Moonian Rhapsody - by Tiffany Wood (December 25th, 2000)
The strangest things come to you at the weirdest times...this parody came to my friends Minda, Jamie, and I one night at one of our many anime sleepovers. Minda started it all, and together we wrote some of it, and eventually I came up with the rest. It is my pride and joy, and a sum of my feelings for the crappy unjustice done to BSSM. It is my Christmas Gift to you BSSM lovers. Enjoy.

Sailor Moonian Rhapsody
written by: Tiffchan (SerenityMoon), with some help from Mindachan and Jamiechan
To the tune of: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Are these the sailor scouts?
or are they all senshi?
caught in a culture clash
no escape from network tv
Open your ears
and just hear the dub and scream...
I'm just a senshi
i need no japanese
becuase i'm always dubbed,
never subbed
little violence
and no blood
anyway you dub me
doesn't really matter to dubbies...

Naoko..just wrote a dub...
and it really really sucks
don't know what they're thinking of
Sailor..Moon had just begun
and now they've gone and dubbed it all to hell
Naoko!!Ooh ooh...
Didn't mean to make you cry
and if the dub's not on again tomorrow
we'll rejoice, carry on
cuz toonami doesn't matter...
Too late
ginzuishou's gone
sends shivers down my spine
listening to serena whine
Beryl's..from the negaverse
and now they've gone and ruined SMS...
Naoko!! Ooh ooh...
Usagi's gonna die
i really wish she'd never been dubbed at all
*guitar solo*
I see a little silhouetto of a scout
sailor moon! sailor moon!
do you see the odangos?
Zoiscite is a woman!
fisheye is a woman too!
They are not gay! (they are not gay!)
They are not gay! (they are not gay!)
They are not gay!
no they're not! (oh they are strai-ai-ai-aight)
I'm just a cousin
once was a lover
She's just a cousin! Somebody help her!
Spare haruka from this atrocity!
easy dubbed, never subbed,
will you make them gay?
They're senshi! No! they are not sailor scouts!
(sailor scouts!!) They're senshi! They are not sailor scouts
(Sailor scouts) Are not sailor scouts
(sailor scouts) are not sailor scouts
Ah no no no no on no no!
oh naoko oh naoko!
They have made them sailor scouts!
Cartoon Network has a time slot put aside for them..for them..for them!!!

*kickass guitar part*
So You can think you can kill me with princess halation?
That attack doesn't exist in this stupid nation!
Ooh Ooh maybe
we can get higher ratings!
Just gotta get out
just gotta get right to japan!

Nothing really matters...
to those damn dubbies..
nothing really matters..
nothing really matters..to dubbies...
either way, the dub blows...

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