Another Toonami Poll (November 6th, 2001)
Toonami.com has another poll to vote on. The purpose of the poll is unknown, why there wasn't any advertising for this poll is unknown, but the fact it, it's there. If you head on over there and go to the alliance section, you'll see in the bottom left of the section that loads is a poll to vote for your favorite Toonami show of all time. The shows on the ballot this time around are Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Reboot, Sailor Moon, and Tenchi Muyo! (yes, the "!" is part of the title). All amazing shows, all that have made Toonami what it is today, and best yet, they recognize Sailor Moon as one of those shows. While I don't know the purpose of this poll nor when it will end nor what the results will be used for, I can say this. This is the chance for Sailor Moon fans to finally be heard, and the race is closer right now than anyone may think. Many people (myself included) would think DBZ is kicking all the other shows asses majorly. Well, as I type this, that is far from the truth. At the moment I type this, DBZ is THIRD in vote percentage, and what's just above them in second is none other than Sailor Moon. Reboot is winning at the moment (all the other shows are doing poorly in votes) though I'm sure that could change easily. The possiblities of Sailor Moon winning is very good. It may or may not lead to Sailor Moon being back on the air if it does happen to win, but it will show, it even is showing now, that the fans haven't forgotten Sailor Moon like the higher ups almost seemed to have this year. It means that it will probably finally get the respect it deserves and gotten screwed out of many times earilier this year (please note the word earilier before coming to me saying they're airing the movies and put it on the poll so they are giving her proper treatment, refer to earilier news articles to see ecatly what I mean about getting screwed with earlier in the year). Like I've said a few times now, I don't know the purpose of the poll or what the results will be used for, but I highly encoruage you to go and vote as I'm sure good things will happen.

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