45 "Sailor Senshi shisu! Hisou naru saishuusen"
(The Sailor Senshi Die! The Tragic Final Battle)
40 "Day Of Destiny" 95-11-3

The senshi go in for the final confrontation with Queen Beryl. After teleporting to the Dark Kingdom's hideout, they are assaulted by the DD girls. One by one, the senshi are killed off. Jupiter first, followed by Mercury, then Venus, and finally Mars. Moon, not knowing if she can go on, is comforted by the departed senshi's encouragement. Sailor Moon then goes on to confront Queen Beryl.

Dear God. I don't even have the energy to write my two cents. I just got done adding all those damn cut boxes. *wipes blood off of fingers*

This episode SUCKED. That's all I will say. I direct you to the rest of the comparison and the total retained at the bottom.

So. many. freakin'. cuts. The thing that irritates me the most about this episode is how they refused to let the senshi die. Instead, they "were with the negaforce". It was stupid. Even when I was 13 years old and seeing this episode for the first time, I figured out that they died. -_-

The script for this episode was actually surprisingly good considering how much was cut out. Of course, DiC had to change certain lines to make "their" story make sense. But if they didn't have to make a change, they, for the most part, didn't. Of course, this is DiC we're talking about, so take what I said with a grain of salt.

Basically, the story was changed from the Sailor Senshi being killed one by one by the DD girls, to them being "captured" by Queen Beryl, but fine and dandy, just in a jail cell somewhere =D!!! _;; Riiiiight. The thing that's really sad about this is that this episode was really emotionally gut wrenching in the original, one of the best episodes in the entire series, and English viewers never saw it =\. Oh well.

The DD girls are changed to the "Doom and Gloom Girls". Meh, close enough.

Also, please note there were TONS of freaking snippits in this episode. Tons. I also think that there were a few shots/scenes that were SLIGHTLY sped up, and snippited at the end. So there WERE a lot of other cuts that I did not list here, considering how insignificant they were. However, being the perfectionist I am, I have listed as many as was humanly possible for me. Nonetheless, anything that was less than a second and wasn't really that important I did not specifically list. Instead I'm telling you here: There were a lot of small stupid snippits. ^^

(6 seconds) Opening shot of the TV that Luna and Artemis are looking at is missing a few shots. It shows a volcano and what seems to be a hurricane. A shot of Luna and Artemis looking at the TV is also cut.

(44 seconds) Scene of Usagi making her family dinner is cut. This is actually a pretty funny scene, as Usagi utterly makes a mess of the kitchen and ends up ruining the dinner. Aww....poor little Usagi =(

(2 seconds) The very next scene, the beginning part where the entrance to the Hikawa temple is cut, most likely for all the Kanji and what not.

You know, the part I never got was, why the HELL would a Japanese SHINTO temple NOT be in Japan? I mean, THINK ABOUT IT. *counts to ten to regain composure* .............Just.......nevermind. I'm wasting my time trying to find logic in DiC's decisions. ^^;

(37 seconds) After Usagi asks Rei if she has kissed Yuuichirou before leaving, we see Rei and Usagi fight with each other, then the girls talk about what they're going to do when they come back from this final battle.

An especially cute part that is cut out is Ami talking about how she wants to maybe dabble in "love" after she comes back, and everyone moves in to stare at her, making her very embarrassed. Poor Ami. ^^

(2 seconds) A close up of Luna's face telling the senshi to "Make Up!" is cut.

The shot of the senshi all saying "Make Up" is changed to "Scout Power".

Stupid. And what makes it even stupider is why they just didn't CUT this little shot since they were cut happy with the rest of the episode. Again, there's no point in us trying to find logic in DiC's actions. I'll probably find Micheal Jackson's REAL nose before I find the logic in what DiC does.

While Luna and Artemis are talking during the transformations, Artemis ends up saying something to the effect of:

"Well, if things go bad maybe Serena will have a klutz attack and trip Queen Beryl."

I think that this is yet another example of how the dub kinda does it a bit overboard with the Usagi bashing. =\ Oh well.

(15 seconds) Exposition shots before the Sailor Teleport showing the sky and the senshi are cut.

(11 seconds) Shots AFTER the Sailor Teleport of rocks falling back to the ground and other things are cut.

(5 seconds) After Sailor Moon complains that it is cold, Mars yells at her and tells her to stop complaining. This is cut.

(7 seconds) After Mercury notices that something is coming, there is a few shots of the senshi taking defensive poses, preparing for the oncoming attack. This is cut. And hell, why not!? We all know defensive positions is slang for "Wild Passionate Sex" in the south, right!??!


Don't make fun of me.

(14 seconds) After the illusion of Tuxedo Kamen that Sailor Moon falls for, there are a few shots of Sailor Moon lecturing the Youma that are cut.

