Some Final S Cover Art (November 4th, 2001)
This cover update you'll notice is quite weird compared to other cover updates. First off, there is no DVD cover released yet. Next, amazon.com (where I've gotten all the cover scans from thus far) has yet to post them, making this the first time where they were beat into posting it thus far (to my knowledge). And lastly, with this cover update, I can't tell you excatly which episodes will be on each of these tapes. Anywhere you can check the minute counts of the tapes has them both listed for 70 minutes, which is wrong because one tape has four episodes and one has three, but the DVD has the correct minute count for all seven of the episodes. So anyways, the DVD, "Heart Collection VI," will have seven episodes, those being 121 - 127. While at this time, it's unknown what episodes are on each of the VHSs, between the two of them, all seven of those episodes will be on them. VHS11 is called "Small Hearts" and the final VHS is called "The Awakening." The DVD and VHSs will be released on November 27, 2001. Uncut tape covers on the right side, edited dub covers on the left.

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