Tiff's response to Too Critical? (Flame)

Here is an email where we at SMU are deemed too critical of the dub Sailor Moon. My response in italics.

Name: [email protected]

Geez, and I thought Chris was critical about American DBZ. You guys make every cut, no matter how small or insignificant, seem like it was a mistake.
If you ask me, dubbing the series was a mistake in itself. *ahem* And yes, the small and insignificant cuts are what IS important. If these scenes are so small and unimportant, then why are they being cut?

Half the cut sections Chris did, he mentioned that it wasn't huge and no big loss.
we aren't Chris. We sure do like him a lot, and our layout/site design is based on his, but what we think isn't.

Speaking of which, I personally think you peopl are just a tad bit too critical on the series. The dub was a ton better than DiC's, and they only skipped one episode, though that may have been CN's fault, probably a scheduling blunder.
This is what this site is for. To watch every essence of what is cut from BSSM, and to inform the public of these cuts and changes. And we never stated that it wasn't better than DiC. If you'll notice in the very first comparison, we were overjoyed that they kept the original music.

As for the Attack names, you're the first people I've heard talking about that it's confusing. It's not really that inconsistent, Jupiter only says "Thunder Clap Zap" once, and when she said "Supreme Thunder!" she used her first attack, you know, the one she used during the Beryl Saga.
It is confusing for those newcomers to the show, and not only that, it's unneccesary and stupid. Why change the attacks at all? There are no reasons whatsoever to change attack names 2 or 3 times. None at all.

As for the Crystal thing with Venus, maybe the writers mixed up Serena & Mina's attacks, or that Serena & Mina have the same VA and she made a mistake. Who knows?
Why do such important companies make such idiotic and small mistakes? "Serena's" and "Mina's" attacks shouldn't be reversed at all. It's the inconsistancy and the fact that these mistakes can easily be avoided that's annoying.

And now the voices. Sure, Mina, Amy & Serena had terrible voices in the beginning, but near the end Mina sounded almost exactly like her old voice and Serena's VA improved a LOT. During the dramatic scenes near the end her voice was acted out almost beautifully. Everyone will agree that by the time the series ended, Serena's voice went from nerve racking to down-right pleasent to hear.
..*blink blink* um, we made it a point to mention how great mina's and serena's voices were improving. I would say Serena's was "downright pleasant" (o_O;) but it was very much improved. As for Amy's..i still think it's horrid. To each his own.

Finally, I don't see why you, and Chris too, are so critical about EVERYTHING.
probably becuase that's what our sites are for?

There are some things I can understand, but my friend, Tyler L. from Toonami: Digital Arsenal, put it best: "No creative work, whether it's a book, television show or speech, was meant to be translated." He hit it right on the coffin. You're never going to get a "perfect" dub.
We never wanted a perfect dub. I personally wanted no dub at all, and Rob and Dan probably agree. Nowhere on our site does it say "WE WANT A PERFECT DUB!". If you can find where we say that, I will apologize profousely. But I know it doesn't.

There will always be changes, no matter how minor or major, and you can't do anything about it. Nobody can. Even if the entire script is kept intact, even if no changes to the footage are made, even if the voices are as perfect as you can get, you're still not going have the perfect dub. These things are un-avoidable.
Do we doubt that there are changes? Hence the reason I wanted no dub at all. Things like great anime should never be tainted. As for un-avoidable changes...nope, that's totally debateable. Mina's transformation could easily have been kept as it should have been. Kaolinite's name could easily have just been "Kaolinite" instead of changing 3 times between: "Kaorinite" "Kaori Night" and "Kaolinite". These small changes and such are so un-avoidable, and that is why we are angered by them.
Thank you for your input. Until next time..Tiff is off to do some college work! (@.@)

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