96 "Reikokuna Uranus? Makoto no pinch"
(Cruel Uranus? Makoto's pinch)
89 "Lita Borrows Trouble" 00-6-20

Makoto and Usagi are walking down the street. At the cross-walk, a motorcycle driver almost hits them. The driver turns out to be Haruka. Usagi sees Mako-chan gawking at Haruka and reminds her that Haruka is a woman. Haruka sees that Mako-chan hurt her hand trying to protect Usagi, so she bandages it up with her scarf, and then drives off. The next day, Mako-chan is looking for Haruka all over (all the while, Usagi is reminding Mako that Haruka is a WOMAN). An odd wind blows and the scarf is blown away. Mako goes to catch it, but when she touches it, it turns into the daimon, Scar. Scar attacks Mako and tries to steal her pure heart. Moon and Mercury appear and prevent the daimon from taking it. Later, Haruka and Michiru ask Mako if she would like a ride with them (of course, Mako says yes and Usagi must again remind her that Haruka is a WOMAN). At the pier, Scar appears again and steals Mako's pure heart. The Sailor Senshi appear and battle with scar and the heart crystal is returned. After Scar's defeat, Jupiter attacks Uranus saying she is no different from the daimons, always stealing pure hearts. Uranus punches Jupiter and runs off. Later, Mako finds Haruka and Michiru, and explains to Usagi and explains that she didn't really have a crush on Haruka, she was just looking up to her.

This is probably one of my least favorite episodes in the S season. Not only were there many stupid mistakes (two EXTREMELY stupid mistakes), but today made it official, Amara and Michelle, are cousins. Not only that, but they "grew up together" too. Adding stupid lines like this only complicates things.

As I watched the episode, I thought, "What will they do for the episode that Haruka and Michiru meet for the first time??". Obviously Cloverway was acting no different than DiC did, they had no respect for this peice of art.

After regaining some faith in Cloverway, I seemed to lose it again with this episode. This episode was very poorly dubbed. Not only did it change close to all the dialogue and seemed to change a few personalities as well, it brought another impossible mistake. They gace Sailor Jupiter a THIRD attack name!! I was bounging around the room, even my brother was trying to calm me down! I'd say that the only good thing they dubbed today was that they finally started talking about the "silence" as well as "death". It's about time this was all in the dub!

*lets out a string of cursing* Horrible, horrible episode. They grew up together?! WHAT is cloverway going to do with the episode where Haruka and Michiru first meet? I can tell the plot of THAT one will be changed drastically. *sigh* The cousins are extremely official. And Gods, the dialog in this episode...not right, not right at all. I was way beyond calm as I watched this..this piece of-*CENSORED*...this is probably the worst so far.

This episode was terribly rewritten. It was probably the most rewritten in the whole S dub series (or at least close to the most rewritten). All the references to "Makoto having a crush on Haruka" were completely changed. Infact, there is one scene in particular where there is only ONE line kept intact. Of course, since it was so badly rewritten, it was only expected that this was an "and that means you!" episode.

I noticed in this episode that either the voice actresses were getting better, or I was just getting more used to them. Serena's voice seemed to stop trying to imitate the old actress, which made her voice sound better. Now if only she would lay off the squeakyness.......

The daimon, "Scar", kept her name. I'm impressed that Cloverway is keeping the monster of the day's names, because that is something DiC NEVER did.

The whole scene where Amara almost hits Lita and Serena is different in the original.

In the dub, Lita and Serena are way meaner to Amara than Usagi and Mako were to Haruka.

Amara:"Are you alright??"
Lita:"Yeah, no thanks to you!"
Serena:"Owww, where's my lawyer!"
Amara:"No! Don't do that, they'll take away my wheels!"

Lines like these just make the scene dumb. They make Lita and Serena sound mean and Amara sound whimpy and childish. Originally, Haruka just apologized and Usagi and Mako kindly accepted it.

When Amara is speeding off on her motorcycle, the end of the scene is snipited. No biggie though....

(1 second) Right before we see Michiru floating in the pool, there is a shot of the building from the outside. This shot is cut short by a second.

Originally in the pool, Haruka and Michiru explained about who the messiah was and why they needed to find that person along with the Sacred Cup. This was a rather vital plot element since the messiah hadn't really been mentioned or explained before and wouldn't be mentioned for a while in the future.

