90 "Chikyuu houkai no yokan? Nazono shinsenshi shutsugen"
(The premonition of the world's destruction? Enter the mysterious new soldiers)
83 "Star Struck, Bad Luck" 00-6-12

Rei has a dream about the impending Silence and the appearance of the Messiah. A new enemy, the Death Busters appears, led by Professor Tomoe and his assitant Kaolinite. They explain they're after the talismans which are inside of pure hearts, and when brought together, the Sacred Cup (Holy Grail) will appear. The daimon Mikuji goes after Rei's pure heart. The Sailor Soldiers try to help, but are foiled. Sailor Moon's "Moon Princess Halation" proves ineffective, and the ginzuishou loses it's power. Two new soldiers appear and destroy Mikuji and say that Rei's pure heart is not a talisman, and they leave.

I turned on the TV, waiting to see what DiC would do to another Sailor Moon season, little did I know what I was instore for. As soon as the show started and the title music played, I knew I had to control myself.

They were using the ORIGINAL BACKGROUND MUSIC. That's right, the original background music. When I first heard it I almost soiled myself. I couldn't believe it, and as the episode went on, I realized that from this day forward, Sailor Moon in the English speaking world would never be the same.

Although, we can't have our ups without our downs. Most of the voice artists had left, making way for almost an entirely new cast. Serena, Amy, and Mina all had new voices. Rei also got back her first voice. The only voice that wasn't changed from the lost episodes was Lita, and as the series progressed, I noticed many other voice changes. Never did I EVER dream that I would miss Amy and Serena's old voices so much. The new ones were TERRIBLE. Amy's was just awful, the actress has little or no talent, and Serena's voice was trying WAY too hard to sound like the old artists, and it wasn't working all that well. I can honestly say that that night I prayed for those voices to get better.

But even with these downfalls, it was the ORIGINAL MUSIC! I couldn't believe it. Also, the script was left almost ENTIRELY intact. That made up for almost all other mistakes in the episode. FINALLY, someone had got it right.

Also, even though I have a huge list down below, the episode was pretty much completely intact.

The time has almost come. The airing of SMS is oly an hour away. I walk off the bus after my final day of classes. I wait with great anxiety for this moment, where we finally see SMS in American television. I put the tape in the VCR, and somehow manage to wait a whole hour, until it has finally come. It's now on and it's inevitable to avoid seeing what was done. I watch the Toonami intro, press record, and pray they did a good job.

It's now half an hour later and I am amazed. What a good job! I couldn't believe it! I even watched it AGAIN right after just to make sure I wasn't dreaming, and I wasn't. I heard all the orginal music. The dialogue remained almost intact. It was simply amazing. The only negative aspects of the episode was the revealing of the new voices for Serena and Amy, the worst either of them have had. The other voices were fairly good. This episode (which I even watched a THIRD time the next morning) gave me much hope for a great dub of this awesome season.

Ah, the beginning of the SMS dub. Such anticipation waiting for it to come on! I sat myself right in front of the tv with big eyes, switched it on...and screamed for joy when I heard the original music. YES! ORIGINAL MUSIC! WOOHOO!! That was a HUGE plus is my book. Then I heard Serena, Mina, and Ami's voices...-_-....what the hell?! Serena sounds like a deranged valleygirl carebear..and Ami..ugh, i preferred the british voice to THIS. Mina's wasn't so bad. Most of the dialog was remarkably intact, as well as the scenes (very few was cut out, it seems). However..some of the idiotic dialog they had -_- (as you can tell from the SDA's below)..*shudder* I hope this doesn't become a frequent thing. If I hear Rei say "the bomb" again, I'm going to throw my TV through the window. But it's a very good start! A good outlook, indeed! and MUCH better than the junk DiC dished out! That counts a lot.

A few things to note, the terms, "Messiah", "Talismans", "Holy Grail/Sacred Cup", "The Silence", "Daimons", and "Death Busters" have been eliminated from this episode. If you don't know about Sailor Moon S lemme give you a quick flyby. The Messiah is the person can control the Sacred Cup to save the world from The Silence, but the only way to get the Sacred Cup is to find the three Talismans and bring them together. The Death Busters want to get ahold of the cup so that they can make The Silence come sooner. So they send their daimons to find the Talismans, which are trapped in pure hearts. There, you got it? Didn't think so, but just play along, k?

Instead of using these names, The Messiah is referred to as the "Chosen One", not bad, but it gets worse. The Sacred Cup is reffered to as the "Purity Force" and later the "Purity Chalice" (Althought Purity Chalice is pretty close to "Sacred Cup"). The daimons are called "Heart Snatchers"........Yeah, you heard me, Heart Snatchers, and the Talismans are just the "Pure Hearts with objects of pure power".......I know, pretty bad, huh?

