early to even really think of SuperS, there's still an S set to be released, I won't bother listing them right now. This is just a fairly interesting thing, and a pretty nice cover as well, though I'm sure something will change over time.

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