Sailor Moon to be on Kids WB Toonami (August 21st, 2001)
Doing my normal going through various sites late last night, I found some interesting news. Starting on September 3rd, Sailor Moon will be aired on the 3PM slot of Kids WB's "version" of Toonami for two weeks. Now before you all go thinking "That means we can see the first two seasaons again" like I almost did, remember that this is only for two weeks, and the schedule shows that they are going to be playing various episodes from the S season. While I wouldn't expect the WB to air episodes in a row, I'm actually suprised that they're not messing around with the order of the episodes, what suprised me when I found this out is the face that the WB is airing it at all. Why do I find that suprising? When the S and SuperS seasons were dubbed by Cloverway, a contract was signed between them and Cartoon Network where CN would have exclusive rights for an unknown amount of time. These contracts are normally a year, but it seems that the ones that CN sign are longer than that, seeing as there are a lot of shows, and seasons from a couple shows, that have yet to be aired on other networks in America. Maybe it has something to do with the AOL Time Warner merge causing a lot of changes in everything, I'm not sure, but it just seems weird to me. Anyways, right now the Kids WB schedule only goes as far as the end of that week, where they will be playing dub episode numbers 84, 90, 96, 98, and 99. (Unless something really weird happens, I'm not going to post the schedule for the second week when it is known) Remember that those are the dub episode numbers, so when you click those links, they lead to a different Japanese episode number, but the dub episode number will be the same. They are skipping around a bit, but at least they're in order, and are mostly episodes important to the plot. My only thing is that I think that they should play the first episode of the season, and take one of the fillers off their schedule. So if you're looking for Sailor Moon to watch on TV again, here it is on the WB for two weeks, and for the first two seasons, check your local listings to see if a channel you get plays them.

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