55 "Tsukikage ha Seijuurou? Moeru Mako-chan"
(Is Seijuro the Moonlight Knight? Mako-chan Firing Up)
49 "Food Fetish" 95-12-4

Makoto and Ami were waiting for Usagi before school, They saw Umino meeting up with Naru who had made lunch for her. Ami noted that couples were making lunch for their partners recently, and Mako was sad she hadn't done so recently, and the bell rang. Usagi was running really late to school, with Luna failing to get her to realize she left her lunch behind. She was scolded before lunch break, and was told to just eat, but she couldn't as she left her lunch behind. She was looking at everyone's lunch, including Umino and Naru's, but couldn't bring herself to interrupt them. Seijuro was playing the flute in a room, gaining the attention of girls who had all made lunches for him. He didn't want them, and eventually made his way away from them. Mako had noticed this and joined him on the roof, thinking he could possibly be the Moonlight Knight. He wondered why all the girls wanted to make lunch for him, to which Mako said they like him. Ami was using a computer to see the chances of Seijuro being the Moonlight Knight, which was a very low chance. Usagi came in the room, but was sad to see Ami had finished her lunch already. Seijuro eventually tried some of Mako's food, and even asked for more. However Natsumi was in the background getting angry. Mako explained to him that girls enjoyed doing things for guys they like. Natsumi came out of hidingm showing her disdain, causing a staredown between the two. After school, Usagi was scolded again for sleeping in class due to hunger. She had a hard time walking home, however ran into Ami and Luna, who had her lunch. She quickly ate the entire contents, and then ran to look for Mako and Seijuro as she was told they were walking home together. As the two walked and talked, Seijuro told Mako that he believe that love was something you takem which made her sad. An then appeared and blasted Mako. Seijuro tried to stop her, but failed. An had stepped on Mako's lunchbox in the process while attacking. Sailor Moon appeared with Sailor Mercury, however the three were eventually caught in a force field. Ail went to An and kissed her, asking her to pick a cardian. It attacked Sailor Moon first, allowing Mercury to take Mako away, allowing her to transform to Sailor Jupiter. All three soldiers were tied by the cardian, Jupiter separate from Moon and Mercury, who were tossed in a fountain. The Moonlight Knight freed Jupiter with a rose, and she used a new Supreme Thunder Dragon attack. An was about to attack, however Venus and Mars arrived to stop her, allowing Moon to finish off the cardian. The Moonlight Knight said they would lkearn who is in time, and left. Back in their apartment, Ail made lunch for An, telling her it was a sign of life on earth. She was very happy, but had no idea what to do with it.

This episode was dubbed so bad, it was really hard for me to get into the dub version. They only kept in the bullet points, and the deep conversations were just highly diluted. Such a disappointment after yesterday's wonderful episode that retained emotion. Today's just didn't have that spark that's seen in this story arc, which should make it stand out from the rest.

The script for today's episode was pretty bad. Make that very bad. Making any SDAs would pretty much be quoting the entire episode. It's as if they just took a couple bullet points from the original and ran in any direction they could. A lot of somewhat deep conversations were just turned into other directions completely. Just horrible.

This can even be seen just with the VotD's name. It was called Utonberino, however changed to Mophead for how it looked.

The pre-episode preview continues its tradition of no footage loss with that special background added as a frame.

A ripple effect is added after the Moonlight Knight fantasy sequence in the opening scene.

(2 seconds) The conversation between Makoto and Ami was slightly longer, and we miss a pretty amusing face from Mako in the process.

DiC continues their obsession with adding effects by inserting a diagonal digital wipe into the next scene.

(12 seconds) After Naru and Umino have their small scene, Ami and Makoto have a much longer conversation about where Usagi is which is cut much shorter.

I think it's important to note that all the above takes place BEFORE the original title card replacement.

(45 seconds) Cutting even more from the start of the episode, a huge chunk is taken off. In this, we see Usagi running really late to school, Luna trying to get her attention about her lunch and failing, as well as Usagi getting scolded and walking around very hungry. The scene picks up with Umino trying to feed Naru.

A digital wipe is added when the scene changes to Ail plays the flute.

In and out of Makoto's daydream scene, there are ripple effects. While the first one was actually there originally, the second one was added.

(10 seconds) We see the motion of Makoto slapping Ami across the back, we don't actually see this connect. We also don't see Ami fall because of this, nor do we see the giant hand-print on her back because of it. Maokto also starts walking with fierce determination here.

(2 seconds) Between the above cut and the commercial break, snippets shave about 2 seconds off of from the episode.

Directly after the break, a shot of the school is replaced by the "Crossroads Junior High School" shot that DiC loves.

Good news, from the commercial break all the way to just after Sailor Jupiter's transformation, the two versions synchronized properly. Bad news, DiC added a number of digital bumps and effects in this period and I just could not bring myself to document each one. Just know if you watch this dub episode, every effect is added by them in this section.

In a move that just makes no sense, there is 6 seconds ADDED here. After Jupiter's transformation, DiC recycles the shot of the cardian rising off the ground, twirling her stick, then posing. I just don't get the logic of adding scenes when time is taken away.

For reasons that I believe are just because they can, the split shots here have thick pink bars added to them. Originally these were thin black borders.

The second break is handled as it normally is, recapping the previous two seconds before the break and picking up seamlessly.

"Supreme Thunder Dragon" becomes "Jupiter Thunder Dragon" here. Not bad, no complaints here all things considered.

The ending effect was kind of nifty. Orginally, there was a red fill to Ail's face that switched to blue once complete, where there was a cute red squid with a face as seen in multiple times in the episode. For better or worse, DiC decided to jazz this up a bit with a more generic circle fill, but it was blue from the start eventually turning to a full blue background with moons and stars, DiC did keep the cute squid in their version as well. While I don't understand why they opt to do work when they don't have to, it at least kept the spirit alive.

Total Retained 57%

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