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 Welcome All!
Hello everyone, and welcome to Sailor Moon Uncensored. This section is here to explain what each section on this vastly huge web page is about, and what we're about. That way, you don't have to go searching through each page looking for explanations, because they're all right here.

So let's start off with what's on everyone's mind when they first visit this page, "Umm...Why is this page here?". Good question! The reason this page is here is because there is a lack of quality Sailor Moon sites on the internet. Not only that, but most of the web sites on the internet are dub web sites. How are people supposed to know about the Japanese version of Sailor Moon if all the web sites are for the dub?? Also, how will people know of the vast number of changes between the two versions?? I had always wanted to make a Sailor Moon web site, but I didn't want it to be like every other Sailor Moon web site that was out there. That's when it hit me, why don't I do a site that tells about what the English version did wrong in dubbing Sailor Moon? It was too perfect, and I knew exactly how to do it.

I had been a long time fan of DBZ Uncensored. I loved the whole concept for the site, and always wished that someone would arise and do a similar site only for the Sailor Moon community. Of course, I knew no one would do that, so I took the obligation and stepped up. I approached two of my friends, Tiff and Dan, and asked them if they would like to help me with this project. Of course, they were delighted, and thus, Sailor Moon Uncensored was born.

So now, I know what must be running through your head, "What the HFIL? You just stole Chris' design and claimed it as your own!!" Well, not exactly. From day one, we had intended for Sailor Moon Uncensored to be very similar to DBZ Uncensored. During the making of Sailor Moon Uncensored, we had e-mailed Chris at least five times asking if it was all right for us to do this, and each time he said it was a neat idea and for us to go for it. As far as us "stealing" his idea, I would disagree. We cite Chris and DBZ Uncensored all throughout the site, and we even have a "Shrine to Chris" type deal in our "Thank You's" page. So we're not really stealing his idea, we're only "borrowing it" (or so he thinks, mwhahahaha!).

I would like to fore-warn all of you right now. This page doesn't and will never have any "Character Information". We assume that by visiting this site, that you already have a somewhat good knowledge of Sailor Moon and it's characters. If you don't, then just mosey on down to our links section, where we can direct you to some wonderful Sailor Moon resource pages.

Well, enough of this boring stuff, on to the sections!

This section is for our thoughts as webmasters. Whenever there is an issue plaguing the Sailor Moon community, or just anime in general, this is where you'll find our opinion.

There's not much more to say about this section. It's where our opinions go. Whenever you're ready to see what we think (ha, who'd wanna listen to us rant and rave), just click on Miss Aino Minako AKA Sailor Venus and you'll know exactly what's bugging us.

 The Series
This is probably going to be the one section most visited. No, this is not a series summary, this is where the episode comparisons for the site go. Every single episode of Sailor Moon in the english speaking world will be compared to its original Japanese counterpart here. I'll give you an in depth summary of the episode comparison (even though it's pretty much self explanatory).

At the top will be the English episode number and the Japanese episode number, just so you know where you are in the series. Off to the right will be the Japanese title of the episode followed by the English title of the episode. Wow! Isn't that complicated?

After all that good stuff, we'll give you the Japanese episode summary, just so you know what episode we're talking about. After that is my personal favorite, OUR TWO CENTS! This is where Dan, Tiff, and I give our opinions about how the episode was treated and how accurate it was to the original. Just so you're not lost, "Our two cents" can be found in these boxes.


So whenever you see these little boxes with writing in it, you'll know that they are "Our two cents".

Next comes the juicy stuff. The stuff that you really care about. The actual episode changes. The alteration list works like this:

CUT This little guy means that a scene or part of a scene was removed.
CENSORED When you see this, it means that a scene was altered in some way shape or form.
STUPID DIALOGUE ALERT Stupid Dialogue Alert. This is probably Tiff's favorite section. These are lines that either change the meaning of a character, the plot, or are just downright dumb.
SIDE NOTE Other points of interest that don't fit into any of the above categories.

Unlike Funimation, Cloverway's cuts weren't as numerous and didn't involve little "snippits" here and there, which makes it MUCH easier to list all the cuts, so almost every cut will be accounted for. Censorship wasn't much of an issue for Cloverway, instead of censoring something, they would just cut the entire scene out (Chris, we would KILL for a digital paint bucket!! WE WANT A DIGITAL PAINT BUCKET! Hehe). On the other hand, the older episodes of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R made by DiC are very keen on censorship and snippits, so there will be many censorship notes for those seasons.

Now finally, after all those little boxes are done running rampant on the page, you'll come to a "Total Retained". Now, we do this a bit differently than Chris did it. For the total retained, we give a rough estimate of how much of the episode was kept intact, through both footage and dialogue. Moreso than a Total Retained, this can be considered more of a grade on how well we felt the dub was compared to the original than how much was actually retained.

