Toonami Vote! (June 27th, 2001)
Here's the jist of it. From July 2nd through July 6th, Toonami.com will be having a vote to decide what show will take the 5:30PM slot. The top voted show will begin on July 16th. All thats up on the site right now is that starting July 2nd, you can vote for the next Toonami series. While it sounds like you're voting for a next show to be aired on Toonami, you're really voting for the shows that have been on Toonami on a certain point of time. At this time, no one knows what shows are on the ballot.

Update hours later: Well, it appears that CNX DOES know what shows are on the ballot (Thanks to [email protected] for pointing this out to me). Apparently, they're only putting Reboot, Batman, Outlaw Star, and Superman on the ballot. This kinda makes me mad as there are lots of Toonami shows that haven't been on for a long time that aren't getting a chance to return which deserve it, but that's only my opinion.

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