Links links links! This is where you can see what we think are some of the better sites on the net that deserve to be visited. I've got it broken down to the essential Sailor Moon sites that all SM fans should go to at some point, a bunch of SM related sites, then some non-SM sites that deserve a bunch of visitors.

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Essential Sailor Moon Sites

  • Sailor Senshi Page - Possibly the best combo Sailor Moon page that covers both the orginal and the dubbed versions of Sailor Moon.
  • Hitoshi Doi's Sailor Moon Guide - THE Sailor Moon information page run by Hitoshi Doi. This is absolutely the best place to get just about any information on Sailor Moon in Japan.
  • Bunny's Tour Through the Silver Millenium - A site with so much Sailor Moon info that you probably won't see anywhere else. Very creative and informative.
  • Dies Guadii - A site that researches many aspects of the Sailormoon anime and manga. If you were ever confused or curious about aspects of Sailormoon, this place is practically guranteed to have a lot of info.
  • Juuban District - A web site dedicated to the new live action Sailor Moon series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Has information on practically every aspect of the show thus far as well as even information on how the live action series compares to the anime and manga. A must-go-to site if you're a fan of the new live action series.
  • AQ's Worst of the Web - The AQ is a great team who review SM pages and post up the ones to avoid, as well as good ones. Now shut down, but still a great archive of information and such in the six years it was up, also held the people's choice awards, which awarded the best Sailor Moon sites on the internet and was a coveted prize.
  • Project WikiMoon - This site uses the open source wiki software growing in popularity to reference everything regarding Sailor Moon. Every aspect of the show, its fandom, and more is focused here. Being a wiki, anyone can contribute or edit articles to expand it.
  • SailorVGame.org - THE site for any Sailormoon game, offical and fan-made. Any game in the Sailormoon universe can be found here, as well as many fan projects.
  • Sailor Moon Center - Great site to watch and download SM episodes, currently re-subbing the series using the R2 DVDs which look simply amazing.
  • VKLL - Fansubbers of episodes 73 - 200, the movies, SuperS Specials, and Ami's First Love mini-special, as well as many other anime. Now only offers Stars, Ami's First Love, and SuperS Specials due to commerical releases, however the fansubs here are availble in both VHS as well as DVD format.
  • Glen Pierce's Fansubs - Another of the big distros, Glen Pierce is probably the biggest I've ever seen. Becoming most famous with how he offered Sailor Moon, as well as being the offical distro of Studio C, who fansubbed the first two seasons of Sailor Moon, he offers one of the biggest lists of fansubs I've ever seen. Like Glass Rose, great prices and great service.
  • Glass Rose Distribution - One of the biggest Sailor Moon VHS distros, Glass Rose has some of the best prices and service I've seen. (not to mention it's only a couple hour drive from me ^_^)
  • Family of Moonlight - A web-blog dedicated to focusing on the fanbase of Sailor Moon, showing how strong and dedicated we are today. I have recently started helping out with this site.
  • Miss Dream - A Sailormoon translation site, the staff here translates musicals, lyrics, doujinshi, and more.
  • MoonKitty.net - One of the few sites still around longer than SMU, it covers every iteration and version of SM extremely well.

