95 "Koi no otasuke ha Moon ni omakase"
(Leave it up to Moon to aid in love)
88 "Blinded By Love's Light" 00-6-19

Umino and Naru are having problems with each other. They both talk to Usagi, and Usagi realizes that it's a mutual misunderstanding. With Rei's advice, she enrolls them in a love competition. Many couples enroll in the competition (including Haruka and Michiru). Umino and Naru are pretty much losing until the last round, when Umino confesses his love for Naru. The audience is so moved by his speech that they declare Umino and Naru the winners. Umino goes to their "monument of love" (a big heart shaped light), but when he touches it, it turns into the daimon "Dai-Heart". Dai-Heart takes Umino's pure heart, but is stopped when the Sailor Soldiers arrive. They battle, and at one point, Kaolinite arrives to aid in the battle. The Senshi destroy the daimon and return Umino's pure heart.

This episode turned out pretty good. There were a few stupid (and I do mean, stupid) cuts and lines, but overall a good episode. The only thing that stood out as "extra-ordinary" about this episode is that the daimon cried out "LOVELY!" when she died.

But along with the good in the episode, there came something EXTREMELY bad. In a very quick (and I do mean VERY QUICK) line, Ami says that Amara and Michelle are cousins.........That's right, COUSINS. Although, since the line was so quick, we didn't jump to any conclusions, yet.....

Another good episode here. The only thing I really didn't like about this episode was the revealing of the "cousins". Sure it was subtle, but I was still mad. And if that wasn't enough, watch it to see how they stress it in the next few episodes. Besides the cousin thing, this was a great episode.

aarrggg so much valley girl slang. OH GODS THEY'RE COUSINS!! *CRIES* WHY NOT BEST FRIENDS?! *sigh* oh well..better than sisters, I suppose. The outers' speeches were a bit twisted (they do not help love and justice, dammit). I was pleased with what was kept. Umino's (melvin) hilarious "baa baa" thing was kept..and Lovely at the end..and World Shaking! *happy dance* Pretty good ep!

It's official. From this point on, the daimons are known as "Heart Snatchers", but the interesting thing is that the daimon eggs (or eggs of daimon) are named "daimon pods". Don't ask me, I'm clueless on this one.

Kaolinite is called "Kaori" in this episode.

The Sailor Soldiers are, once again, referred to as "Scouts"....BOOO!!!!

The daimon retained her name, "Dai-Heart".

Serena to Molly when they're talking -

"You're buggin'!!"

That pretty much speaks for itself right there. Stupid Valley Girl slang.......

Later on in the conversation, this is what Molly said to Serena

"You don't have to diss him, Serena!"

Now, this line has the same meaning that the original one did (same for the "You're buggin!" line), but the addition of stupid slang just makes it sound dumb.

The contest is supposedly at a park called "Heart World" in the dub. I found this kinda odd and stupid since in the original, it wasn't at any kind of "amusement" park, it was just......at a park. Also, the "lovers" competition seems to have been changed to a "best friends" competition.........Don't ask, PLEASE, don't ask.

Also, later on, when Umino/Melvin is trying to go to bed, I was delighted to see that the "baaaaaaa" thing was kept. That was cute. Also, it was nice to see it there too, knowing that DiC would of never have kept a scene like that (hey! Sheep are from the devil! Haven't you ever seen "Silence of the lambs"????)

Just to note, there are many EXTREMELY small snipits throughout the episode, but most were so small that they weren't worth mentioning.

When the girls see that Amara and Michelle have entered the contest, Amy says,

"They're girls, and cousins too!"

O.O.....You're kidding! Not only is the line stupid.....but did she just say "cousins"???? COUSINS? OH DEAR GOD NO! This is every Sailor Moon fans' worst nightmare, they've made Haruka and Michiru RELATED so as not to lead fans to believe that they're lesbians.....Oh MY GOD NO. Not only that, but because of poor treatment to the dub, Cloverway forgot to remove a lot of lines concerning "Amara's" flirting, so now, fans will be led to believe they're cousins AND lesbians. INCEST! But, when I first heard the line, I decided to not jump to any conclusions. The line was very quick, and the subject wasn't brought up again in the episode. Tomorrow, OH MAN, but tomorrow's another day indeed.

(2 seconds) After Haruka's speech about "love", there is a scene of the audience looking at Haruka and Michiru with their eyes wiggling (meaning that they're eyes were watery or glazed over). For whatever reason, this scene was cut. I have no idea why, I'm guessing for time.

The crowd of people

(2 seconds) Right after the "love speech" by Haruka, the announcer guy goes "OK! Let's move onto our next couple!" The end of this scene is cut short, more than likely for time.

(3 seconds) When it's Melvin's turn to do his speech for his girlfriend, we see him walking towards Molly and getting his foot wrapped around the mike cord. We see him about to fall and then we see him on the ground.

What we DIDN'T see however is when Umino actually falls and hits the ground. Now this is an EXTREMELY stupid cut. This was a very funny scene, there was no reason for it to get cut at all, but then again, this goes with Cloverway's motto of cutting the humor out of scenes.

Umino face faulting

(5 seconds) Wow, this is a lot of cuts.....Anyway...Before we see Sailor Moon's face, there's a scene of us looking at the daimon and Umino from far away, and in the shot is the bottom of Sailor Moon's boot. This shot is cut. I really don't know why either, probably for time again.

The offensive boot in all its glory!

(3 seconds) YET ANOTHER CUT, hehe. When Molly tries to save Melvin, we see the daimon swing at her, and then her laying on the ground, but we don't see her get hit and then flying through the air......STUPID CUT, AGAIN......


Uranus and Neptune's speeches are "I help those who fight for love and justice, I'm Sailor Uranus/Neptune!" Now, by itself, this line isn't that stupid, but since BOTH Uranus and Neptune say the EXACT same thing....It's kinda odd. Plus the fact that Uranus and Neptune DON'T help those that fight for love and justice........

Uranus uses the attack "World Shaking!". This is kinda odd since I thought that the attack for the dub was called "Uranus World Shaking", but you know, it's the original attack so, we take what we can get! ~_^

Also, when the daimon dies, she cries out "LOVELY!!!" like she does in the original.

Total Retained 90%

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