46 "Usagi no omoiha eienni! Atarashiki tensei"
(Usagi's Prayer is Eternal! A New Rebirth)
40 "Day Of Destiny" 95-11-3

Sailor Moon presses on to her final confrontation with Queen Beryl. However, before that, Sailor Moon comes face to face with Endymion, under Beryl's control. Beryl commands Endymion to kill Sailor Moon. After a lengthy fight, it seems as if Endymion will be the victor, however at the last minute Sailor Moon uses Moon Tiara Action to injure Endymion. After showing him their locket, Endymion returns back to his senses. Beryl, enraged, throws projectiles at the two. Endymion shields Sailor Moon but ends up being hit. He throws a rose that critically injures Beryl. She retreats and leaves the two alone. There, in Sailor Moon's arms, Endymion dies. Sailor Moon heads out to find Beryl once again. Meanwhile, Beryl is pleading with Metallia to give her more power. Metallia assimilates Beryl and the two rise out of their base. Sailor Moon confronts the new powered up Beryl and transforms into Princess Serenity. The two engage each other. It seems as if Beryl will be the victor when the spirits of Sailor Moon's comrades appear and aide her. With their help, Serenity is able to overcome Beryl and destroy her. Sailor Moon then collapses and herself dies. A large ball of energy engulfs D-point. Later, we see that all of the girls and Mamoru have been revived, however they have no memory of their battles or of each other. They are now able to live normal lives again.

Hack. Slash. Cut. That's all I gotta say.

I was really sad to see the Endymion death scene cut. That was a pretty cool scene, and all the Sailor Moon KICKING! Oh yeah! That was cool too. Oh well.

I swear, DiC wants me dead. Doing this comparison and episode 45 have been just about the most draining things I've ever done. x_x So.....many......cuts.....It's almost impossible to keep up with how much effing crap was changed. However, I did my best. Please note that it was impossible for me to list every single cut and snippit made in this episode. However, I tried my hardest, and every single one that I could pinpoint is listed. There were also many scene alterations and shots moved from their original spots, this was really messing me up, and again, I probably missed a few of them, but I've tried to list as many as I could humanly catch.

The script for this episode was alright. I don't know what else I can say. There wasn't MUCH of a script to begin with, considering how cut up it was. There were hardly any lines left. I did notice a lot of talking where there should have been talking though. Oh well.

(6 seconds) Opening shot that shows the crater at the north pole, with "dark energy" coming out of it.

(4 seconds) A shot of Minako, Ami, Rei, and Makoto, and Sailor Moon remembering their sacrifice. ;_; You go girlfriends.

(2 seconds) After Sailor Moon is captured in that red superball thingy, a few regular exposition shots of the dark kingdom are shown.........and cut! =D

(3 seconds) When Beryl is hiding in the "shadows" and eventually comes out, at first all we see is a black screen. 3 seconds of this "blackness" is cut.

(1 second) When Endymion lunges for Sailor Moon with his sword, the part where his sword actually HITS the ground is cut.

WHY!? He MISSED. Why did they feel they had to cut that. Probably some hidden meaning I'm missing. "Well, if they see Prince "Darien" miss Sailor Moon, then little kids will want to start "Missing" stuff too, like school!"


..............moving on.

(1 second) Moon Healing Escalation is cut short a little bit.

You know, these little wussy cuts are what totally make me what to go insane, slit my wrists, and go write in my live journal. It just makes doing these such a pain in the ass. Thank you DiC. I die a little inside each time I do one of these comparisons. THANK YOU.

(2 seconds) Endymion getting hit with Escalation and it not really working too terribly well. Endymion just has a blank look on his face. We see this SAME exact shot like 3 other times in the episode.

Bob's LiveJournal Entry: "Well...I went to school today, God I got a 64% on my Finance test. That sucked. Then my friends were mean to me. I don't know why, I just told them how idiotic they are and how their useless as human beings, WHY ARE THEY MAD AT ME!? God, everyone must hate me, why!? I don't understand. Well, then I went home and did a comparison for that one site I'm FORCED to do comparisons for. God, I hate my life. It took me 45 FUDGING minutes to watch 3 minutes of the dub and write my notes. I'm going to go cut myself and bleed on my cat. Hopefully that will make me feel better. WHY AM I SO FAT!?!?!! *EATS WHOLE BAG OF OREOS* WHY!??!!"


