Mailbox - Funny mail I got
From: xxxx
To: [email protected]
Subject: Hi Dan
Recieved: 12/21/00 8:20PM

Let me first start of by saying that your pages ROCK!!!

I'm a newbee to Sailor Moon, as a matter of fact I have only watched the first episode =[ . Well the reason why I even got turned on to Sailor Moon was becuase of my new girlfriend. She is absolutely a fan of the show, and she's HOT!. Which brings me to my request for your information. Dude you have no idea what watching Sailor Moon on Friday nights does to my dear hottie. Well lets just say that getting turned on to Sailor Moon is a good thing! Well, if you know of a place where I can find some episodes please let me know. I have tried http://mkbo.tuxedomask.com/ but the sites are always packed. I have also tried to logon to the FDS folder and had no luck there either. Can you please point me in the right direction.

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