Tiff's response to Rini's Dub Voice

I have a bone to pick with you guys, however, I hope this is not considered a flame, because I have no intention of flaming. I love your site. Long live SMU!

*shrugs* I guess we will have to see. Although, in the future, stating how much you love our site before sending an email such as the one you did below will not earn you extra brownie points. I'm glad you're a fan of our site, but please...I really despise suck ups.

After reading countless episode comparisons over and over again, I've noticed that you tend to dislike squeaky voices.

...Where and how do you gather this assessment? I dislike high-pitched on voices on characters that do not have a high-pitched voice in the original. Would you stick a high-pitched voice on, say, Sailor Galaxia? Or Nehelenia? No, becuase it wouldn't fit their character. Therefore, it's not that we dislike "squeaky" voices...it's what we dislike them on characters it does not fit.

Now, since it's the year 2005 and all, and Sailor Moon isn't on TV anymore, my only method of seeing the dub is through bilingual DVDs. I'm not sure if the voices are different for the dub part of the DVDs, but if they're exactly the same...read on.

The dub voices do not change on the DVDs. They didn't re-dub it specifically for the DVDs o_O; So yes, they're the same.

After watching the bilingual DVDs multiple times, I can now say that I have _NEVER_ heard a more annoying, gag-inducing voice than the voice of Rini for the S/SuperS seasons. Let's list all the things that I believe it is, shall we?

Okay. That's your opinion. Glad you have it.


I disagree. It's high, not super high, and she's a small child...and her voice is high in the original.

-Unneccesarily squeaky

I disagree. I really fail to understand what your definition of a "squeaky voice" is. Is it supposed to be like a mouse or something?

-Horribly fake

Huh. Funny, how someone's original voice can be considered "fake". What you're hearing is Stephanie's Beard's acutal voice. She's NOT making her voice become that way. That is her voice. That's how she speaks in everyday life. That's how she speaks on her DJ job, on the radio. It's her NATURAL VOICE. Something like that is kind of hard to fake, don't you think?

-Nothing like the original

I disagree. Chibiusa's original voice is quite high, as are most Japanese children's voices.

-Doesn't fit her character at all

I disagree. Her character is a child that is cute, a bit hyperactive, whiny, and happy. The voice is childlike, cute, a bit hyperactive, whiny, and happy. What else would fit Chibiusa's character? A deep voice full of vibratto?

Funny. These are all parts of Rini's voice, which you love and think to be the "cutest thing in the world", yet you oppose these things in other characters.

Don't put things in quotations that weren't said. None of us said her voice was the cutest thing in the world. Bob said it was the cutest voice he's ever heard. Dan said it was awesome, and much better than DiC's. I said it was ultra kawaii (ultra cute). If you're going to try to reference our words, then get the right words, please.
*Blink* Of course I oppose these things in other characters..if it doesn't fit that character. We believe Rini's voice fits hers. Therefore..what's your point? What are you accusing us of, exactly? Are we guilty of believing that this voice fits Rini's character, but yet disagreeing that it would fit Nehelenia? Yeah. That statement really had no point but to be sarcastic.

Take Fish-eye for example. Hers...well, to tell you the truth, I didn't find her voice to be all that squeaky, but you guys certainly did. You oppose Fish-Eye squeakiness but support the horror that is Dub-Chibiusa's voice.

Bob said Fisheye's voice got high at times. That's it. Nobody called it squeaky. I don't know where you even got that adjective.
And dear..Fisheye is an adult. She/He is a grown man/woman. Therefore, giving her/him a high-pitched, "squeaky" voice is inapproriate. It's not in her/his character.
How about something simpler:


Do you see the difference now?

I think that the voice actress (Stephanie Beard) has had no prior experience and is either trying too hard, or not trying hard enough.

*Rubs forehead* Let's see...she's a DJ. That is her profession. But yet..she's had no prior experience in public speaking? Or acting? And sweetie..that's her NATURAL VOICE. She's not trying to be ANYTHING. She's speaking in her natural voice. Therefore, your comment about her trying too hard or not hard enough (which makes no sense in itself. It's one or the either. You can't either try too hard or not enough. You do one or the other) is irrelevent.

Sure, Rini sounded like a spoiled brat in the R season, but at least it fit her character for the time!

*Blink* So? That doesn't mean I have to like it.

My friend Colada-chan agrees wholeheartedly.

I do not care nor see the relevance about what your friend Colada thinks.

I do, however, enjoy getting caught in the rain...

I know I'm taking a big risk by going against a voice you love so much, but this is my honest opinion.

-A rant/opinion by Kiwi

It's not the fact that you don't like the voice that irritates me. It's the fact that your opinions, for the most part, are completely unresearched. You obviously have no knowledge about Rini's voice actress, and have given completely false quotes about what we said of Rini's voice. I value opinions...when they're intellingently backed up.

Until next time, SMU...

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