(5 seconds) A shot of the Moon Stick shooting out its Escalation goodness, and Moon looking concerned that it's not working.

(PS - The Cut above also included shots of Queen Beryl I think....^^;;; can't really read my notes....it's all chicken scratch...)

(50 seconds) Very cool scene. And very cut too. Endymion throws a black rose at Sailor Moon, the rose turns into some type of lasso (ok, Toei....Rose =/= lasso. kthx) and it "wrangles" Sailor Moon and starts shocking her. We see Sailor Moon pleading, and then........the best part of the whole effing episode. Endymion KICKS her. That's right. He OWNED her.

Sorry, that's pretty wrong of me getting so much pleasure out of that. Anyways, Endymion proceeds to kick the living CRAP out Sailor Moon for the rest of the cut.

(17 seconds) After the shot of all the sun spots, we see the Moon stick on the ground. Then we see Endymion holding Sailor Moon in the air with one arm, CHOKING THE CRAP OUT OF HER.

Man! Violent! This is starting to be like SailorBall Z! Oh wait....no.....that's something else >.>;;;;;;;;

(18 seconds) After choking the crap out of Sailor Moon, Endymion then throws her aside like a ragdoll. Then we see Beryl instruct Endymion to "remove Sailor Moon's head." YEEEEEEEESH. VIIIIOOOOOOLLLLEEEENNNNNCEEEEEEE *drools convulses seizures*

....sorry, give me some slack I'm a guy.

In the original when Beryl is talking about Metallia, and in the dub when she's talking about the "Negaforce" or something (sorry, I wasn't really listening), the scene is changed so there is a funky FUN background in the dub.

Yes. That was almost as necessary as Christina Aguilera's boob job. Both of them just did it "for the hell of it. Why not!?" -_-;

(16 seconds) Ok, the majority of this cut was Sailor Moon thinking about her dead comrades, and we see each dead senshi in their "tomb". However, there were also a lot of snippits right before this that I just had a huge time keeping up with. So I'm noting that here.

(2 seconds) After Sailor Moon hits Endymion with Tiara Action, Endymion's stagger and fall is cut short a bit.

(2 seconds) A shot of a hurt Endymion and Sailor Moon from above is cut.

The reason? In East Timor looking at people from above like that is equivalent to the middle finger here. We're trying to be PC here, people.

One of the aformentioned scene alterations that really screwed with my head.

All of the "Memories" during the locket scene were moved to the BEGINNING instead of towards the end like in the original.

Interestingly enough, the scene with Usagi and Mamoru falling with the umbrella is kept in here, even though it was cut in an earlier episode.

(3 seconds) Endymion falling into Sailor Moon's arms is cut, this is after the locket scene.

"That's so sweet, I'm getting cavities!" - Queen Beryl

-_-; And that was so stupid, I'm getting brain trauma...ugh...*shakes head*

(3 seconds) There's a ton of snippets as Beryl throws her projectile at the domestic duo.

(2 seconds) Endymion shielding Sailor Moon from the onslaught of crystal death (OMG, I found my alternative band name XD), and him getting hit.

(15 seconds) After Beryl is hit with Endymion's rose, there's a close up of her talking, and then.............her boobs crack. Yes sir. Her boobs crack. Brilliant! Whoever thought up that one needs a raise, I do think so myself.

(11 seconds) More shots of Beryl, Endymion and Sailor Moon, and the best of all: More cracked booby goodness! ALL RIGHT!

(20 seconds) After Beryl disappears, we see Sailor Moon and Endymion talking. Then......Endymion dies. ;_; So sad.

The most atrocious part is in the dub they changed the dialogue and cut it just a certain way so it seemed like he lived. Annoying!

In the previous scene, what was left in, crap was moved around >.>; Annoying!

(8 seconds) A shot of Moon holiding a lifeless....not breathing....livingly challenged....DEAD....Endymion.

