Tiff's response to English is the only decipherable language!

Nice site. I can give you this much. However, I have a stern dislike about you shooting your mouth off at things you don't comprehend.
oh can you?! can you reaallly? becuase as you know, our site's future depends on your sole opinion! oh please please PLEASE give us a compliment! and i believe you cannot comprehend the essence of our entire site.
First off is the dub jobs. First off, can YOU read Japanese enough to translate the stuff? Secondly, have YOU had any acting experience? Thirdly, do YOU know how hard it is to lip sync with the mouths? For crying out loud, I doubt you've even been in a school play!
*blink* first off, I never claimed to, however, I did say i wish it had never been translated at all. It is the dubbing company's obligation to be able to correctly translate it, not mine. Secondly, yes, i have. third, they're animations, not real people. Have a little trouble distinguishing between the two? and i've been in several major musicals in my college.
I also find it intiguing that Sailor Moon is one of the only anime sereis with the dub/sub lines so evident. Most just watch the damn stuff. You make it a crime against humanity that they translate it into a dechipherable language. For shame! Don't try to counter with subs, they are too distracting. 9 out of 10 times you are too busy reading what is going on to pay attention. I'd rather be able to see it and get the whole feeling. I'm against censorship, not dubbing.
It's a crime against humanity to censor, incorrectly translate, and chop up what was once a work of art. and you're saying japanese isn't a decipherable language? that people can learn (and it's easy to do so) and comprehend it? And i find reading subtitles a very easy thing to do. It involves keeping your eyes on the whole screen. But i guess since that invovles intelligence and coordination, you wouldn't be able to handle that. You'd like to get the whole feeling from something that isn't even the same show? If you were against censoring, you wouldn't be bitching at me about the sailor moon dub. it's nothing but an animated censor. I tell you what, buddy, you really put the "ass" in the word "assassin"
Also, sometimes there are a few quirks in the translation. For example, two rhyming words in japanese might go well, but in English it's "Pickle? I thought you said baseball card." Besides, if you go into something with the mindset that something will suck, it will. You are too opinionated to give any dub a fair shake. Take Ghaleon Bonne's argument for example. I disagree with him on Slayers, but agree with him on Lunar. You can't sink down a whole dub on ONE VOICE! In almost every movie, animated or not, japanese or american, there is one bad apple!
Actually, i love the trigun dub, the slayers movie (without lisa ortiz, thank gods) was dubbed pretty well, as is ah! megami sama! (ah my goddess for all you people who speak a decipherable language). I hate all of the voices in lunar. the japanese voices and music are abosolutely breathtaking.
I've got to go before I completely lose it. I just want to finish by saying get a message board. That way you can actually have real discussions, not just your opinion. Now I've got to go listen to "Small of Two Pieces" if you don't mind. Ja ne!
oh lose it, please lose it! i want to see some excitement! and no, i'd rather not attract idiots like you by getting a message board. and i rather like my opinion ^^ now i'm going to go listen to megumi hayashibara sama, if you don't mind

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