You Wanna E-mail Us? Wierdo.....
E-mail! Wooohooo! This is probably the best thing about the webpage. We love hearing from the fans of this site (we even love hearing from those who DON'T love the site). Over the past few months, we've noticed that we tend to get asked the same questions over and over. Thus to make our job easier and also yours, we've compiled a list of questions we get asked very often. The list will probably be updated frequently, so check back every once and a while.

I'm confused...Which one of you should I e-mail?
Easy question.

Most things these days are handled by Dan, and should be e-mailed to him. When she is accepting opinion essays, Tiff would be the one. Most questions/comments about older comparisons can be sent to Bob as he did the vast majority of them.

You're mean! Why didn't you reply to me when I e-mailed you?
We're quite sorry we didn't reply to your e-mail, but sometimes we get so much e-mail that it'd be impossible to respond to them all. But don't worry, you're e-mail was definitely read. We read EVERY SINGLE E-MAIL we get, so if you sent it, we read it, and your comments were definitely heard.

Addendum by Dan: Many e-mails I get about the site are already addressed on this page. As such, I usually ignore these. Maybe it might seem harsh to some of you, but this page is meant to keep those questions from being asked. So yeah...

Hey, I noticed that you have Classic, S and SuperS comparisons up, but why aren't the comparisons from R done?
When the three of us decided to do the site, we had planned on starting with the first episode and then moving up. Then there was the unexpected premiere of S on the Cartoon Network. Thus, Bob was not able to tape the first two seasons off of the Cartoon Network and was only able to tape S and SuperS. I (Dan) had provided him with tapes of DiC's dub, so work on Classic began. In this process, Bob started having less time than normal alongside a VCR breaking on him. To counter this, he sent my tapes back to me and we started a system where I would take all the notes, e-mail them to him, and he would write the comparisons with my notes. He then went on his mission, so I started writing them on top of taking the notes. When he returned, he would start working backwards from the end as I went forward to help get Classic done. Unfortunately various events in both of our lives would leave Classic four episodes from completion for years. Thankfully, my life started to stabilize after I graduated college in the spring of 2010 and Classic was finally complete.

Comparisons for R are on the way. I have no set timeframe for getting them done, but I do have both the time and ability, something I haven't been able to say for years. They will get done when they get done. I do intend to complete this site.

Hi!! Are you gonna do a picture gallery of what was cut out like you did with DBZ Uncensored?
Ermh...That's actually two issues that are fairly important...

First off, YES!!! We already have a picture gallery!! In selected comparisons, you'll see a black link in some "Cut" boxes. These are links to a screen cap of what was cut out. Eventually these will be in every comparison.

Second, neither Dan, Tiff, or myself (Bob, duh) run DBZ Uncensored. That's run by Chris Psaros. He's a fine individual whom we all respect very dearly. Go and visit his site, DBZ Uncensored, it's a wonderful site.

Hey! I flamed you guys but then you turned around and put it on your site! You guys suck!
Eh, that's what happens sometimes. If there's an opportunity for us to publicly humiliate you because you flamed us, then we'll probably take that opportunity. ^^
I submitted an opinions essay but it was never posted, why?
There are a number of factors that come into play.

First, not all opinions essays go up. Usually only the ones that are unique and make a good point are put up.

Second, if you submitted your essay during a time when Tiff was not accepting applications, then your essay was probably deleted.

Third, if your essay was poorly put together (meaning many misspellings, poor grammar, bad structure, ranting) then your essay was probably ignored.

Last, if you did follow the rules, just be patient, you're opinion might go up on the site eventually ~_^

Hey, can I be on staff at Sailor Moon Uncensored?
This might sound mean, but absolutely not. The three of us run the site, no more, no less. That's pretty much how it's always going to be. If there ever is a time that we DO decide to add someone to the staff, we'll let you know, but as of right now, that looks highly unlikely.
Can I send you this file/picture?
Sure, but under a few conditions.

If the file is an .exe file, don't even think about it. We'll just block your address. Sending us an .exe file is inexcusable, so don't do it.

If you want to send us a picture, make sure it's either a .bmp, .jpg, or .gif.

If you want to send us an attached document, make sure it's in .txt file.

For any other type of file, please ask us before sending.

