Sailor Moon Movies to finally air (October 16th, 2001)
After the failure back in March to air them, Toonami (as in the Cartoon Network one, the REAL one) will be airing all three Sailor Moon movies in November. Now, what's to believe they'll actually pull through this time? Well, last week on Monday, October 8th, YTV aired all three movies one after another in a marathon. I apologize for not announcing this earilier for Canadian fans, there is really no reason why I couldn't. The movies were given an hour timeslot each. Now, most of us know that the movies are about an hour long on the tape, and that TV has commericals. Well, an interesting thing I've heard from some people who watched the marathon was that there were very few commericals, I think one or two had none at all! This could be an indication that no further editing was done for TV, however there is nothing really proving this yet. We shall see how Toonami deals with it when they air. Sailor Moon R will air on November 2nd, Sailor Moon S on November 9th, and Sailor Moon SS on November 16th. All are on a Friday and at 5:30PM for each movie.

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