A flaming dubbie

Hi, my nickname is Isamashii Ooraka Maurao. You may call me Isama. Anyway I am here to protect the dub version of SM. Think about this the next time you go to flame anybody that encourages the Dub version of SM. Think back to when you first were introduced to SM. Most people out there would have become hooked on the US version before they found out about the original Japan version. You probably found out about the Japan version through web sites. Another thing, when you flame another person your basically going against the Amendments. Everyone has the right to state what they want to state in the country USA. I know that's what your doing when you go and flame some one on what they believe in. But is it really nessary to call the person a name or threaten them. Come on people think about it. Would you like some one randomly flaming because of your belief. Why do you do it anyway you know that the web masters just make fun of you at the end so what's the point. Also you can't really change the dub version anyway, or the minds of huge company's who are dubbing these things. If you want thing done your way rewrite the series and post it on a web site, instead of flaming people about it.

Thank you Isama

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