94 "Pure na kokoro wo mamore! Teki mikata mitsu tomoe ransen"
(Protect the pure heart! The enemy/ally three way battle)
87 "Swept of Her feet" 00-6-16

Usagi is talking to Unazuki, and she tells her that she wants to savor her first kiss for her beloved. The Death Busters target her as one with a pure heart and a potential holder of a Talisman. The daimon, Ou-Souji, takes her pure heart, but is interrupted by Uranus and Neptune. A fight erupts, and the three of them misplace the pure heart. The inners find Unazuki and try to take care of her, but since her purity has been taken away, she just wants to kiss anyone. Rei uses an anti-evil scroll on her and the rest of them search for Unazuki's heart. Moon finds Ou-Souju, Neptune, and Uranus, and a fight erupts. Ou-Souji is defeated and Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Uranus and Neptune start fighting over the pure heart. Neptune discovers that it's not a talisman, and returns the heart to Sailor Moon. Usagi gives the pure heart back to Unazuki, and she recovers.

When I cautiously watched this episode, I breathed a sigh of relief. The dialogue was intact. This was an "I shall punish you!" episode, which meant the dialogue was intact. Almost all scenes were kept, and there were only a few cases of stupid dialogue.

But the thing that really made me wet my pants was that Uranus and Neptune were talking about "sacrificing people" and that people would "die". This gives me hope that later on Saturn will remain the soldier of "Death and Rebirth".

It's a tie game, 2 - 2 for good dub vs. bad dub. This episode would determine the possible winner of which would appear more often, good dubs or bad dubs. And this episode's story would really show the dubbing quality of Cloverway. I had to wait until the next morning to see it though, since I went to the end of the year jazz band party and set my VCR to tape it. I finally get to watch it and was proud, it's now 3 - 2, good episodes winning, even with some proof of Cloverway rushing the S season. The dialogue was kept to an almost excat form and there were very few, non-important cuts. I was very happy to see that the fight between the outers against Moon and Tuxedo Mask kept excat, as well as the conversation between the outers metioning sacrificing and dying.

*SIGH* If I hear about Michiru being a boy crazy idiot....I swear, I'm this close to sending Cloverway a letter bomb!! Brad?! O.o okaaay....no. Hm...a lot of weird dialog changes in this..but yet again, some things were left unchanged. Other than that, I found it to be an okay episode. I was definitely surprised that they kept the part where Haruka put Usagi in a headlock to keep her from going near the heart crystal.

This episode is an "I shall punish you!" episode, which means the dialogue remained intact.

Unazuki is called Elizabeth. This confused me a bit, since earlier in the dub, they had called her "Lizzy", but I guess it's OK since "Lizzy" is a nickname fore "Elizabeth".

When Elizabeth takes off her helmet, she goes,

"Hey, Serena! What's up dog?"

Gah! *dies* I think this speaks for itself. Although the line's meaning stayed true to the original, the adding of "slang" references is not needed. If anything, it just makes the show sound teeny-bopper and dumb.

I wasn't sure what to put this under, as a Side Note, or an SDA. Since I can understand Cloverway's error with this line, I just put it under a "side note".

Elizabeth says "My brother Paul forgot his train ticket....etc etc"

Well, the only problem with that is that according to the dub, Andrew is supposed to be Elizabeth's brother! I can understand the error though, Cloverway just never realized that Unazuki was Motoki's brother, although, just a LITTLE bit of research on the past seasons would of revealed this, so this just shows that Cloverway has been slacking off.

In the cafe, all of the dialogue about kissing is kept intact, only Cloverway decided to add a little bit more information than we wanted to know.

Michelle talks about "Brad, the cutest guy in school" and how he was her first kiss. Nan ni?? Well, in the original, Michiru didn't talk about her first kiss at all, nor about the "cutest guy in school".

(5 seconds) In the original, Michiru says that the first two people to kiss were Adam and Eve, then it cuts to two shadowed people (who we assume to be Adam and Eve but who look a LOT like Usagi and Mamoru) who are kissing.

The whole "Shadowed figures who are kissing" scene was cut. I guess it was cut cause you could obviously tell they were naked (NO! It wasn't THAT obvious), but C'MON! They're shadowed figures! Also, the line about Adam and Eve was cut, and instead changed to that stupid "Brad" stuff.

UPDATE: After taking screen caps for these episodes, I realized why EXACTLY they cut this scene. Apparently it IS obvious they are naked...In fact, you can even see Usagi's nipple! I had never noticed this at all until I took the screen capture for this episode, but now it makes perfect sense as to why this shot was cut. I would have liked to see Cloverway TRY and show this on Cartoon Network....If they did, we'd have another "skipped episode" on our hands.

Usagi, Mamoru, and the nipple

When Kaolinite and Dr. Tomoe are talking about kisses, Dr. Tomoe says

"A kiss? How about kissing you're heart goodbye! MWHAHAHAHAH!"

*blank stare* Ooooooh, I'm scared now! Not only is this line dumb, it's a REALLY BAD PUN. Originally, Professor Tomoe said "Kiss? I haven't kissed in a long time", which is still pretty stupid, but c'mon! At least it wasn't a bad pun! (or at least I don't think it was a bad pun.....)

(3 seconds) This is actually a collection of snippits. I like cuts like these, because really, no important footage is lost, they just cut the ends of scenes that are irrelevant.

These cuts happened after Haruka and Michiru left the bar, and with the shot of Unazuki's apartment.

Nothing really big here, just a little purist note.

In the dub, Elizabeth calls her "boyfriend" Micheal, but in the original, no name was given. I know that's a really stupid thing, but I'm a purist, what can I say?

Also, Ou-Souji is never named in the dub, I don't know why, but she just is never given a name.

The "daimon's star" scene was ACTUALLY left uncut in today's episode! I wasn't expecting that, especially since a little cleavage was showing.

(1 second) More small snippits. There are a lot of really tiny ones from Uranus's "World Shaking" attack up until the pure heart falls into the truck.

Even though the dub name for Unazuki is "Elizabeth", you can CLEARLY see on her doorbell "U.FURUHATA".

(3 seconds) When Unazuki lunges forward trying to kiss everyone, there is a closeup of her almost kissing Mako-chan! It was actually quite funny, but this scene was cut from the dub. I guess they thought it was "too lesbian" or something....

Unazuki making the moves on Mako-chan

When Rei uses her Anti-Evil scroll, she yells "Evil Spirits, BEGONE!" This is much better translation of "Akryou Taisen!", and much better than "Mars Fireballs Charge!"

(2 seconds) The scene showing Uranus and Neptune looking at Tuxedo Mask right after his speech is cut a little short.

The daimon yelling "Lovely" as it dies is once again is not kept, and instead is replaced by "DAAAAOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!"

YES!!! I was so happy about this move by Cloverway. The fight between Uranus and Neptune and Moon and Tuxedo Mask is kept EXACTLY the same. All of the dialogue is EXACTLY the same and not a second of footage is cut. Go Cloverway!

(2 seconds) After the fight, when Uranus and Neptune are talking, the end of the shot is cut short by about 2 seconds.

Total Retained 93%

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