(6 seconds) When Beryl and Metallia are talking, a shot of what looks like a pulsating.......brain.......is cut? I dunno how to describe it. It moves up and down, and looks like brains. o_o;;;;;;;;;; Metallia is effed up man.

(10 seconds) More really crazy Metallia shots. We see CLOUD Metallia. Or is it MIST Metallia. That has a better ring to it. We also see the sun covered in sun spots.

(1 minute) After we see Beryl's face as she and Metallia "become one" (heh), we see a Livingly challenged Endymion and Sailor Moon. Moon goes to kiss him but says she can't, because her friends weren't able to kiss their loved ones goodbye either. She then leaves his body there and walks away as the cave begins to crumble.

(8 seconds) Shots of black energy spewing out of the northern crater (FF7 w00t!) is cut.

(11 seconds) Beryltallia appears and talks a bit, and we see Sailor Moon appear for their final confrontation.

(3 seconds) More wonderfully wise words from the omnipotent Beryltallia.

(5 seconds) We see the Jyuban tower thingy. Then we see people looking out their windows to see what's going on (it's getting kinda dark, ya know, with the impending END OF THE WORLD.)

(13 seconds) Luna runs wanting to save the senshi (umm....how, little miss "I'm a wussy cat that can't do anything"??), and Artemis stopping her. Heh. Women, always so emotional.

(17 seconds) Shots of Luna and Artemis. In this scene, Luna explains that if Usagi uses the ginzuishou, she will die. This was lost on dub audiences. =\

(12 seconds) Exposition shots of Beryl and Serenity before their battle begins.

The battle music "Moonlight Densetsu" (the same song that plays in the opening of every episode) is changed to "Carry On" in the dub.

Personally, I liked the changed. Moonlight Densetsu isn't really much of a battle song anyways. Carry On is a much better fitting song I think.....but hey, that's just my opinion. One of the few examples where the dub, in my opinion, got it right.

(51 seconds) Beryl and Serenity fighting. Umm....yeah, not much more to explain. Beryl is shooting that black crap at her, they exchange a few words, Serenity looks like she's kinda losing, and she begs the ginzuishou to give her more power.

(15 seconds) More fighting after the "flashbacks" of the senshi, but before they grab hold of the moon stick to help out.

In the original, it was just memories Usagi had of them, but in the dub they changed it to the scouts actually TALKING to serena. LAAAAME.

(2 seconds) After senshi grab onto the moon stick, a shot of the stick from Usagi's perspective.

Moon Prism Power = Cosmic Moon Power.

No no. That comes later DiC. Like 2 seasons later. Effing idiots....

(1 minute 4 seconds) After Moon destroys Beryl, we see Sailor Moon fall down backwards, completely drained of all her energy, she then dies. ;_; Oh well, this is only 1/42 times that Sailor Moon dies in the series. Get used to it. Anyways, we see the red energy ball thing that killed Beryl engulf Endymion, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter as Usagi narrarates about her "normal life" that she has lost since becoming a Sailor Senshi.

During the ending, "Its a New Day" plays in the dub. Originally it was some.......song. I can't remember what it was. I don't remember it being a particularly good song either so.......^^;; Sorry, I'm a bad SMU webmaster ^^

Edit: The song in the original was "You're Just My Love", Usagi and Mamoru's duet. Thank's peach!

(5 seconds) A shot of Usagi running to school, we see Makoto running alongside her.

(17 seconds) Usagi running on the other side of the street as Minako. We see Luna and Artemis talking to each other about how the girls can't remember each other anymore.

(55 seconds) The ending scene in the original episode is completely removed from the dub. In it, we see a repeat of what happened in episode 1, where Usagi gets a back grade on a test, crumbles it up, and throws it behind her, only to have it land on Mamoru.

(7 seconds) Ok, about midway through episode 46, there was a scene of Mamoru in a hospital bed, and Usagi next to him. This wasn't where it was in the original, instead it was moved to the very END of the dub episode, and we see Serena saying dumb crap like "Hi, I volunteer at the hospital =D!!!" Yeah.....right. Also, 7 seconds of that scene were cut, in which instead of a grown up Mamoru, we see a chibi-mamoru.

Total Retained 32%

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