Can I do an editorial?
No, only the three of us can, but you can send in an opinions essay if you want.
Can I have your Japanese Sailor Moon tapes?
!!! No way! We're not willing to give up our own tapes. The original Japanese episodes are fairly easy to come by, good sources for them are on our links page.
Can I IM you over AOL Instant Messaging/ICQ/Whatever?
This is a question that really applies to Bob only. I can not speak for Dan or Tiff but I must address this for my own sake. No, you may NOT IM me over AOL instant messanger. Please don't, if you do, I'll just ignore you. I don't usually come online to just "Chat", I usually come online for a certain purpose and am usually busy while I'm online. That's why I MUCH prefer E-mail to IM. Feel free to email me all you want, I love to get E-mail from you guys, I just don't have time to talk to 10 people who are all IMing me about the site. On the other hand, I _CAN_ reply to 10 people who have emailed me about the site. I hope this logic makes sense. Usually it's ok to IM if you have a specific question and are like, "Sorry to bother you, but can you answer this for me?" but don't IM me to just "chat". If you want to chat, please e-mail me. Thanks ~_^

Addendum by Dan: You can IM me, I just might not always be in a position to respond, so don't get offended if you don't get a response.

Can you guys host my SM website like you're hosting MKBO?
No. We got this domain and host for SMU as well as any sites that either of us run. MKBO is my (Dan is typing this one out) site, which is why I'm having SMU host it. It's hard enough for me to decide what links go on the links page whenever I do that, and it would be harder and cause more trouble if we were to start hosting sites. So, to avoid this, requests to host sites run by anyone outside myself, Bob, and Tiff, will not be considered. There may be exceptions in the future (MMPU being one), however these exceptions will be asked if they want to move from a free server over to my server. I pay for a server to host mine and the other SMU staff members' sites as well as a place where I can practice my code, though if I come across a site which I feel has a lot of potential and shouldn't be on a free host, I may decide to offer hosting privileges on the server for that site's staff.
Hey, you're missing something from your comparison!
I've been getting FAR too many "You missed this in your episode comparison" e-mails. The changes you are sending me are COMPLETELY opinionated, and if it's not MY opinion or DAN'S opinion being expressed, then it will not go in MY comparison or DAN'S comparison. The only people who can get their opinions expressed are staff members. So basically, if it's not a cut or a scene alteration, please don't send it. No side notes and no SDAs PLEASE. If its not in there already, it means I did not deem it worthy of being a Side Note or an SDA.
Phobos keeps getting talked about now and then, isn't that one of the crows in Rei-chan's temple? Why do you guys talk like it's something else?
While yes, Phobos is one of the crows in Rei's temple, which was named after one of the moon's of Mars, phobos is also the name of the homemade server I (Dan) made for this domain. Phobos was created after having two webhosts show me that I can't trust them. The first one hadn't allocated the space that was paid for causing a number of problems, the second one was a great host however had a fatal crash in the end of September 2003, and did a poor job in recovering from that crash. Their backups went back only to July, no databases were backed up at all, and their customer service basically didn't exist after the crash. Construction of phobos began not long after the aforementioned crash, and was completed and put online early December 2003. Phobos was located in my room and hosted everything on the smuncensored.com domain.

I say was because this is no longer the case. Over time it became apparent running the site at home with my ISP gave some people poor performance. On top of this phobos was having some hardware issues, so in spring of 2006 I decided to go with a payhost again. I was referred to a good host which still hosts the domain today. Phobos was a good project that I enjoyed thoroughly but sadly had to come to an end.

There's been a lot of buzz about Sailor Moon's license being revived in different countries, why haven't you reported on it yet?
It's a combination of this site focusing on North American Sailor Moon and news with that, along with me (Dan) just not having the energy to keep up with the international revival. I know that Italy and Hong Kong have plans in motion, and I believe Brazil as well, and I'm very happy for the fans in those countries. But, with the exception of any big news from Japan as big or bigger than the live action series from years ago, I'm only going to focus on North American news. With that said, in my opinion, it's almost a sure thing that a revival will be happening here as well. When news from that breaks, I will do my best to cover it here. For other areas around the world, I recommend Genvid and MoonKitty.net for continuing coverage of news with the international revival.

  Ok, so are you ready??
Have you read through the FAQ carefully?
Can you go for 10 minutes without acting stupid?
Is your comment/question logical?
If you answered "yes" to these questions then feel free to e-mail mail Bob ( [email protected] ), Dan ( [email protected] ), or Tiff ( [email protected] ).
Just don't say we didn't warn you....

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