Now, aside from the episode comparisons, in the series section you'll find information on the movies, short (and I do mean short) summaries of the series, and probably some other things that I can't think of right now.

Opinions! This will probably be a fan favorite. This is where YOU, the viewer, can send in your thoughts about ANYTHING Sailor Moon and have it posted on the site. Whether it be from how you hate the voices or how much you think this site sucks. Send it in! You got a biff with the SOS? Send it in! Did your hamster eat your favorite Sailor Moon card? We'd love to hear about it!

Now before you send in your essay, wait seventeen months, realize that your essay was never put up, and then flame us, please keep a few things in mind. We will not post EVERY essay that is sent to us. If you send us this EXTREMELY LONG essay about several things you don't like in Sailor Moon, more than likely your essay will not be posted. When writing an essay, keep in mind to just keep to one topic. If you want to cover another topic, write another essay! Also, keep your essay to the point. Don't wander off on some strange trip. The shorter the essay, the better. Now when I say keep your essay short, I don't mean give me one liners like "I hate Serena's voice" and just leave it at that. If you hate Serena's voice, tell us WHY you hate it and back your statement up. Also, use CORRECT PUNCTUATION AND SPELLING! If you send me this essay that makes no sense because you used incorrect spelling and bad grammar, your essay wont be posted. Also, try to avoid words like "cuz" instead of "because" and "R U" instead of "Are you", this just makes things confusing. Lastly, you should ask yourself "Is my essay original?" before sending it in. If we already have seventeen essays on how much Serena's voice sucks and you send in an essay on this same topic, chances are your essay wont be posted.

So to sum that all up, keep your essay focused on a single topic, keep it short and remember to back up your topic, use proper punctuation and grammar, and make your essays original.

Now, I know some of you are thinking "What! We have to be English majors to get our essays posted?! Hmph! Your site sucks!", well, not really. I'm sure if you go around this site you'll find grammatical errors. Everyone makes mistakes. When we say use good english skills, we basically mean remember to use your periods and commas, that all sentances have a subject and a verb, and don't use semicolons unless you're skilled at using them.

The attic of Sailor Moon Uncensored. This is where everything that doesn't fit into another section will go. Here you'll find news updates on the Sailor Moon world, cover art for the latest Sailor Moon DVDs and videos, and much much more.
Ahhh! The links! All seven of them! Well, maybe eight, I'm not sure. Well, anyway, as I said earlier, the Sailor Moon Online Community (or SMOC, hehe), has very few quality sites, so what are we gonna fill our links page with?? Well, after about seventeen seconds of thinking (if you haven't noticed, I like the number seventeen), I came up with an idea. Split the links section up into a few sections.

The first section of the Links will be what we consider to be essintal Sailor Moon sites to visit. These are Sailor Moon sites that are worthy of praise. These are the best Sailor Moon resource sites on the net, and all should visit them.

The second section is for those Sailor Moon sites that aren't excellent like the ones in the first section, but still pretty good and worth visiting.

The last section is for all those links that don't pertain to Sailor Moon. They all go in this last section. In the last secton they go. The last section is reserved for these kinds of sites. la ultima seccion es reservado por los otras "links". You get the picture.

If you don't know what this section is for, you should be smacked, but just for all you people who DON'T KNOW what this section is for, I'll explain.

You see, whenever there is an update in the page, we log that update in the "Updates" section (an "oooooohhhhhh" goes over the crowd). On our main page, if you see that the "Last Update" date has changed, that means that this section has recorded exactly what was updated, so mosey on over there to see what's new.

 About Us
"What???? An "About Us" section?? What's this?! I thought you were trying to be like DBZ Uncensored! DBZ Uncensored doesn't have one of these!!!" Eh, well, yeah, we're vain, what can we say? And actually, DBZ Uncensored does have one of these, it's just tucked away at the bottom. Anyway, everything you never wanted to know about us is here, so if you're ever bored one day and are thinking, "Hmm, I wonder who those wierdos are that built that one page", give this section a visit.
Umm.....This is where you goto E-mail us....Pretty self-explanatory. You click on Uranus (No! Don't click on "Your Anus"!!!) and you'll goto a screen and you have to decide who you want to e-mail. It's a tough choice, but I know that you'll get by OK. This section also doubles as a site FAQ to hopefully answer some questions before you e-mail us.
Wooooooh! That was a long ride now wasn't it? If you actually had the patience to read this whole thing, I congratulate you. Now that you know how the site works, go have fun! Go! Go now! For the good of the people!

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