Final S Set Release date and DVD Movie Box Set Announced (August 14th, 2001)
Today on my search for the DVD and dub VHS covers of the fourth S Set that comes out today, instead of finding what I was looking for, I found two nice pieces of information. First off, it appears that Pioneer has announced the release date for the final S Set. The Set will be released on November 27, 2001, much earilier than I had expected, as until then, all the release dates have been every other month. The DVD will be called "Heart Collection VI," VHS 11 is called "Small Hearts," and the final VHS, VHS 12 is called "Awakening." This set will release the final seven episodes of SMS, episodes 121 - 127. However, at the moment, the minute counts for the VHSs are incorrect, as they are both listed as 70 minutes, so it's unknown right now of which VHS will have three episodes and which one will have four. The other thing I found is that Pioneer is going to release a box set of all the Sailor Moon movies on DVD. The box set will have the DVDs from all three Sailor Moon movies in it and will be released on the same day as the fifth S Set, October 9, 2001. I can't wait for this as I've been waiting to see if a DVD box set would ever be made, and was fairly dissappointed when the movie box set released earilier this year was only the dub VHS version. Pioneer definetly seems to know what they're doing and everything looks good.

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