Of course, Cloverway decided to change the conversation so that there was no talk of the "messiah" or any other form of the word. The whole concept of the messiah in the conversation was cut. Instead, they were talking about the "Purity Force" (the Sacred Cup).

Leaving out this conversation made the series much more confusing in the future when they would talk about the "Chosen One" or "Ambassador of Good" or "Purity Princess" since it had never been explained.

Although, even though the concept of the messiah was erased, the conversation other than that was kept intact fairly well. There was even talk about "sacrificing people". HEHE! It seems like people can "die" in the dub now! Not only that, but the good guys will be doing the killing! RIGHT ON!

Also, after Lita is attacked for the first time and we see Uranus and Neptune on top of the building, there's talk about the "Silence", a concept that had been deleted in earlier episodes. (If you dub fans don't know, the Silence is what Rei sees in her dream, it's the impending doom of the world.)

(1 second) When Michelle is climbing out of the pool, her butt is cut out. So we don't see her climb completely out of the pool like we do in the original, we only see her get halfway out and then it cuts to the next scene.

Oooh...Sexy mama...

After the daimon attacks Lita and Moon and Mercury show up, Moon says:

"Sailor Moon's my name and Justice is my game!"

Can we say, cheesy, children?? Hehe! But wait, it RYMES too! Wow! That must make Sailor Moon COOL!

The scene of Amara's car (when Amara, Michelle, and Lita are in it) going down the highway is cut short a little. There is no "scene reversing" for the car this time, cause it seems that Haruka is driving an "American" car this time, even in the Japanese version. Don't ask me, it looks like the same car from episode 92 to me...........

Probably the most stupid dialogue I've heard in a while. In the car with Amara and Michelle, Michelle says something along the lines of:

"We're (Amara and Michelle) cousins, we've grown up together. We've been almost inseperable since birth."

Umm, how about NO! For one, Haruka and Michiru are NOT cousins, they did NOT grow up together (infact, they only met a little while previous to SMS), which means they couldn't have known each other "since birth".

This right here, my friends, was mine and every Sailor Moon fan's worst nightmare. Amara and Michelle were RELATED. And this time it was OFFICIAL. Many fans were relieved that for the first few episodes, they had left their relationship up in the air, but those sighs of relief soon turned into screams of pain.

A beautiful relationship had been destroyed. I thought to myself, "Well, as long as they don't bring it up again, I'll be ok," but NO! For the next 15 episodes or so, Cloverway rubs our noses in the fact that they're cousins, often dumbing down the dialogue and making it sound stupid. Oh, woe is me....

Gah, but the Stupid Dialogue doesn't end here, later on, Lita comments about Serena saying,

"She drives me nuts!"

Now this is totally out of charcter. Mako, Ami, and Minako would NEVER (and never do) say this kind of stuff about Usagi (Rei or Chibi-Usa would probably say it, but they usually don't). Not only do they make Usagi sound stupid and childish and irritating, they make Lita sound insensitive, which is definately NOT the case.

The whole scene with Ami, Usagi, Rei, and Minako at Rei's house it totally changed around. Originally, Usagi was telling the others how she thinks Makoto had gotten a crush on Haruka, even though she had reminded Mako that Haruka was a woman several times.

In the dub however, it's changed to Serena being mad cause they went out for ice cream without her and also because Lita didn't want to be her "best friend" anymore. Cheesy, no?

(2 seconds) The scene where we see Amara, Michelle, and Lita on the dock originally started with the Camera panning down, and then panning right till we see Amara and Michelle. The whole "panning down" was cut. Probably for time. But honestly, all these "cuts for time" are stupid. Only about 30 seconds total are lost from every episode, and there's no reason to make them anyway, since Cartoon Network doesn't care how long the shows run for (Tenchi Muyo has gon for over 45 minutes on several occasions).

(2 seconds), the star scene is completely cut from the episode, which is understandable since the star is on her breast. Yep, it's on her breast (No, you pervert! It's not revealing in anyway!).

How _DO_ the stars get there!?!?

Throughout the whole scene with Lita getting her heart stolen, she's constantly yelling, "SOMEBODY HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME! WAHHHHH!!!!!"

This is probably the most ANNOYING thing ever. Originally, all Mako-chan did was yell and scream, she never asked for any help, and when the scene changed so that she wasn't on the screen, she was silent. Lita on the other hand was screaming and yelling and crying all throughout the scene, even afterwards when she wasn't even on screen anymore......Extremely annoying and stupid, my only guess is to why they did this is because the actors must get paid by the line or something.....

