Annoyance: A Letter to the People - by Tiffany Wood (February 9th, 2001)
I can hear you all now: "What the hell? so what?". Well there's a reason for my writing a whole editorial on this new guestbook. Actually, it has more to do with the cause of us getting this new guestbook. We've been getting guestbook flames. First we had about 5 in one week, 3 of which were directed at me. Why? I don't know. I really don't care either. Do I care if a handful of people insult me or think I'm a bitch? nah. "Then why are you bothering with this?" you ask. Well i'll tell you why: This week, we have received 15-20 flames in our guestbook, all from some guy who calls himself Al-and occasionally other aliases-(and who I have come to believe wrote the other flames about me as well). And we've had it. Especially myself. I have enough stress in my life. I don't need some idiot making it worse just because he has nothing better to do with his life. But I'm not going to dwell on his stupidity. He knows who he is. There, you've had your attention. Are you happy?

I called an SMU meeting after about the 5th flame that was blatantly insulting me. I had had enough. My resolution (in a blind rage) was to eliminate the guestbook from there on. Bob and dan agreed. Then after I had calmed down, I went looking for a guestbook which would ban IPs (which was a suggestion from Bob). I found one, and now, after the 20 consecutive flames left by Al, I have decided to activate it.

I hope this stops the idiocy and the blatant flaming. I sadly have to delete the dreambook, and I hate to do so becuase there are so many nice comments, but I refuse to keep something up there and let him continue to flame us. So I apologize to and thank those who have been nothing but supportive.

I am not saying it's wrong to disagree with our website and it's cause. I'm not saying it's wrong to post something like "I don't like your website" in our guestbook. But it's wrong to insult people you don't know and to blatantly post 20 flames in one day. Flames which hold the grammatical knowledge of a 3 year old and the intelligence of a gnat, mind you. But let me give a piece of advice: if you don't like sailor moon, don't go to sailor moon pages. Isn't that just pure logic? If you don't like our cause, for god's sake, leave and don't come back. We don't care, you don't care, la dee da everyone's happy.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Enjoy the new book, and I hope this business is behind us.


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