5 "Youma no kaori! Shaneera ha aiwo nusumu"
(The Perfume of Youmas! Chanellas Steal Love)
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When Shingo realizes that Usagi has a new cat, he freaks out. Shingo is very scared of cats. He begs his parents to make Usagi get rid of it, but they don't make her. That day, Mika takes Shingo to a new pet store. There, he gets a Chanella to be his own pet. Unfortunately, Chanellas are the Dark Kingdom's new way of stealing energy. The Chanella turns Shingo into a very mean person. All he seems to care about is his Chanella. This is the same for all others who have Chanellas. Usagi notices that something is wrong and investigates at the store where the Chanellas are sold. There, she too falls under the spell but Luna quickly remedies that. Usagi then goes home to tell Shingo to get rid of the Chanella. Shingo refuses and goes to the pet store. Usagi follows as Sailor Moon. There, she runs into the youma telling all the people who own Chanellas to destroy the city. Sailor Moon uses "Moon Tiara Stardust" to turn all the people back to normal. She then defeats the youma. Back at home Shingo starts to like Luna and everyone starts to get along.

DiC completely cut this episode out. *cough* Umm....That's it......

I liked this episode, I don't see why it was cut. Nice episode plot, very humorous, this episode was a good episode. It seems to be that for some reason, DiC wanted to rush through these SM-only episodes to start forming the Sailor Team. While the formation of the team is important and makes the series better as it grows, skipping through all these episodes doesn't build up Sailor Moon's status and all like it does in the orginal. In the dub, it seems like she can't do much at all on her own and is finally somewhat useful or something like that when the others show up, but in the orginal, she had a few episodes to build herself up and make her look good in the eyes of the fans which was taken away from us by DiC just to get to the "important" stuff faster.

*sings the cut song*

Well the entire episode was cut. Yep, the whole thing. Highlights for this episode included:

- The whole Chanella plotline. Very cute stuff.

- Shingo being afraid of cats and his reactions to Luna ^_^

- The whole "Umino is afraid of Alligators" scene. VERY funny scene. You'd have to see it to understand the pure hilarity of this. Let's just say that Umino is afraid of alligators because "His mom left one open and he crawled inside and it shut." Of course we learn that it was actually an alligator skin purse........Oy, Umino Umino Umino....

- This is the first episode where Shingo's friend, Mika, is shown. She is the one that convinces Shingo to go to the pet store.

- Shingo KICKS Luna, and Luna goes flying. Poor Luna ;_;

- Moon Tiara Stardust! This is the only episode where this attack is ever used.

As to why this episode was cut. I really don't have the faintest clue. Some say it was because of how bad everyone with Chanellas acted but I don't think that is why. My guess is because they just plum didn't feel like dubbing it.

  • Shingo first sees Luna
  • Shingo is scared
  • Luna tries to be friendly, but Shingo is still scared
  • Baby-Umino crawls inside the "alligator"
  • The "alligator" shuts its mouth
  • Shingo kicks Luna
  • Moon Tiara Stardust!
  • Moon Tiara Stardust healing the kids
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