99 "Otokono yasashisa! Yuuichirou Rei ni shitsuren?"
(A man's gentle mind! Yuuichirou's broken heart for Rei?)
92 "Mixed Emotions" 00-6-23

Yuuichirou is wondering why Rei is playing with her fire all the time (not literally, of course. She's fortune telling). Yuuichirou starts to follow Rei around, and Usagi says that they're going to get married, which delights Yuuichirou beyond compare, until he sees another guy (which turns out to be not so much of a guy, Haruka) flirting with Rei. When Yuuichirou find this same "guy" flirting with another girl (Michiru), he calls "him" out. Yuuichirou is defeated (kinda) by Haruka, and Rei appears very mad at him. Yuuichirou decides to leave the temple, but as he's leaving, a Daimon, To-Den, attacks him. Sailor Mars appears along with the other Sailor Soldiers. They do battle and the daimon is destroyed. Yuuichirou's heart crystal is returned and Rei informs Yuuichirou that Haruka is a girl, which convinces Yuuichirou to return to the temple.

Not one of my favorite episodes. For some unknown reason, Cloverway decided that it would be "better" to make "Chad" know from the start that "Amara" was a girl. This ends up making absolutely no sense cause it makes Chad seem like he's jealous of Rei and Amara (both girls). What the HFIL?? I thought they were trying to HIDE the fact that there were lesbians in this show, oh well....*bangs head against table*

Oy, I just don't understand Cloverway. They try to mask homosexulaty in this episode by.... having assumed lesbianism in changing the plot. *sigh* Wait another few episodes, then theres a big change in a character which indivertly makes another show of homosexuality. I guess the only good positive of this episodes was the use of "soldiers" and keeping the orginal song! I doubt it will happen again (and doesn't) but it's great to hear a japanese song on SM finally. I think that if DiC dubbed this season, they would've used the song "Nothing At All" because it's the only song on the Lunarock CD that makes sense for this part.

ok.um..what? this episode made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Chad is jealous of Amara's...friendship with Rei? Ok, what the hell? Does this mean he's jealous of Serena, Mina, and Lita's friendships with Rei as well? This was stupidly arranged...and they never did explain exactly why he wanted to fight Amara. Oh, and is it just me, or did the cousins get REALLY close when standing under the moonlight? aiya, cloverway..-_- weren't you trying to hide lesbianism? *GASP* the japanese song was kept?! O.O wow. that's a surprise. perhaps they'll keep Ai no Senshi? I guess we'll see!

First off, let me say that this episode is HORRIBLY rewritten (or otherwise known as an "And that means you!" episode). It's full of stupid dialogue and stupid moves by cloverway, as in the fact that Chad KNOWS that Amara is a girl BEFOREHAND, which makes him seem jealous of two girls (Rei and Amara). I mean, C'MON! Think Cloverway! Aren't you trying to HIDE the fact that there are lesbians in this show?? Instead, they ADD a homosexual innuendo that wasn't there to begin with, yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

To-den, the daimon of the day, did NOT retain her name *CRY*. This is the first time in a while that a daimon hasn't kept her name. The daimon is not given any name (to my knowledge) in the dub.

On a completely different note, I BELIEVE that they changed Chad's voice actor, but I'm not sure.

There's lots of crap talk about the "Love Rules" in this episode. *shakes head* It's just dumb. It's all throughout the episode, and I don't remember any lines in particular, but it was really stupid......

(9 seconds) A pretty big cut here. Everything after "Amara" says that Rei has bags under her eyes is cut. In the original, after this, we see her go in for a "closer inspection" and she touches Rei's cheek, and then we see Yuuichirou going mad (it's actually pretty funny seeing the expression on Yuuichirou's face).

Haruka! Rei's not like that!

Yuuichirou being.....Well, Yuuichirou

They try to "mask" the Rei/Amara lesbian thing that the dub had going by saying that Chad is "jelous that Rei listens to Amara and not him", but that doesn't end up being the case. No matter what, most viewers probably thought that Chad was jealous of Rei and Amara, two girls......

(1 second) When Haruka and Michiru are talking in the park at night, there is a close-up scene where Michiru grabs Haruka's hand. It's a rather stupid cut, since in the very next scene it's PLAINLY obvious that they're holding hands.....

(1 second) When Haruka and Michiru are talking in the park at night, there is a close-up scene where Michiru grabs Haruka's hand. It's a rather stupid cut, since in the very next scene it's PLAINLY obvious that they're holding hands.....

(11 seconds) A pretty big cut. After we see a close up of "Michelle" saying she would die if she lost a heart crystal to the enemy we see Amara kind of walk away and agree with her and then the scene changes to Chad acting mad, right? Nope. What you didn't see was after Haruka walks away a little, Michiru walks up to Haruka and they hold and comfort each other. (If you look in the background of when Yuuichirou is all mad, you can see Haruka and Michiru still holding each other. THIS is why Yuuichirou is really mad, because he thought Haruka was a "two-timer".


Amara calls Chad a "washed up rock star".....OH BOY, here we go with the stereotypes again. JUST BECAUSE HE HAS SCRUFFY HAIR DOESN'T MEAN HE'S A ROCK STAR! Boku no kami-sama! Geez! Get a clue. I'm more than 90% sure that they never mention that Yuuichirou was EVER a rock star in the original, just another DiC invention.

Cloverway makes Rei sound like a COMPLETE bitch when she says that she's mad because Chad was "going around telling everyone that he was her boyfriend". How conceited can you get....Originally, Rei wasn't being a bitch at all (like always), she was just asking Yuuichirou if it was true that he attacked Haruka. Can we say "character alteration", cloverway??

The background song that is played when Yuuichirou leaves the temple is the EXACT same lyrics as in the original! Untranslated! It was pretty cool hearing some Japanese guy bust out singing. I'm sure it confused many dubbies, but screw that, I don't care for dubbies anyway, they were using the original song! WOOHOO!

During the song scene, there's a scene where Usagi slaps Rei and tells her to go follow Yuuichirou. This scene is kept in the dub, something that had NEVER been done when DiC was in charge. All "slap" scenes were cut from the first two seasons. Go Cloverway! You show DiC who's boss! Or...something.....

On a completely unrelated note, later on when Sailor Mars is fighting the daimon, there is a scene where the daimon attacks Sailor Mars and there's a still frame of her getting thrown into stuff. This scene is kept. This confuses me as for almost all previous episodes scenes like this have been cut. *thinks* I just don't understand ANY logic in this.....

On a TOTALLY COMPLELETELY unrelated note (hehe), the Senshi were called "Soldiers" in this episode ^_^ *happy dance* Once again, those writers at Cloverway are clever, they KNOW when they've been pissing me off, so they throw in a "Sailor Soldier" here and there during the bad episodes.

I wanted to stop confusing you people so I just made a new "Side Note" box ~_^

Sparkling Wide Pressure is called "Sparkling Wide Pressure" in this episode! Woooh! It took them a few times, but at least they got it right this time....

INCONSISTANCY ALERT! Burning Mandala, which had previously been called "Mars Celestial Fire Surround" was simply called "Mars Fire Surround" today.

Lovely wasn't kept, DAMNIT! Grrrrr

Total Retained 80%

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