Mailbox - Sailor Moon is NOT real
From: xxxx
To: Tiff (don't feel like looking up her addy to put it here)
Subject: I dunno that either (not getting this in your own mailbox makes this hard to fill out)
Recieved: Now I wonder why I even bothered filling out this top part...

If all of you are princesses of your own planet, why don't you SS protect your own planet and protect the moon? How come you only protect Sailor Moon's palace and not yours eh.What if your planet was being attacked and sailor moon too? Would you rather save your planet or SM?Any way why are you so tough armara? My brother says your gay because you act like a boy and dress up like a boy and sound like a boy??? I don't want to make you angry or mad but why do you do that eh?

Anonymous^ ^

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