92 "Sutekina bishounen?? Ten'ou Haruka no himitsu"
(A pretty boy?? The secret of Ten'ou Haruka)
85 "Driving Dangerously" 00-6-14

Usagi is upset that she has to go study for her high school enterance exam at Rei's again. She walks by the arcade, but resists the temptation to go and play a game, because her schooling is more important, only, she sees Minako already there. She goes in to scold her but Minako convinces her to play F-1 racing with her. This is where they meet Ten'ou Haruka. Haruka offers to race with Minako, but Minako gets her butt kicked. They also meet up with Haruka's partner, Kaioh Michiru. Usagi and Minako think Haruka is very dreamy and follow him around town. They finally meet up with Haruka at the place where he works. They think that Michiru is Haruka's girlfriend, but Michiru says she's not. Haruka's boss, Mr. Kamada, is attacked and Usagi and Minako transform. The daimon, Steering, takes Mr. Kamada's pure crystal heart. Uranus (Haruka) and Neptune (Michiru) truely show up for the first time here. The daimon is destroyed and Mr. Kamada gets his heart back. Back at the arcade, Ami, Rei, and Makoto scorn Minako and Usagi for ditching the study meeting, whnen they see Michiru. Minako asks where Haruka is, and Michiru points to the girl next to her. Minako is shocked to see that he is actually a she.

I had my hopes up that since the last two episodes were treated so well, that this one would be too. I was wrong, dead wrong. This episode was almost completely rewritten. It's like the writers were given three sentance summaries of each scene instead of getting the original script. Also, there were many many many scene alterations in this episode that were just not needed at all. This episode was a major letdown, especially since the last two had turned out so good.

Luckily for me though, the episode kept it's original meaning, and the episode wasn't rewritten THAT badly. Also, this episode left Haruka and Michiru's relationship up in the air, which gave me a sigh of relief. They weren't related. The weren't related yet that is.

I liked the orginal episode. It introudced Haruka and Michiru, and features Minako and Usagi, my two faves. This episode, although rewritten a bit, stayed close to the orginal in meaning. Michelle and Amara's names were revealed, I guess they're not too bad, although Amara jst doesn't sound right to me. I don't know why, but the funny part where Mina and Serena should crash into the cans was taken out, and the NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE mistake of "Venus CRYSTAL Power" was made. I see NO POSSIBLE WAY that this was a simple mistake of Cloverway. I first thought that this clip got mixed in with the SuperS audio files, but then remembered that Cloverway didn't even FINISH S when the airing started, it's just baffling, expecially because this was already in english AND correct yesterday. The return of "That means you" also got me mad, thinking that was gone. At least they somewhat made up for it by translating senshi as soldiers. I jumped off my couch when I heard that I was so happy!! But the impossibe mistake and stupid dialogue changes don't help the status of this episode, making it a bad dub in my book. Even though the episode itself was good, the dubbing to english was just bad.

Haruka and Michiru arrive! yay! the out-......AMARA?! O.o; ok..Um..well it's not a bad name at all. It's just an expected thing. Michelle was definitely expected for Michiru. The inconsistancies are starting to grow >_< Lovely was gone...and Venus Crystal Power?! wha-*bangs head against wall* Why, Gods... Semi-good ep, I suppose. But the dubbing of the lines was pretty bad.

Haruka is renamed Amara in the dub, and Michiru is renamed Michelle. This was a major letdown for me, since I really kept hope that their original names would be kept.

Mr. Kamada was renamed Anthony.

(2 seconds) The very first scene was cut. In the original, the episode started with a shot of a building, and then with Usagi walking down the street. In the dub, the scene with the building was cut and the episode started with Serena walking down the street. This was probably cut for time.

(2 seconds) There's a scene with Usagi and Minako looking at Haruka and then getting heart shaped eyes and there's a big heart in the background with some japanese characters. In the dub, this scene was cut short by two seconds.

(7 Seconds) In the racing scene between Minako and Haruka there were numerous ammounts of small cuts here and there. The scene where Minako gets mad because Haruka said that she needed a handicap was longer by 3 seconds in the original, also, a scene showing Haruka's screen and her car going down the track was cut.

Unfortunately, when cuts like these are made, it seems that it cuts the music for those sections too, so this scene sounds especially wierd because the music gets all jumpy.

