Tiff's response to "Someone's" Opinion-Part 2 (Flame)

*twitch* The elusive someone has returned...with more guestbook entries...which I deleted and and am now going to respond to...*twitch* I don't know how much more irritating this can get. His/her comments in regular text, mine in italics.

Name: someone...

You know, I'm beginning to wonder why this guy doesn't just email us if he has this much to say...but that would require him to give us an email address, and since he's the type to just leave a name, I doubt that will ever happen

Comments: HI! It's me again ^_^. After reading your opinion on my comments I've decided to respond.

By leaving three messages in our guestbook?

If u read my message I did say, "I'm sorry if this offends you" which I am because apparntly it did.

Like I said, it takes a lot more to offend us...

But again, this layout is a complete copy of DBZ Uncensored's, I realy don't care if u were "inspired" to use this layout or not, if you decide to use another pages layout you don't make it almost exactly the same, you use your imagination and change it so it's not a duplicate, even the main banner looks pretty much the same as DBZ Uncensored's.

My Gods, that's the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen...Ok, let's get something straight: We ADMITTED that the layout was a copy. My Gods, how many times must I repeat myself? EVERYTHING was redone except with a Sailor Moon theme! Can you not grasp the concept that we admit this?

Again, I don't want to start a big argument, and I am not a flamer, simply a anti-page pirate, who doesn't like to see a site's layout, that's been around for 3 years, get stolen.

Ok, it's time to pull out the dictionary, I have a feeling this is the only way you will understand:

steal (stl) v. stole (stl), sto?len (stln), steal?ing, steals. v. tr. To take (the property of another) without right or permission.

Read that definition about 5 times. We have permission, therefore, it wasn't stolen.

cop?y (kp) n., pl. cop?ies. An imitation or reproduction of an original; a duplicate

now read THAT definition about 5 times. We ADMIT to it being a copy. Do you see the difference? Don't accuse people of stealing things that aren't stolen. I think you need to do a lot more research than you have.

He then proceeded to post AGAIN....

Name: someone...

*pops an advil*

Comments: AND, acctualy I did surf around the site before posting my comments, for about an hour or so.

Could have fooled me..

And then we have a THIRD post...

Name: someone...

*resists the urge to explode into a maddening frenzy of anger* must...remain...calm

Comments: Oh, and CoCoPuff is a moron who seems to have nothing better to do then flame something which he/she/it knows nothing about, please, I am not like that, I support all uncensored anime, especialy SM and DBZ.

(a) We know how moronic cocopuff is (b) oh, and you have a much more busy life, ne? Especially since you have enough time to leave three messages in our guestbook and (c) you are, indeed, a flamer. a mild one, but a flamer at that.

I would like to appoligize for saying your site is a complete copy, I was just pissed about seeing a site a lot like DBZ uncensored, BUT I still stand by the fact that the layout is a copy, and that still bothers me.

Do you get pissed everytime you see a site that's similar to another? and I absolutely refuse to restate what I've been saying throughout this entire saga of insanity.

Once again, I am not a Flamer, just someone who is iffy about seeing a site with the same layout as another.

once again. you are a flamer, an obsessed one at that. This business is between Rob, Dan, CHRIS, and I. Not you. You know, if you're that obsessed with us, we'll send you an autographed glossy or something.....

Let's just hope the madness ends, ne? Until next time, this is Tiff signing off! (Yeah I know that was corny -_-;;)

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