ADV to Release Season 1 and 2 Subs? (July 7th, 2001)
This has been in speculation since October when ADV picked up rights to distribute the dub. They've said many times they wanted to do a sub and couldn't because DiC wouldn't let them have the orginal episodes, just the dub episodes to distribute. So if they've been saying the same thing now and then since that time, why is it a big deal now? Honestly, I have no idea, but it seems that people are jumping all over the bit of news from Anime Expo. Here's the small excerpt of announcentments that have got people jumping as from animeondvd.com:

Sailor Moon first 2 seasons subtitled, uncut. being held up currently by material availability

Now, I saw this, and I just sighed because this is absoluetly nothing different they've been saying since they entered the Sailor Moon world. I'm still wondering why they even metioned it, because nothing has changed. However, since this becoming such a big deal, I thought I'd metion and post this little thing. To me, it means nothing at the moment, but that's just my opinion on the matter. Think whatever you want of that little metion by ADV. I'll keep my eye on things as they happen, if they happen, and report on them.

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