(1 second) A close up of Makoto's eye is cut. I don't know, I really don't know, so don't ask. Cloverway's moves cannot be predicted nor interpreted. They probably thought her eye looked sexual in nature, I don't know. Maybe her left eye was a lesbian. I JUST DON'T KNOW.....

It's the evil eye!

Well, to make up for all the bad they did in the episode so far, Cloverway decided to call the Senshi, "Soldiers", not once, but TWICE. WOOOOOOOHHHH............(?.?)

Originally Mars did her "Burning Mandala" attack and combined it with Venus' "Venus Love-me Chain" attack, but in the dub, where Mars says "Burning Mandala!!" she just goes "MARRRRRSSSSS!!!!!!" and when Venus is supposed to say "Venus Love-Me Chain!" she just goes "VENNNNNNUUUUUUUSSSSS!!!!!" Once again, I'm baffled by this move. Maybe they couldn't fit "Mars Celestial Fire Surround" into that short frame...I don't know.

Just a note, I noticed while watching Jupiter's transfomation that Cloverway doesn't blur out Jupiter's butt when the camera goes up her legs like DiC did. I'm glad since there was no reason to blur it in the first place.

I was still recovering from the "Jupiter Thunder Power" attack from a few days ago when Cloverway added salt to my injury. Sparkling Wide Pressure was called this in today's episode:


Speaking of STUPIDITY.....Ok, let's review here......
Originally, the attack was "Sparkling Wide Pressure".
DiC changed it to "Jupiter ThunderClap Zap".
When S started, Cloverway changed the attack back to "Sparkling Wide Pressure"
. Two episodes later, Cloverway changed the attack name to "Jupiter Thunder Power".
Three episodes after that, Cloverway changed the attack name again to "Supreme Thunder Crash".

Can ANYBODY see the lack of consistancy here? I mean, for one, they've called the attack three different names, and second, Supreme Thunder Crash is what DiC called "Supreme Thunder" in the episode where Jupiter appeared. Later on it was called "Jupiter Thunder Crash".....

Can ANYBODY but me see what's wrong with this picture????

When the daimon should of screamed Lovely, she screams "Naaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!" I'm gonna list this every episode until they get it right.....(oh boy, I guess this'll be on every episode comparison then......)

Jupiter seems mad at Uranus and Neptune because they didn't rescue her and just watched her get attacked (can we say selfish?) and she says "You almost did me in Uranus and I wont forgive you!!!!!"

Well, the only problem with that line is that she just GAVE AWAY HER IDENTITY AS LITA. Smooth, Cloverway, REALLY smooth! Not only that, but in the original, Jupiter didn't care that they didn't save her, she was mad that they just watched while Haruka and Michiru were attacked by Scar and that they always are stealing pure hearts.

Then later on, when Uranus punches Jupiter, Jupiter goes "Oooooooh!!!! That hurt!!!" This just sounds so stupid, it's not even funny. I mean, when someone punches you in the stomach, you don't comment on how badly that hurt, all you do is moan and groan and try to get the wind back that was just knocked out of you. Once again, Cloverway proves that there's no such thing as being "Too stupid".

I noticed something QUITE odd when I compared the two versions of this episode to one another.

There is a scene towards the end of the episode, and in the original version, it goes from Makoto talking and then changes directly to a "painting" type of still frame of Makoto and Haruka smiling at each other.

What's interesting is that in the dub, the transistion from Lita talking to the painting isn't direct like it is in the original. The scene with Lita talking fades out and the "painting" still frame fades in. No footage is lost by this difference so I'm not sure what's going on.

My theory for this is quite simple. The supplies that Toei had given Cloverway to make the dub with was different than the ones that actually aired on Japanese TV. A similiar thing happened with the R dub movie.

In the R dub movie (on DVD uncut), the animation is SLIGHTLY different than on most fansub copies of the movie. This is because the supplies Toei had given Pioneer to make the R movie was the first version of the Japanese R movie. Later, Toei redid the animation a little so as to improve the quality or something. This is what was on most fansubs, so mix-ups like this do occur.

But then again, maybe Cloverway wasted time and money redoing this scene, I really don't know, but seeing Cloverway's past attempts at scene alterations, I don't think this is the case.

Total Retained 69%

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