There is a very interesting moment in this episode. After Haruka/Amara leaves, Mina says,

"Who was he???"
and Andrew replies something to the effect of
"Oh, I've seen them around here recently" and Mina replies
"Oh, Hi andrew, when did you get here?" in a ditzy, spaced out voice.

I found this very interesting cause it's the first time ever that I've laughed to a rewritten line in the dub. I guess Cloverway had better writers than DiC (although in later episodes this proves not to be the case).

Even though Mr. Kamada was renamed Anthony, the sign outside his shop still clearly says "Kamada".

Ok, this is the one scene (or groups of scenes actually) that pissed me off more than anything else about this episode. I didn't notice this the first time I watched the episode, but after comparing the two versions (Japanese and dub) to each other by watching them simultaneously, I noticed something very startling.

All the scenes of the car in Mr. Kamada's shop were REVERSED in the dub version, so the car looked "american". Ooh boy, did I have a fit when I saw that. I thought that Cloverway would ditch most of the "Americanizations" that DiC was so famous for, but this proved to me that they wouldn't.

But to top this all off, Cloverway found it neccisary to REVERSE scenes that didn't have the car in it to begin with! They were reversing scenes that didn't need to be! What were they doing? Practicing? For the love of Kami, c'mon! I approximate about 45 seconds worth of footage was reversed, even though the car was only in about 15 seconds of it.

In the dub, Anthony talks to Amara about what she's gonna do until her car gets repaired, and Amara replies that she's been spending time at the arcade, and then Usagi and Minako appear. In the original, Mr. Kamada and Haruka aren't talking at all, infact there's no talking at all until Haruka sees Minako's skirt and says "What are you doing, my little kittens?".

I felt that these lines were really stupid, and didn't need to be there. Why did they feel they had to add dialogue in there? *confused look*

(1 second) When Haruka is talking about her dream, she says that she can't follow it anymore because of something "more important", or something like that, and Michiru puts her hand on hers to comfort her. This hand holding shot was cut from the dub.

Hand holding in all its glory!

(5 seconds) There's a scene where Usagi and Minako rush to Mr. Kamada, but slip in some oil and crash into a stack of cans. In the dub, we see them slipping, hurdling towards the cans, but they cut out them actually hitting the cans. I don't see why they cut this scene, it wasn't violent at all, and actually it was quite humerous.

Yeah, they're a bit ditzy....

Ah, once again, the "star" scene was cut short and enlarged to hide the cleavage shot, but what's really interesting is that the scene where we see the black energy shooting out of the star isn't from this episode! That scene is actually from Japanese episode 95, and I guess they cut the scene out from that one and stuck it in this episode! (O.o;;;) Why would they go to the trouble to do this?? If they went to the trouble of doing this, why didn't they go to the trouble of checking over the script, because a very stupid mistake was made seconds after this scene.

Take 1!

And take 2!

Yep, this is the mistake I'm talking about. When Venus transforms, she says "Venus Crystal Power!"

What the....? Venus Crystal Power??? How did they miss that one?? A four year old could of noticed that the line was wrong!! How did an established company miss it? Especially since in the VERY LAST EPISODE, you called this same phrase, Venus Star Power!?! And in the original, it's called "Venus Star Power, Make Up!"?? This is such a stupid and careless mistake, they must have put EFFORT into making this mistake, there's no other explanation.

Well, it's official, the people at Cloverway are idiots. This is only the first of a LONG LINE of stupid mistakes like this that Cloverway will make in future episodes.

GAH!!! No!! SAY IT'S NOT TRUE! Those damned "And that means you!" speeches make their return in this episode! NO!! I prayed and hoped that this speech would never be back again. I don't know what's going on, I think that Cloverway must of hired some of DiC's writers.

Uranus' "World Shaking" attack was changed to "Uranus World Shaking", and Neptune's attack "Deep Submerge" was changed to "Neptune Deep Submerge".

Although this is not what I had hoped for, I guess it's better than, "Uranus Earthquake Smash!" and "Neptune Tidal Wave Splash!"

Also, when Venus sees the two new Sailors, she says,

"What? More Sailor Soldiers??" and Moon replies,
"How many of us are there???"

Did you hear that too?? She said "Soldiers"! No, not scouts, SOLDIERS. Heh! So I guess they finally decided to put the cookies away.

In this episode, when the daimon should of yelled out "Lovely!" when being destroyed, she yelled, "The Crystal!"

Total Retained 81%

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