Lots of Cover Art (September 21st, 2001)
A bit earilier than normal, Pioneer has released the cover art for the fifth release coming out on October 9, 2001. Even stranger is that they changed the title to the tenth video tape. Once called "Sailor Saturn", they have changed it to "The Mysterious Sailor." I'm sure all of you will get a good laugh like I did when you see the art for them below, as there's post-its on them saying that the orginal title was "Sailor Saturn." The ninth tape is still "Hotaru's Secret" and has episodes 115 - 117, and the tenth tape will have 118 - 120. The fifth DVD, "Heart Collection V," will have all six of those episodes. This set will be released on October 9, 2001, as well as the Movie DVD box set, which the box art is below as well. The box set is labled as the Dream Set and will have all three movies on DVDs.

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