97 "Mizu no labyrinth! Nerawareta Ami"
(Labyrinth of water! Ami's the target)
90 "Damp Spirits" 00-6-21

Ami is feeling down that all she does is study, and that she's not spirited in any other thing. At the pool, Ami runs into Michiru and they have a race. Towards the end, Ami decreases her speed to make the result of the race a tie. Michiru is offended by this and Ami apologizes, gets upset and runs off. Michiru feels bad and wants another race, and send Haruka out to find Ami. Another race occurs, and Ami realizes that she doesn't have to keep running away from things, and that she can put her heart and soul into everything she does. The race ends up being a tie again, but since Ami and Michiru both tried their hardest to win, there are no hard feeling. Haruka and Michiru leave, leaving Ami alone at the pool. Kaolinite appears and sends a daimon after Ami. The daimon, Dovelin, steals Ami's pure heart and is about to run away when Sailor Moon appears along with Tuxedo Mask. They all battle and Dovelin is defeated and Ami gets her pure heart back.

"Woe is me!" I thought. For the first 7 episodes, I had noticed a pattern of how the episodes were. It went "Good episode, Good Episode, Bad episode, Bad episode". By this theory, I thought, "Well, I'm in for another bad episode here". Luckily for me though, this episode turned out quite nicely.

Even though there were LOTS of cuts, stupid cuts at that, the dialogue was intact, and there weren't many lines that were EXTREMELY stupid.

The pattern is broken! As Bob said above, the 2 good, 2 bad, 2 good, and supposed 2 bad, is gone! There IS hope that good wins out over bad! The dialogue was practally intact, except more "cousin" comments they want to rub in on us. At least after drilling this into our heads for some episodes, they rarely metion it. But we've got a ways to go until then.

*applaudes* THIS is what I expect to see when I listen to the dialog. The dialog was VERY much intact. There was PLENTY mentioning of the cousin thing though...which ticked me off. WE GET THAT THEY'RE COUSINS!! OKAY?! Aiya...must they constantly rub it in our faces?! But this ep was not that bad at all.

This episode was written very well. Almost EVERY line was the same as it was in Japanese. I also noticed that the voice actresses were getting to be more tolerable.

Now, the new Serena will never be as good as the old one, the same for Ami, but they will do. What I find interesting though is that in Japanese episode 91, the voice actress for Serena uses a different voice pattern when she transforms into Princess Serenity.

Her voice as Princess Serenity is PERFECT! It actually sounds, NORMAL! It's hard to believe, but it's true! If she would just lay off the squeakyness a bit her voice would be very tolerable, too bad she has bad voice direction.....grrrr......

Also, as I was watching the episode, I wrote down an interesting note, "ORIGINAL BACKGROUND MUSIC ROCKS", and it's true too! With the DiC episodes, I find it very hard for me to sit down and have to watch it, but with the new episodes, it's very easy for me to sit through a whole episode, JUST BECAUSE THE ORIGINAL BG MUSIC IS THERE. I mean, the background music is 33% of the show, so when Cloverway started using the original music, we got 33% of the show back, thus making the show 33% more enjoyable (I know that sounds wierd, but it's true).

The daimon, Dovelin, retained her name (Yay!)

There is a short snipit in the scene where Kaori Knight is looking at Ami from above. The scene where we see Ami from Kaori Knight's perspective is when the snipit occurs. This is no biggy, as no important footage is lost.

(2 seconds) Right after that scene (the one where the previous snipit occured) we see a building. The camera then changes angles and it pans to the right. Then we see the inside of the building and Ami getting in the pool. The whole "panning right" scene was cut, obviously for time (I don't think that Cloverway thought the building was offensive, but hey, you never know!).

(1 second) In the pool, there is a scene where Michelle says "She's a really good swimmer". The end of this scene was cut, again probably for time, as it was just a still frame (I think).

ANOTHER CUT. This one was just a minor snipit. There is a scene where Michelle goes "(to amara) Ooooh! (now to herself) Well, I feel badly and I'd like to do something." The rest of the scene right after this is cut, but it's nothing big since there was only half a second left in the scene.

(3 seconds) See?? Did I not say there were a lot of cuts??? This one happened when Ami got to the study session at Rei's house. Ami says, "No, it's alright, ask me anything you'd like," and in the original, Usagi holds up her arms and says "DA-ME!!!" (Translates to "no" or "stop") and there are kana characters in the background. This whole scene with the kana is cut. This is an interesting cut too since it's the first time since DiC that a scene has been altered or cut because of Japanese characters in the picture.

"A No is a No!" As Usagi seems to put it....

ANOTHER SNIPIT.....When Serena is running around looking for Ami because she fears she might of hurt her feelings, then end of the scene is snipited.

Wooooooooh! Something other than a cut! HAHHAHAHA!

Cloverway continues to "remind" us that Amara and Michelle are cousins with this little line,

Amara says to Ami, "My cousin wants to know if you'd like to race her again."

Hoo, boy. Yeah, they're cousins, we get the picture, leave it alone.......Although, aside from the "cousin" comment, the line was dead on. Originally, Haruka said, "My partner wants to know if you'd like another race", so at least that part was right...

(1 second) Ahh, back to the cuts! There is a scene where we see Luna and Artemis off in the distance walking towards the camera. The end of this shot is cut (ONCE AGAIN, for time).

Tomoe says to his daimon pod,


(?.?).......I think this line speaks for itself.

(1 second) Directly after the commercial break (the commercial break is in the same spot for both the Japanese and English), there is a scene of a building and then Ami walking through a door into the Sports Arena. However, in the english version, the scene starts with Ami walking through the door, completely cutting the "Building" shot. Damn those offensive buildings, damn them to hell.

When Ami arrives at the pool, Michelle inquires Ami by saying,

"You're here. I hope my cousin Amara didn't force you"

Ok!!! CLOVERWAY! We get the picture! They're cousins!! WE GET IT ALREADY!! LEAVE IT ALONE!! PLEASE!

(1 second) Ok! Back to the cuts! The scene of Ami looking at Amara and Michelle as they leave (all we can see on screen is Ami's head though) is cut short. FOR TIME, AGAIN. I know what it was. It was that glare in Ami's eyes. Simply evil, EVIL I TELL YOU! She must work for the devil!

(2 seconds) CUTS CUTS CUTS CUTS CUTS CUTS CUTS CUTS CUTS......Let me count the ways! Umm...I mean.....Uhh, anyway....The scene where the daimon throws Ami underwater and holds her there is cut REALLY short. In the dub it's just a quick glance but in the Japanese version we see her under there for 3 or 4 seconds.

(1 second) They cut the scene of Ami smacking into the glass window, which follows Cloverway's guidelines that we can show people flying into stuff and then afterwards but not actually HITTING the stuff.

Aww, poor Ami-chan *sniff*

(2 seconds) THIS IS THE LAST CUT OF THE EPISODE! WOOOOH!!! Man, this is the 12th seperate cut! WOW! This must be a record or something. When the daimon is taking Ami's pure heart, there is a scene of her trying to move her hand (maybe to get free or because it was a reaction to the pain she was in), anyway, the whole "Hand moving" scene is cut. I don't know why, maybe Cloverway thought she was trying to make a gang sign or something.....

Ami-chan trying to make the "gang sign" ~_^

Just so you know, this is an "I shall punish you!" episode.

Also, I really found that Ami's scream when her heart was being stolen to be EXTREMELY annoying. That scream annoyed me more than Serena's voice could ever. Luckily, I don't think she'll ever have to scream like that again, lucky us.

And last, there is no "Lovely" again.....awww....

Total Retained 90%

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