  • Great Sailor Moon Sites

  • MarioKnight's Bishoujo Online - The site to download Sailor Moon fansubs, as well as the Seramyu (live action musicals held twice a year in Japan), and also doubles as an LD scan archive. Currently down due to the webhost crash a few months back, to be soon relaunched powered by phobos.
  • The Palace of Moonlight - This site is run by our own kawaiino senshi, Tiffchan. Has lots of info about the series as well as some grapchic you can use on your own Sailor Moon site. You will also probably enjoy her rants page about many of the things going on in the Sailor Moon world.
  • AFSM micro FAQ - The FAQ for the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon, doubling as a great reference for Sailor Moon info as well as many other great sites. Also very constantly updated.
  • Genvid (aka. The Sailor Moon Soapbox) - A great site that keeps track of all SM related news and information, as well as well written editorials and the host of a few other great SM sites and sprite comics.
  • Lycenta's SM Web Graphics - Lycenta makes webgraphics for people to use on their SM pages. Her graphics are really good! Also be sure to vote for the feature character for the montly wallpaper!
  • Cresent Light - This is an amazing site dedicated to Sailor Venus. Literally everything about her can be found here.
  • SailorMusic.net - The place to go to fill your Sailor Moon music fix, this site rotates CDs for download in MP3 and OGG formats.
  • The Chibi Project - Destruction of a Chibi-Usa minature figure, what more needs to be said?
  • Full Moon Over Crystal Tokyo - Another amazing site with great info and such.
  • In Defense of SuperS - Site dedicated to defending the SuperS season of Sailor Moon.
  • The Compleat CD List - The complete list of all Sailor Moon CDs around the whole world. Also has servers to download from.
  • Makenai - A site that focuses on the final season of Sailor Moon. Also a good place for some info on the anime and manga.
  • Lyric Moon - Lyrics and translations of every Sailor Moon song you can think of.
  • A Gateway to Sailor Moon - While not having any actual Sailor Moon content, this site is basically a link gallery of near every Sailor Moon site known on the Internet today. If you're looking for other SM sites not listed here on this page, or are having trouble finding a site you may have been to long ago, this is a great place to go.
  • MoonSticks: A Weekly Sailor Moon Web Comic - A nice webcomic that pokes fun at many aspects of our beloved series. A very fun read and updated every week!

  • Great Non-Sailor Moon Sites

  • Dragon Ball Z Uncensored - The site that started the "uncensored" site trend. The first site to compare the originals and dubs of a show, in this case Dragon Ball Z. Sadly closed, but always remembered and always a great place to go.
  • AnimeOnDVD.com - The main information site for anything regarding anime DVDs.
  • Toonami Digital Arsenal - This site has pretty much every Toonami promo availble for download.
  • The X Bridge - Formerly CNX: Toonami, The X Bridge is a site with all the latest news on about anything in the animation industry, with a lot of insight and opinions from the webmaster which are some of the best things I've ever read.
  • Toonami Infolink - Run by the evil geniuses of Toonami Digital Aresnal, the infolink is esentially a news site for everything Toonami and related to Toonami.
  • Mew Mew Power Uncensored - This site is the newest addition to the uncensored site trend, focusing on 4kids' dub job of Tokyo Mew Mew, known here as Mew Mew Power. While not much content yet due mainly to that Fox Box delayed the premiere, MMPU definetly shows promise for when the show finally hits airwaves and already is doing a good job keeping up with all the news for the show, so much that I'm hosting right here on phobos.
  • CardCaptors Uncensored - Like all other "uncensored" sites, this one shows what a horrible job Nelvena did to Card Captor Sakura. Also noteworthy is that this site and our site are the only two "uncensored" sites with domains, in which hopefully a trend will start with the rest of these type of sites.
  • The Dragon Ball Z Okatu Alliance - The host of the late Dragon Ball Z Uncensored, this site takes what DBZU did a whole lot further. One of the most impressive sites I've ever seen, if you like DBZ at all, you will LOVE this site.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Uncensored - Adding on to the ever-growing list of the uncensored site genre, this site focuses on the injustices done on Yu-Gi-Oh! by 4kids. It uses the same layout as the original DBZU and us. It's got good things going for it and is doing a great job showing us what 4kids refuses to.
  • Dogasu's Backpack - Yep, there's even an "uncensored" site for Pok?mon. Like all other sites of this kind, definetly worth going to, especially if you're a Pok?mon fan.
  • Anipike - A site that is basically a directory of links of a very large portion of any anime site in the world.
  • Devoted to Digimon - Adding another uncensored site to the link list, this one focuses on Digimon. It does a great job on listing all the changes between the original and dub versions of the show (which is quite a task), as well as a great information for any Digimon fan.
  • Shaman King Uncensored - More uncensored site goodness with this site focusing on the recent dubbing of Shaman King by 4Kids.
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