6 "Mamore koino melody! Usagi ha cupid"
(Protect the Melody of Love! Usagi is Cupid)
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Usagi and Naru are up in arms about a romantic pianist. They love his music more than anything at the moment. One day, during a rain storm, the same pianist runs into Usagi. He seemed to have been running away from a monster. He explains that the monster had chased him and wanted his tape, which he wrote for his secret love. Unfortunately for him, his tape was not the tape he thought it was, but actually a tape with subliminal messages that drained people's energy, explaining why the monster wanted it. Usagi accompanies him as they run away from the monster. In the end, the tape is destroyed and Sailor Moon defeats the youma.

Once again, the episode was cut. *cough* Can't really say much can I?

Like in yesterday's episode, DiC cut this one out to probably get to the Sailor Team faster. This episode is a prime example of what I was talking about yesterday that Sailor Moon was built up well before the others came in on the orginal. We got to see what a helpful person she is, that she doesn't need to be made to fight or anything, something dub viewers never got to see which is a shame.

*crickets* o_o

Another day, another cut episode. Highlights from this episode were:

- The whole plot. Very cute, very charming.

- Usagi using the disguise pen to get into a bar and then ordering Cream Soda.

Once again, I have NO idea why they cut this episode. Some people say that it was because Usagi goes into a bar, but I doubt that. It looked more like a coffee shop than anything. My official opinion is that DiC just didn't feel like dubbing it, again.

  • Don't piss Usagi off
  • Probably the freakiest youma of the series, even in disguise
  • The freaky youma out of disguise
  • Usagi's disguise
  • Usagi orders a cream soda in a bar
  • Total Retained 0%

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