49 "Shiroi baraha dareni? Tsukikage no knight toujou"
(Who's the White Rose For? The Moonlight Knight Appears)
43 "A Knight To Remember" 95-11-24

Usagi, Makoto, and Ami were at the train station when they heard a scream. They saw a monster attack a man and Makoto, went to help. She then recognized the man as Shinozaki, a childhood friend with whom she is close with. He tries to protect her but falls off a ledge and injures himself. The monster disappears and medics arrive to help heal him, with Makoto offering to donate her blood as they were short on type O. As the transfution takes place, she explains to Usagi and Ami her bond with Shinozaki, saying he wasn't a boyfriend, but maybe even more important than one. The other two seemed confused by this. The following day all the senshi, minus Usagi who was running late as usual, met at the shrine to figure out who the new enemy was. In Rei's vision, they see the lion and go to find it. Usagi see them as they leave, and transforms to help. The senshi are overpowered, but a man calling himself the Moonlight Knight appears and weakens the monster before leaving. Sailor Moon looked on as he looked like Endymion, but the monster recovered and pinned her down. Jupiter recovered at this time as well, and thinking of Moon being pinned down along with Shinozaki's injuries from the previous night, she summoned all of her strength and defeated the monster. Shinozaki was able to leave the hospital the next day, but Makoto opted to watch him from a distance, as he has done for her.

This was a nice episode done very well in both versions. The fact that blood remained visible in various moments was a nice plus. Overall, I'm very happy with how DiC handled this episode and hope they can keep this up.

The script for today's episode was really good. While the same was mostly said for the previous episode, this one didn't have a second translation to Valley Girl like that one. Well, at least not nearly as much. Dare I say the dub script made better decisions at a couple points? I actually do.

This episode brought in Tsukikage no Knight for the first time. This translates to Moonlight Knight, and DiC kept the name!

The MotD is named Falion, but is unnamed in the dub.

The VotD is Shinozaki, named Ken in the dub.

Pre-episode preview is treated like most episodes, with the special frame surrounding it.

(1 second) The opening shot with the camera pan starts at a lower part of the pan in the dub. Yet it still does the same effect of keeping the shot still for a moment before the pan starts downwards. Amongst this, around a second was lost.

(3 seconds) When Ami addresses Usagi initially as she turns around, Usagi has this really cute starry eyed face. This was apparently too cute for North America could handle, as it was cut.

(11 seconds) Usagi tried to convince Ami a little longer than we see in the dub with a teary-eyed face, and her incorrectly saying she's like a drowning man grasping for a rope in a cute little thought bubble, where she was corrected in that supposed to be a straw.

(7 seconds) When Makoto was accused of wanting answers as well, she embarrassingly holds her hand behind her head and had a bit more to say than in the dub.

(1 second) As Ami was finishing lecturing Usagi and Makoto, the shot of the three of them lasted longer before they heard the scream.

When Shinozaki fell over the ledge, the blood around his body was left in! I completely did not expect this, it was a very lovely surprise. ^_^

After the monster left, DiC recycled the latest shot of Makoto lying on the ground for some reason.

(9 seconds) Usagi and Ami running down a set of stairs to Makoto and Shinozaki is cut. Also, as expected, Makoto holds a bloody Shinozaki in her arms as they wait for medics.

(8 seconds) The red-tinted shots lasted for some time longer, with two shots, one of which also had the camera zoom out, being cut completely.

(1 second) DiC continues to hate the Juuban Odyssey sign outside of Ail and An's apartment, starting the camera pan slightly later than in the original.

(4 seconds) The shot of Ail's face after returning the Cardian to the card was on the screen much longer originally.

"To them you're my sister." ~Alan
"And you, my brother. ~Anne

Ugh. They were talking on how they can only depend on each other, and did a good job with that until this.

(10 seconds) Though that would've made this cut hilarious had they not made this cut. The hand holding was about a second longer, but there was a long kiss between the two as the camera zooms out and fades to black.

Cardian digital bump is same as before.

The ripple effect is added as the flashback starts.

In the original, Makoto's first season image song, "Anata no Sei Janai," was used here. DiC used the song "Rainy Day Man" for this scene. I'm personally alright with this change, both songs fit the mood very well both musically and lyrically.

I also find it interesting that Lita says less dialog than Makoto did here. Not that there was much to begin with, just almost seems weird that DiC did less here when they usually fill in silence.

As we return from the flashback, another ripple effect is used alongside a fade in and out of white.

(10 seconds) The end of the scene at the hospital was clipped a bit. In this, Makoto explains a bit more about her and Shinozaki, and we see a shot of Usagi and Ami looking somewhat confused.

A digital bump replace part of the camera pan down Usagi's house, but no time was lost.

(5 seconds) We see Usagi drawing for some time before Luna walks up to her in her room.

This is a very rare moment where I feel the dub made a change to the script that was actually better than the original. At the close of the scene of Usagi drawing the pictures, she thinks to herself, "Mako, I hope Shinozaki gets better soon." In the dub, Serena's thought to herself is "I've got to get Darien his memories back." Since she is drawing pictures to help recover his memory, the dub line make much more sense.

The gate to the Hikawa Shrine is left, kana and all.

Though the script has been good this episode, I wanted to make a special note of this scene at the shrine. The dub actually acknowledges that Beryl's kingdom was fully destroyed, and considers the aliens separate from them. This is also awesome, I just wish this wasn't likely the only time this happens.

Maybe this is a touch nitpicky, but the evil music cue before the commercial break feels out of place to me. Alan wants Serena to be his lover, not to use her for any sort of plot.

(13 seconds) After Sailor Mercury tells Usagi to hurry, she whines for a bit about being in the dark, and then Sailor Mars screams at her to pick up the pace or be left behind. She has a sad look on her face before transforming.

After it being handled decently in the last episode, "Akuryo Taisen" is back to being "Mars Fireball Charge."

This episode was an "I shall punish you" episode, and it showed.

"Monster from the Negaverse, I banish you!" ~Moonlight Knight

After no Negaverse comments we couldn't make it the entire episode, though I guess technically we never made it since that word was used in the pre-episode preview. It's still a disappointment however.

I'll make a box for the dub Moonlight Knight saying the only thanks he needs was to see Sailor Moon's smile. Originally he said he was looking forward to when the two of them could converse.

The second commercial break recycled more than I had expected, but nothing was cut or lost amidst that recap. It's also nice to note that from the start of Sailor Moon's transformation all the way to the end of the fight where Mercury, Mars, and Venus get back up, nothing was cut. Outside of the second commercial break doing it's normal recap thing, this entire section was perfect save for the SDAs.

(2 seconds) Like at the start of the episode, the still before the camera pan down the hospital starts farther down but still starts as a still, losing a couple seconds.

While we're used to seeing the pink background with crescent moons and stars, this time it went over another cool fade in the original. In the original, a bunny head shape formed around Usagi's head in a pink background, before shrinking to the full pink screen as the episode closed. I always wonder why DiC decided to do their own effects when cooler ones are already in use.

Total Retained 86%

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