Tiff's response to Baka. Need I say more?

Name: Ray E-mail address: yahoo.ca
Comments: U guys are a bunch of losers.

You chose the wrong damn day to mess with me. And somebody who starts their sentence with "U" and has left a fake email address is calling ME a loser?

You take a kid's show way seriously,

No, actually, we take a japanese anime made for any age range that's been annihilated into something shitty made for preschoolers way seriously. Get your information right.

hate to break to you but this isn't Japan this is america

you mean i've been in the wrong country this whole time?! AW, DAMMIT!

there are things called censors if u don't like them

ooooh are censors those little bleeps that come on when someone says a dirty word or those little black blurs that cover a naturally nude part of our bodies?

tough. all the comments you ad on are pathetic.

*blink* all the comments I ad?.....*reads that again*...ah! you mean HAD!..or is it add? you know something else that's a bit pathetic? beside the obvious being your entry and your spelling of course....The fact that you actually wasted your time going through the site if you were so against our purpose. Boy, talk about not having a life...

If i didn;t know better u are all a bunch of nerds. Yeah that's right.

^^ damn straight! and quite proud of it. I'll tell you one thing. When i'm the one at the top with a good family, a good job, and a good financial support, you'll probably be the one leeching off of my hard earned tax money. Yep, being a nerd and getting good grades sure is nice. You ought to try it sometime.

Tell me something do you guys get bugged at school alot ?

^^ yeah I know I do! and it's funny to tell the idiots that they can't cheat off my exam.

and from looking at your website i can see why.

^_^ so can I. I can see why we get bugged at school for being intelligent becuase our intelligence shows through our site. Damn, you're sharp. Glad you agree with me.

nerds, geeks ,losers.

yes, yes, and yes. ^_^ anything else?

P.S. Tiff are you attractive didn't think so!

ooh good one! a blatant insult to someone you've never met in your entire life! bravo!! Hm..I have a boyfriend who loves me....Now unless you're him...do I really care if you think so? Nah.

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