93 "Usagi no akogare! Yuubi no tensai Michiru"
(Usagi's yearning! The elegant genius Michiru)
86 "Bad Harmony" 00-6-15

Usagi brings Mamoru cookies, but realizes that she's too childish compared to him, so she decides to catch up to him academically and socially. She asks for help from her friends, but they all just assume she's on one of her kicks again and leave. This upsets her and she leaves. Off in the distance she hears violin music, and sees that it's Michiru playing it. She thinks this is very elegant and follows Michiru around trying to be elegant like her. Michiru gives her two tickets to an opera, so that she can take Mamoru there too. Once there, Usagi runs into the other girls, who apologize for not listening to her before. Once inside, they start listening to the recital when the musician's violin turns into the Daimon, Octava. The soldiers transform and defeat the daimon and return the musician's pure heart.

I think I can pinpoint EXACTLY in this episode when I completely lost faith in Cloverway. Not only was this a boring episode to begin with, Cloverway had to make it WORSE, and not just a little worse, MUCH WORSE. The dialogue in this episode was so much like DiC's that I have to believe that Cloverway hired the same writers.

Agh, but to top it all off, the absolute most disturbing error in ALL of Sailor Moon, including DiC's reign of terror, Jupiter Thunder Power. You heard me. Completely and TOTALLY atrocious.

This was the first episode I was dissappointed with the dubbing. Another impossible mistake, not even DiC did something as stupid as JUPITER THUNDER POWER. Whats even worse is that they totally changed the outers. The outers are always so nice to the inners except in Sailor form because neither side knows their identies yet. And the last scene in the dub was horrible. It was totally rewritten, and there wasn't even anything wrong with the orginal that would make a reason to butcher the scene. Reffering the senshi as soldiers twice couldn't possibly balance the poorly dubbed episode.

*convulse* Jupiter...Thunder...Power...What...happened..to..Sparkling...Wide...Pressure? *twitch* and why the hell are Haruka and Michiru such morons in this episode?!?! Michiru is now boy crazy?! Haruka is damn mean?! This isn't right!!! arrggg..Cloverway is pushing this "they aren't lesbians" things in our faces more than I wanted them too. It's like they're stretching to make them boy crazy valley girl fools. VERY disappointing.

In this episode, the Secred Cup is reffered to as the Purity Chalice, and this is it's "official" name for the rest of the season. The daimons are called heart snatchers, AGAIN, even by Tomoe.

This episode, just like the last episode, is an "and that means you!" episode, and that means that the writers were given one sentance summaries of each scene and they just rewrote it from the bottom up, although today's episode fared much worse than yesterday's did.

Kaolinite is called "Kaori Knight" for this episode.

Originally, Mamoru's book had to do with Genetic Engineering in the Human Society, or something like that, but in the dub, they felt they had to change it to beign about Classical Composers.

Now, changing this doesn't change really anything, but what's the point of changing it??? I don't understand Cloverway's logic in this, and I guess I never will.........

(13 seconds) When Usagi is in Mamoru's apartment and Usagi is feeling bad about herself, Mamoru cheers her up, and they hug. It then cuts to a statue of two people hugging, and zooms in on the girls who are sitting by the statue.

In the dub, all the hugging stuff is cut. I reallly don't understand why this was cut, I guess for time, but usually only ten or twenty seconds of film is cut form each episode, so I'm not sure about this theory.

Hugging part I

Hugging part II

Gah, Rei's a lot meaner in the dub than she was in the original (but that's how dub Rei always is, huh?). Originally, Rei just says that she's tired of being Usagi's teacher, but for the dub she says that AND calls her stupid AND says that she's not right for Darien. Wow, pretty tough words.

When Serena is walking up to Michelle and Amara, Michelle goes

"Psst, meatball alert"

What the HFIL?? Not only is that TOTALLY out of character for Michiru, it's just dumb. Michiru is very elegant, and doesn't ever make fun of Usagi, nor does she ever call Usagi "Odango atama" (dumpling hair, which the dub renamed "Meatball Head").

Is it just me, or are they trying to make Haruka and Michiru seem mean? I sure hope not, since in the original, they were very nice to Usagi and her friends.

Even though the dub renamed Michiru, Michelle, on her painting, it CLEARLY says "Kaioh, Michiru". I dunno, I really expected this to be cut...

In the dub, Serena says that Michelle is a lot like Darien or something, and that they would get along well, so she doesn't want them to meet. Not only is this stupid, it's nothing CLOSE to what she says in the original.

After seeing all and hearing all about Michiru, Usagi says she will try her hardest to become like her, and that she wont give up. The dub just makes it out like Serena is this man-crazy jelous person (which she is, but not to this extent).

Gah, here they go again! When Serena's playing the violin, Amara says "She's PATHETIC!"......Geez, so harsh!

That's cruel comment number two for the outers today. In the original, Haruka wasn't nearly that mean or brash about Usagi's bad violin playing.

Gah!!! What is with this?!?! THREE Stupid Dialogue Alert's in a row?? Geez!

Anyway, when Michelle and Amara are at the recital and are looking at Usagi and her friends through binoculars, Michelle gets all giddy or something when she sees Darien, and Amara says "You're drooling, Michelle."

GAH! Gouh! Guhu!!! *dies* What the hell? I mean, yeah Haruka makes comments like that in the original, but usually it's only when she's referring to Michiru drooling over her! (Oh yeah, by the way, incase you don't already know, in the original Japanese version, Haruka and Michiru are lesbians. Yep, they're lesbians. There's no sense in denying it, that's the way it is.)

And what's the worst is that Michiru says NOTHING of the sort in this scene. Originally, Michiru said that Mamoru was good looking and that she was proud of Usagi getting such a nice guy at such a young age, and then Haruka says that she sounds like an old lady.