Last....it seems as if they really don't know who Kaolinite is.....In the beggining of the episode, Doctor (isn't he a professor?) Tomoe (as in TOE-mo, not TOE-mo-eh like it should be) calls Kaolinite, "Kaori". This is just a VERY stupid mistake, and can be quite confusing later on. You see, after Kaolinite is "killed", Kaolinite is called "Kaori", so people don't think that she's actually the same Kaolinite. But then, at the end of the episode, Tomoe refers to her as "Kaolinite". By God, they've baffled me. This leads me to believe that Kaolinite's dub name is "Kaori Knight". Oy....

Ack!!! Yeah, I saw it too, those stupid little digital scene changers are back! Blech! What I found odd though, was that these little digital scenes were redone, and quite nicely too, way better than DiC did them. Some of the future ones are pretty cool too.

When Serena is seeing her test, her Voice Actress tries to do that "AAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaAAAAHHHHH!!" thing that Serena's old actress was so good at. Let me tell you, that is by far the worst noise I've heard in years. Not only did the scream sound forced, it sounded fake and stupid. Let's just hope it doesn't happen again.

Also, right after this scene, Rei bumps into Serena, and they begin to talk. Most of the dialogue from this conversation is AMAZINGLY intact, except there was one line that really bothered me. After Rei comments about Serena's low score, she says,

"Oh, relax Serena. Everyone knows you're the bomb with lots of other good qualities."

"....." is what I said as my jaw dropped open. The BOMB?? THE BOMB?? ARGH! Out of all things I wanted out of Cloverway was for them to STOP adding in the little "Let's be cool!" comments. For one, people don't really talk that way anymore, and two, nowadays, it just sounds stupid! Well, I guess it's better than "Everyone knows you're wicked cool with lots of other good qualities."

(1 second) The scene where Rei reaches inside of the little hut for a fortune is a little longer in the original version. Nothing big, they cut out the very end where she stood there and sighed.

The scene when the Daimon opens her shirt up to reveal a star is enlarged and cut short as to avoid showing her cleavage. Now this strikes me as very odd. It's not alright to show the daimon's cleavage, but it's perfectly ok to let Kaolinite strut her stuff.......Note that every scene in the episode where the daimon shows her star is altered in this fashion.

Click Here To See A Picture of This Scene as Shown in the Japanese Version

Click Here To See Another Shot of The Same Scene

Right before Serena and Luna hear Rei scream, Serena says,

"Luna, you're really trippin' when it comes to knowing what's on a girl's mind"

Gah!! They did it again! They're not valley girls! Stop it! Make them talk normal, please! No one talks like this anymore!

When Sailor Moon does her speech, it goes something like this,

"I stand for love, truth, and justice. I'm Sailor Moon! And in the name of the moon, I shall punish you!"

It's not perfect, but I think it's way better than that, "and that means you!" speech that DiC always did.

(2 seconds) Right after Sailor Moon appears, the Daimon grabs her with her....hair...thingy...and throws her into a wall. In the dub, we see the daimon grab her, Sailor Moon flying through the air, but not her smacking into the wall. I find this really peculiar too since the shot of her smacking into the wall was a still frame, what's so violent about that? Then later, we see Sailor Moon struggling to get up after being hurt. This must of confused many English fans, since we never actually see how she got so hurt.

Click Here to See What Was Cut

"Moon Princess Halation" was changed to "Moon Sceptre Elmination"......This is really confusing for me since in the lost episodes, it was called, "Moon Sceptre Activation"....

So let's recap what this attack has been called now, shall we? First it was "Moon Sceptre Elimination"
Then for the lost episode is changed to "Moon Sceptre Activation"
For the R movie, it was "Moon Princess Elimination"
Finally, for it's final appearance, it went back to "Moon Sceptre Elimination".

Hmm...how odd....Unfortunately for me, this was only forshadowing of MUCH worse things to come.

The scene when the daimon pins Sailor Moon to the tree is a little different in the original. Althought nothing is cut from this shot, the part where Sailor Moon actually hits the tree, the entire screen is painted white. Then the white fades back to the original animation.

Much in the same way as the last cut was, Luna and Artemis attack the daimon, but are batted away and are knocked into a tree. In the dub, we see them attack, get batted, flying towards the tree, but not actually hitting it.....

Click Here To See What Was Cut

At the end of the episode, the original ending animation for S, "Tuxedo Mirage", is used, but the song is not. Plus, only the first quarter of the animation is used.

Total Retained 92%

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