First set of SMS VHSs and DVD Delayed (November 12th, 2000)
It seems that Pioneer has delayed the VHSs and DVD for a bit. All the VHSs will now be released on Febuary 6, 2001. The good news about this is that the uncut dub will be availble on VHS on this date. However, whats makes me mad, and I'm sure most of us here, is that the DVD has been delayed until March 15, 2001. It's hard to tell which episodes will be released, because all the minute numbers seem to be... strange. We've for a 190 min DVD, both VHS uncut dubs 95 in, V1 sub and cut dub 90 min, and V2 sub and cut dub 70 min. Before this change of dates and plans, I thought that the first four would be on V1 and the next 3 on V2, and all 7 of those on the DVD, judging by the numbers. Now, we seem to have some "fuzzy numbers" making it confusing to accurately predict what episodes will be released, although we can pretty much expect the first 6 at least.

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