91 "Ai no roddo tanjou! Usagi no atarashii henshin"
(The Birth of the rod of love! Usagi's New Transformation)
84 "Crystal Clear Again" 00-6-13

Since her last battle, Usagi has not been able to transform since the light of the ginzuishou went out. Mamoru, trying to cheer Usagi up, takes her to an abandoned house that many cats find refuge in. Inside, they meet a girl who has been taking care of the cats. The Death Busters send the daimon, Neko-Neru, after the girl. Meanwhile, Usagi is trying to convince her friends to take in the cats since the house they are staying at will be torn down soon. When the girls arrive at the house, they find the little girl being attacked. The four inners transform, but Usagi is still unable to. The daimon makes quick work out of the 4 Soldiers, and Tuxedo Mask appears, but also gets defeated. Tuxedo Mask tells Usagi to run, but she refuses to, saying she must protect everyone. Suddenly, Tuxedo Mask changes into Prince Endymion and Usagi into Princess Serenity and before them appears a new weapon, the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, and a new brooch. Usagi transforms and destroys the monster.

Much like yesterday's episode, today's was done rather well. Most of the dialogue was intact, and the voices sounded SLIGHTLY better. Unfortunately, there were some rather stupid cuts, but all things put aside, it was a good episode.

Wow, another well done episode! I think that Kaori Knight is a rip off my nickname, MarioKnight, for some reason, lol. The only thing in this episode I didn't really like was the Mina punching Artemis cut and the strange cut of the daimon attacking the girl with her tail and the tail slammed in the door cut, but the confusing keeping of the pieces coming back. If I hadn't seen the orginal, I would've been really confused. But besides those two things, I loved todays episode. Oh! Almost frogot, Princess Serentity's voice was AWESOME!!! Why can't the VA talk like (or close to) that for Serena? *sigh*

*ahem* am I starting to see some tiny mistakes? Kaori/Kaorinite, Heart Snatchers/Daimon Pods? And Gods, the mother of them all...."My mother is allergic to cats." I was angry beyond belief when I heard that. Why why why why why!?! If they were adament about not showing she lived alone, they could have said something about cats not being allowed in her apartment building? *sigh* oh the disappointment.. However!! I was very pleased with the things that were exact with the original. Some of the attacks, the "lovely"...very nice. and as Dan said..Princess Serenity's voice was AWESOME!!!

Once again, Kaolinite was called Kaori. Over the next few episodes, they constantly swap the names "Kaori" and "Kaori Knight".

Also, Doctor Tomoe called today's daimon a "daimon", yet the Sailor Soldiers continue to call them "Heart Snatchers" or "Heart Theifs".

(2 seconds) When Usagi and Mamoru are sitting on the bench, there is a shot of some pigeons feeding on the ground. This shot was cut short a little.

(4 seconds) When Usagi is trying to persuade the girls to take in some cats, Minako says she can't because Artemis is too much of a hassle already and Artemis gets mad and Minako smacks him. Minako smacking Artemis and his reaction was cut. This cut kinda got on my nerves, as it wasn't really a violent scene, it was actually quite humerous, but I guess they didn't want kids to "imitate" minako and start hitting their cats......but who would be stupid enough to do that???

Click Here to See The Cat Getting Whacked

When Usagi tries to persuade Makoto to take a cat she says she can't cause she lives alone (because her parents died in a plane crash) and can't afford one. In the dub, Lita says,

"Uhh, I can't take one cause my mom's allergic to cats."

........My mom's allergic?? WHAT MOM! She died a long time ago! I mean, if they wanted to change the dialogue couldn't she just say "I can't afford one" and leave it like that?? No! They have to give her a mom. Wow, for some reason, that move reminded me a lot of another evil company that shall remain nameless *cough*DiC*cough*.

The daimon retained her original name, only instead of Neko-Neru, it was Neko-Nell, which is kinda understandable since "r"s and "l"s are pronounced the same way in Japanese.

(5 seconds) Right after the daimon appears and the girl runs, the daimon trys to catch her. She extends her tail and wraps in around the girls neck, but the girl slams a door on her tail which causes it to fall apart into puzzle peices. The daimon follows and re-attatches her tail.

Now this is a very interesting cut, because in the dub, it just looks like the girl is running away. The shot of the daimon extending her tail and wrapping it around the girls neck is cut, but interestingly enough, the shot of the daimon picking up the puzzle peices that were once her tail was KEPT. I'm sure this must of confused many dub fans.

Click Here to See the Girl Gettin' Strangled

Much in the same way as the last episode, the scene of the daimons star was enlarged and shortened to avoid shots of her pantyline. It was done again in the same fashion later on in the episode.

See how it was supposed to be seen!

And see it again!

(2 seconds) When the cats try to help the girl, the daimon knocks them away and they smash into a wall. In the dub, we see the cats attacking, then getting knocked away, but not getting knocked into the wall.

Poor cats...

Interestingly enough, Mars attack, "Burning Mandala", was kept DiC's way as "Mars Celestial Fire Surround", but Jupiter's attack, which previously in the dub had been called "Jupiter Thunderclap Zap", was called "Sparkling Wide Pressure", which was it's original name.

(4 seconds) When the daimon attacks the four Soldiers, we see four shots of them getting thrown into stuff. Interestingly enough, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury's scenes are kept, but Mars' is cut.

Mars Gettin' Strangled

Later on we see the daimon attacking Usagi by wrapping her tail around Usagi's neck. In the dub, we see her extending her tail, and then right after she's done wrapping her tail around her neck, but not the actual wrapping of the tail around the neck (O.o;;;)

In the same way as the "tree" shot from the last episode, when Tuxedo Mask attacked the diamon and the daimon hit the wall, the screen was painted white and then faded back to the normal animation.

The Spiral Heart Moon Rod is called the Spiral Heart Moon Sceptre (no, this is not just a matter of translation. The name "Spiral Heart Moon Rod" was said in english to begin with).

Sailor Moon's transfomation phrase "Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!" was shortened to just "Moon Cosmic Power", as expected.

Sailor Moon's attack name was unchanged and remained, "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"

When the daimon was hit by Moon Spiral Heart Attack, she actually cried out "Lovely!" just like in the original.

Total Retained 90%

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