98 "Tomodachi wo sukue! Moon Uranus rengou"
(Save your friends! Moon and Uranus allied)
91 "Friendly Foes" 00-6-22

Usagi and the gang are watching Haruka winning a race. After she won, Usagi goes to see her, but Haruka is threatened by some of the bikers who lost. Katsutoshi Yamada, the person who got 2nd behind Haruka, scares them away. Michiru and Haruka say that he's likely to be a target for the Death Busters, and Michiru says she'll take care of it. Rei, Minako, Ami, Mako, and Mamoru get on a bus to go home, but Usagi misses it. Haruka passes by and offers a ride. A little ways down the road, Haruka is attacked again by the bikers. Haruka pulls over and quickly beats them up, but she gets a call from Neptune saying Yamada had gotten his pure heart stolen. Haruka leaves telling Usagi to wait for another bus, but Usagi follows her. Neptune is fighting against Kaolinite and the daimon but is captured and tied up to a tree. Uranus appears and later Moon does too. Kaolinite almost kills Neptune and throws her off of a cliff. The daimon attatches Uranus and Moon together and they are forced to retreat. After some conversation, the daimons find Uranus and Moon and they're forced to fight. The daimon's attack backfires and Uranus and Moon are released from each other. Uranus and Moon make quick work of the daimons and Kaolinite is forced to retreat.

This episode was a so-so episode. It wasn't good, but it wasn't bad either. It was a good episode because most of the plot was the same and most of the lines were kept intact too. Also, as a bonus, Uranus talked about the Silence and having to sacrifice people for the good of the mission. ^_^, cool.

But what REALLY made the episode bad was that Cloverway ONCE AGAIN rubbed our noses in the fact that Amara and Michelle are cousins, and in a very stupid move, made Kaolinite KNOW that Uranus and Neptune were cousins also. How that works, I don't know. I thought Uranus and Neptune's indentities were supposed to remain a secret, but I guess in the world of Cloverway, anything (no matter how stupid) is possible.

STOP THE COUSIN STUFF!!! And just HOW does Kaori Kinght and Sailor Moon know they're identies to know that they're cousins?!?! I was hardly able to keep calm, how could such a stupid mistake like that be made? It was even worse than 2 episode before this with Sailor Jupiter revealing herself! Geez! At least the conversation between Moon and Uranus was excat, it helped my mood a little. I'm starting to think that there are 2 sent of writers who don't know each other with these baka mistakes. I watched the credits and there were 2 writers listed. Sometime soon, I plan to watch the DiC credits to see if one of them was orginally from there, only DiC could've done all that in my opinion.

*TWITCH* SO...MUCH.....COUSIN..TALK....*TWITCH* How the hell did Kaori and Sailor Moon know that the outers were cousins when neither has a clue who they are in real life?! OH Cloverway, what a stupid and avoidable mistake!!! so much stupidity in this ep... O.O! They said "die" and "kill!" wow..amazing..that was never allowed in DiC world. And the dialog was somewhat intact. Fair episode.

Gah, The Sailor Soldiers were referred to as "Scouts" again. I HATE THAT TERM. They don't sell cookies! GRR!

In an interesting and unexpected move, the bike rider, Katsutoshi Yamada, kept his name. Not only that, but they actually PRONOUNCED it right too.

In a not so interesting and fairly expected move, the daimon, Tire, retained her name also (Which is a good thing).

Also of interest, there are very few cuts for violence, if at all any, in this episode. Most of the cuts are cuts of the daimon, cause the daimon, well......is kinda naked-looking.....

When Amara and Michelle are talking about how Yamada could have a pure heart, Michelle says,

"Leave it to me, cuz"

OOOOOOoooooooooohhhhhhhhh boy. Just make it stop. I mean, they're really laying it on thick that those two are cousins......geez!

When Amara is being run off the road by the truck driver, she says,

"Are they trying to kill me??"

Woooooh! They can DIE now! Praise the lord!

(8 seconds) This is actually two cuts, but they were so close together I decided to combine them.

Originally, there is a scene of the camera panning up the daimon's body (right after it appears), then we see Yamada getting all scared and then we see the daimon again.

In the dub, all of the scenes of the daimon in this particular scene are cut. This is because the daimon is pretty much naked. The daimon's full body IS shown in the dub, but they try to keep the viewing of the full body of the daimon to a minimum.

This is what the daimon looked like. Enjoy

(8 seconds) Another rather large cut. After the daimon takes the pure heart, there is a full body shot of her just talking to herself about her completing her mission. I can understand why they cut this scene, but wouldn't it make more sense just to erase her breast lines? That way less footage would have to be cut.

In this last scene that was cut, I noticed something interesting. At the end of this scene, Neptune interrupts and the daimon goes "What..who is that???". This makes sense, but in the dub version it cuts right back in when the daimon says, "What, who was that??"

This leads me to believe that the scene that was cut WAS infact dubbed, but then cut out by another party. Scenes in future episodes also seem to support this theory.

On a totally different note, when Neptune does her attack, it's called "Deep Submerge".

Huh? What? Who? Wasn't.....Neptune......huh?? Wasn't this called "Neptune Deep Submerge" earlier?? Oh well.....Whatever......

(2 seconds) In the dub, there is a scene where we see Tire spinning around and then she splits into two. Originally though, Tire faded into the scene and THEN started spinning around. The whole "fading in" was cut for the dub.

(2 seconds) After Tire ties Neptune to the tree, there is a scene where they jump in the air, land, and kind of pose. Since this scene contained an extended full body shot of the daimons, it was cut for the dub.

Kaori Knight says to Uranus,

"This is the end of the road for your cousin here!!"

Ummm, what?? No no no no.....Kaolinite is not supposed to know ANYTHING about Uranus and Neptune other than the fact that they're Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. How would she know that they are cousins? They never told her, nor do their shirts say "Uranus/Neptune is my cousin". Cloverway messed up BIG time here. What were they thinking?? What were they DRINKING for that matter when they came up with this line??? Just, blech! This is probably one of the stupidest lines EVER in the dub's history.

Uranus's conversation to Sailor Moon about her "Mission" is kept intirely intact. Yeah! I love hearing them talk about having to "kill" people and about "sacrificing" and about the "Silence". That rocks.

(3 seconds) When Kaolinite tells the two Tires to go after Uranus and Moon when they run away, we see them transform from Tire form to regular form. This transition is cut for the dub (once again, cause we see FULL FRONTAL NUDITY.....well, not really, but kinda....)

In the cavern when Moon is trying to convince Uranus to go and save Neptune, she says,

"You can't abandon your cousin!" and then later she says
"She's your family!"

Oh? So now Sailor Moon knows too? Riiiiiiiight.......Well, this is a little easier to explain since maybe, JUST MAYBE, Moon overheard Kaori Knight saying it, but still, it's stupid! I mean, it's one thing saying that Amara and Michelle are cousins, but it's a totally DIFFERENT thing saying that Uranus and Neptune are cousins too.....

Uranus says to Moon,

"If I go out there, they'll kill me!"

Wow! They're really laying the Kill stuff on! Cool! Infact, they talk more about killing and stuff in the dub than in the Japanese version of this episode! Cool!

Later, when Uranus and Moon are released from each other, Uranus's attack is "World Shaking". Wow, they did it again! Well, I'm not COMPLAINING or anything, but this isn't really being very consistant.....

Once again, "LOVELY!!!" was not kept. Instead, the daimon said "DEFLATED!!!!"

Total Retained 83%

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