(4 seconds) Mamoru and the girls are watching the recital, well, all except for Usagi. The scene pans down to Usagi and you see her gawk-eyed drooling over Mamoru. Rei slaps her to get her to look forward and they start to argue.

In the dub however, we see Darien, but the camera never pans down to see Serena looking at Darien all gawk-eyed and we don't see Rei slap Serena, just Serena's after effect.

O.o;;;; What??? Why did they cut this scene?? Gah! What's with Cloverway and cutting all the FUNNY SCENES?? Is LAUGHTER a bad influence to our young society??

Usagi with heart eyes


(1 second) Well, once again, the daimon star scene was altered, only this time, they couldn't enlarge the image since the daimon was too far away, so the just shortened the scene.

The wonders of daimon clevage...

All the girls are doing their transfomations, and it shows the girls and they say "Make-up!".

Of course "Make-Up!" is not allowed in the dub version, so to compensate, they all said "Sailor Power!"

*Shudder* Gah!!! Why do they always do that?? JUST CUT THE SCENE OUT! PLEASE! It's a lot better than hearing those STUPID LINES! But then again, I guess "Sailor Power" is a lot better than "Scout Power".

This was a very interesting thing, cause I noticed that beginning with the transformations, but tapes were in sync, but towards the end of all of the Sailor's transformations, I noticed my tapes were out of sync. Then I noticed it, all of ends of the transformation sequences had been cut short by like half a second, I don't know why, but they were. I also noticed that this is done for EVERY EPISODE. Every time a Sailor transforms, it's cut short in this fashion. This isn't a really important cut, as nothing really is lost (all they cut is the ending parts of the soldiers just posing for the camera), but it's good to note.

Sailor Moon calls the daimon "Banjo Brain" (?.?)

It's kinda funny if you think about it, just cause it's so stupid.

Ok, this is the EXACT MOMENT I lost faith in Cloverway. When Jupiter does her "Sparkling Wide Pressure" attack, Cloverway called it....get this...


*dies* OMG YOU'RE KIDDING!! This is MUCH worse than yesterday's "Venus Crystal Power" comment. Jupiter Thunder Power???? How did they pull that one out of their ass? Not only is that NOTHING like what DiC had called it (Jupiter Thunderclap Zap), IT TOTALLY CONTRIDICTS WHAT THEY CALLED IT JUST TWO EPISODES AGO!

Ok, let's put some logic into this, Cloverway had called this SAME EXACT ATTACK "Sparkling Wide Pressure" Just TWO DAYS BEFORE (the original attack name), yet today, it is somehow called "Jupiter Thunder Power".........If this just isn't pure insanity (or stupidity, give or take), I don't know what is, but this is only where the "fun" starts, take a look at what they did next.

Really, everything from Jupiter's attack to Neptune's attack is TOTALLY screwed up in the dub.

As I was watching my tapes, I noticed that for some REALLY odd reason, my tapes would jump out of sync, then jump back into sync, then jump out of sync again........This totally baffled me, cause I could NOT tell what was going on. After watching each scene about seventeen more times, I realized what had happened, and was pretty much enraged.

Originally, this scene goes like this.

Jupiter Attacks
Daimon Dodges Attack
Mercury Scolds Jupiter
Daimon Lands
Moon Yells at daimon for being unfair
Daimon attacks
The Soldiers Dodge Attack
Daimon continues Attack
Neptune Appears and Attacks

But in the dub it goes like this

Jupiter Attacks
Daimon Dodges Attack
Daimon Lands
Mercury Scolds Jupiter
Daimon attacks
The Soldiers Dodge Attack
Daimon Continues Attack
Neptune Appears and Attacks

The two scenes which I have in bold were actually SWITCHED for the american version! I was enraged when I saw this. Why would they go to the extra trouble of switching these scenes??? At first I thought it was because they cut the scene of "Moon yelling at Daimon", but after re-evaluating the scenes, I realized it wouldn't of made the scene anymore confusing.

So, Cloverway, you got me baffled on this one! I have NO CLUE why you guys went to the trouble of doing this.......

All in all, about 6 seconds worth of footage was lost from these scenes.

Well, so as not to TOTALLY PISS ME OFF, Cloverway did a little nice thing. They called the Sailors "Soldiers"! I almost wet my pants when I heard that. But not only that, they call them "Soldiers" TWICE! *dances around*

Not only that, later when Moon saves Neptune from the daimon's attack, they actually show them HITTING the ground!! No more "We can show them falling, and then after hitting the ground, but not actually HITTING it". I was suprised that they kept that, especially since in the past three episodes they've cut scenes like this out.

Ack, but then later, once again, the daimon doesn't say "Lovely" like it should. Grrrr....

Pretty much the whole last scene is one big bowl of stupid dialogue. Serena comments about not giving the cats any "anchovies", Rei says Darien looks like a "total guy" and Usagi gets jelous, and then Michelle calls Serena a "Big dweeb".

WHAT IN THE NAME OF KAMI!?!? They TOTALLY altered this scene. Originally, the cats say that they're glad that Usagi wants to change, but then Usagi says she'd do it tomorrow, and the cats sigh. Then Rei asks Mamoru if she would treat all of them to dinner, since she was treating Usagi, and Usagi gets mad. Then we see Michiru and Haruka, and Michiru says that "They're sweet".

If this isn't character alteration I don't know what is! The outers are WAY nicer in the original version. Infact, they're almost ALWAYS nice to the inners (except in their Sailor identities). I don't know why they decided they had to change that scene, as there was nothing wrong with it in the first place.

Total Retained 74%

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