Tiff's response to "Someone's" Opinion (Flame)

Ah, my favorite part of opinions...my response! ^.~ And since this is a flame (a small one, yes, but I consider it a flame nonetheless), I get to have fun! *insane laughter* *cough ahem*

Note that this is a guestbook entry which I soon deleted after reading. His/her comments in regular text, mine in italics.

Name: someone...

Wow they even had the courage to leave a real nam-oh no wait..no they didn't..

Comments: Listen, I was surfing the net and found this site.... and i don't care if u got "permission" or not,

can someone explain to me why he put the word permission in quotations? Hm, I always thought that when you emailed a webmaster asking to make a duplicate of their site, just with a different series was certainly permission...but obviously this person didn't research that

this is practically a duplicate of DBZ Uncensored, one of me fav sites,

*blink* did we ever say it wasn't? Hell, if you look at our page, we praise Chris and his site all over the place! We ADMIT to it being a duplicate, that was the initial purpose in the design of this site! aiya...

do SOMETHING original, everything is the same, just done with SM instead of DBZ,

oh? Last time I checked, we wrote our own text...AND made our own images (which I worked damn hard on). Yes, the images are modeled in the same way as Chris's, but does that make them unoriginal? I did not steal his images directly off his site..I made everything in our own style, but yet stayed with his model, becuase, I'll say it again, that was our initial purpose in designing the site.

permission, or no permission, this is unimaginitive and a copy.

must...not...repeat self...

I'm sorry if this offends you,

It takes a lot more to offend me

but u copy another site that's been around for 3 years, with permition or not,

*twitch* let me get something strait...a direct copy of a site is as follows: Person A makes a site. Person B steals their html, their text, and their images, and gives NO CREDIT to Person A. Person A gets pissed, la dee da, the end. THAT is a direct copy. Does that clear things up for you, mr. someone? We mention Chris and give him credit on almost every page. Hell, Bob made a shrine to him! If our intention was to just copy his site, don't you think we would have just gone without giving him credit? oh, and by the way: p-e-r-m-i-s-s-i-o-n....

do you expect not to get bad feedback?

Actually, we have over 900 hits and you're the first bad feedback we've had so far about our "copying" of Chris's page...and I can clearly see that you immediately signed our guestbook right when you saw the site, rather than look around and notice that we give chris all the credit in the world.

And thus ends our wonderful first flame. That was enjoyable. I can hardly wait for the next one!

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