9 "Usagi no sainan! Awate dokeini goyoujin"
(Usagi's Misfortune! Be Cautious in the Hasty Clock)
6 "Time Bomb" 95-9-18

Usagi and Ami decide to go shopping together. While shopping, they come across a clock store. Usagi and Ami see a clock that looks like Luna, and Usagi wants it, however she doesn't have enough money. When Usagi comes home, she sees that her mom has already bought her the clock as a present. Usagi is very excited. That night, the clock begins emitting a strange light. Luna becomes very suspicious. The next morning, Ami comes to Usagi's house to pick her up, but is surprised when she finds out Usagi, the queen of being late, had already left for school. Strangely enough, it seems everyone is in a horrible rush. Ami and Luna notice something extremely bizarre going on. They decide to take a look at Usagi's clock. When they open it, a bright light comes rushing out. They realize that the Dark Kingdom is behind the odd behavior of the citizens. Usagi and Ami then go to the clock store and transform. Sailor Mercury and Moon then meet up with the youma, Raima, who is behind everything. After some battling, Raima is defeated and everyone is returned to normal.

OH MY GOD. What is this!??! A semi-decent episode!?!? This is unbelievable! Wait, wait, I have to check something....

*runs outside and looks around*

It's true, Pigs are flying and Hell's froze over.

Hell froze over? Darn, I thought I'd finally have a girlfriend by then.....

Anyways, this episode was done very well. I wish there were a couple more episodes between Mercury and Mars, but at least they did a good job on this one between.

*smacks one of the annoying pigs away* I hate pork. Now then...not bad, not bad at all. There are a few things that annoyed me (amy and serena acting french in the dept. store, serena's "grandma" voice...), but other than that it was pretty decent.

The script for this episode wasn't that bad. Don't get me wrong, it still left much to be desired, but compared to the previous episodes, this was a giant step in the right direction.

Raima's name is somewhere along the lines of "Ramua" in the dub.

(30 seconds) Opening Usagi segment is cut.

(29 seconds) Giant sized cut. After Queen Beryl and Jadeite's conversation in the beginning of the episode, we see Usagi and Ami, with Usagi convincing Ami to go window shopping with her. The scene with Usagi and Ami is cut.

  • Getting ready to go shopping
  • The shot with Usagi disgusted about all the "learning" books Ami has and Ami disgusted over Usagi getting nothing but manga is slightly longer in the dub.

    Usagi's 1000 yen bill has the last 2 zeros removed to make it look like a 10 dollar bill.

  • The 1,000 yen bill
  • The "$10 bill"
  • The scene with Ami and Usagi in the clock store is slightly sped up in the dub. I'm not sure why, all I know is my tapes kept falling out of synch......

    (3 seconds) A shot of Luna is cut short (I believe this is at night when Luna wakes up to see the clock shining on Usagi).

    A shot of the city is added to the dub immediately before we see Ami ringing the doorbell at the Tsukino house.

    A still shot of everyone running as fast as they can into the school building is replaced with the generic "Crossroads Junior High", with no students rushing into the building.......Also, the shot of the school clock is moved to after this shot instead of originally when we saw the clock first, then the shot of the school with everyone rushing into it.

    (4 seconds) The shot of Jadeite's eyes and hand, with his hand collecting energy. This is the shot where we can only see his eyes and hand, the rest of his body is a silhouette. Now, I've noticed that this shot has been cut an awful lot, and I have NO idea why. Is there something satanic/evil about this shot that I'm just missing?

    The scene with Usagi in the bus and all related scenes are reversed to make the vehicles look "American". While that's not too shocking, the scene directly before the "bus scene", with Jadeite appearing with the youma "Raima" and them talking for a little bit is ALSO reversed. I have no idea why they decided to reverse that scene as well, but I guess they feel that they can do whatever they want......Stupid DiC *kicks Inspector Gadget*

  • Original shot
  • Dub shot
  • (3 seconds) A shot of the bus Usagi is on driving down the road in oncoming traffic is cut.

    (2 seconds) A shot of that very large lady pushing a button to tell the bus driver she needs to get off is cut.

    (3 seconds) A shot of the same very large lady strangling the bus driver. She got very annoyed with him so that's why she decided to strangle him. I guess DiC didn't want little kids to imitate this kind of behavior, so they cut it.

  • Choking bad
  • Just for the record, that last scene with the bus has got to go down in the record books as one of the MOST MANGLED scenes. There were tiny snippets here and small additions there and lots of stuff that was either too small or too quick for me to mention. Just remember that that scene was screwed up big time.

    (4 seconds) The part of Ami's henshin with the body lines is cut once again.

    Believe it or not, but the scene with Luna hitting the clock store's door head on is actually LONGER in the dub. That's right, LONGER. I was expecting them to cut it down, but I guess I was wrong....

    (2 seconds) After the youma strikes at Sailor Moon, there's a shot of Sailor Moon's staring blankly into space, not realizing what has happened.

  • Nani?
  • (6 seconds) Sailor Moon dodging the youma's spear as the youma pokes at her. This is when she is on the floor because her legs don't work.

    Shabon Spray is cut short a bit for some reason.

    The scene before Tuxedo Mask breaks the clock is extended a tiny bit.

    Total Retained 70%

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