(28 seconds) The youma do the Tuxedo Kamen illusion again, Sailor Moon falls for it again, and the other Senshi have to save Sailor Moon again. All this "againing" is cut. ^^

(3 seconds) Snippets of when Jupiter gets attacked and the DD girls coming out of the ground.

(2 seconds) Fire Soul and a shot of the DD flying higher are cut short.

(18 seconds) Shots of Jupiter readying Suicide Supreme Thunder, the explosion it causes, two of the DD girls getting blown away and the others retreating, and the Senshi getting blown by the shockwave of the explosion are all cut. Including snippets (not all of what I described were full cuts), 18 seconds were cut.

(4 seconds) Jupiter being "entombed" in ice is cut.

(1 minute 3 seconds +/- 10 seconds) We see Jupiter's icy tomb. The senshi run to it and start to try and get Jupiter out. Jupiter tells them to go on and to defeat Beryl. She then dies. A very sad scene and it's a shame english speaking audiences never saw it. I put +/- 10 seconds because as I was counting how many seconds the cut was, I kind of lost track. ^^ Please forgive me. =P

(12 seconds) Shots of Moon mourning the loss of Jupiter.

Of note in this scene, Usagi wants to give Beryl the Silver Crystal to save her friends, I don't think this was in the dub. (If it was, oh well, I made a mistake =P)

(11 seconds) After Sailor Moon is crying saying she's going to give up the Silver Crystal, Sailor Mercury slaps her to get her to regain her senses.

Oh snap! You got pwned!! Ooooohhhhh. All we need is skimpy bathing suits and some mud and I'm set. XD

(19 seconds) A very sad farewell scene for Mercury is cut. We see shots of Venus and Mars making Moon go towards their destination as Mercury stays behind to distract the youma. Very sad.

Oh man, doesn't it feel good to switch up all this red to a green??

Shabon Spray is sped up.

(19 seconds) Shots of Mercury analyzing the DD girls with her computer/visor, and realizing their weak spot is the crystal in their forehead. Mercury then casts Shabon Spray on herself to protect her from the lava flow heading her way.

(11 seconds) After the DD girls get Mercury, they brutally shock her just like they did to Jupiter.

(9 seconds) Mercury using her computer to destroy the crystal on the DD girls' forehead, thus preventing them from creating more illusions.

Ok, watch the dub, and see how LAME Sailor Mercury's exit is. It's like "Hey! You're youma =D. TAKE ME =D!! *gives herself up freely*"

I mean, come on. She doesn't even put up a fight. At least in the original she did SOMETHING beneficial. *sigh*

(13 seconds) Shots of Mercury's tomb and Sailor Moon getting a flash indictating that she "knows" it has happened is cut.

(3 seconds) The ground turning red underneath Sailor Moon is cut. This is the scene that makes Venus aware that Sailor Moon is about to be attacked. I have no clue why they cut it. It makes her actions make more sense.

(15 seconds) Sailor Moon and Mars looking into the hole that Sailor Venus is in, Sailor Mars trying to protect Sailor Moon, and the DD girls attacking Sailor Moon are all cut.

...............I'm getting tired. Too many cuts x_X

(3 seconds) Venus pwning a DD girl. {All Right!}

>.>;;; I think Dave might be the only person who just got that...oh well...

(15 seconds) Shots of Venus' tomb are cut.

(5 seconds) The scene where Sailor Moon is pleading Mars to not fight is cut short by 5 seconds.

(3 seconds) After Moon's pleading, we see Mars' confidently go "Bwahaha! Don't worry =D!!! I wont die!! XD!!!"

Stupid Rei. You so gonna die.

(27 seconds) After Mars is entombed, we see Sailor Moon "go numb" so to speak. She just loses a sense of reality is a good way to put it. After this, a DD girl apears behind Sailor Moon and goes to attack her. Just then, Mars, from inside the little mound she's in, uses her fire attack and incinerates the DD girl that's about to attack Sailor Moon. Very cool scene, and also very cut.

(38 seconds) Ok, this is one of the coolest scenes (in my opinion) in the entire series, and I wasn't happy about it getting cut.

After Mars blows away her "tomb" or whatever she was in, the last DD girl appears(*) and holds up a seemingly lifeless Sailor Mars. She then goes to attack Sailor Moon. However, Sailor Mars grabs one of her tentacle things, saying it's not over yet. She then casts Fire Soul and blows away the final DD girl.

All I gotta say is, COOLEST. SCENE. EVER. Man, it was pretty rad. Ya'll missed out =P

(*) - This part of the scene is reused 2 times in this episode in the dub, right after Jupiter's "capture" and Venus' "capture". In the dub she says something like "Haha, we've captured that Sailor Scout, now she's safe and sound in our hideout" or something equally as retarded. Strangely enough, it is cut in the part where it's actually supposed to be.

(13 seconds) Mars' tomb and very sad death scene. In it, she says Sailor Moon is right, she should have kissed Yuuichirou before they left. She then dies. ;_;

Please give me a few minutes while I go be emo and slit my wrists and post in my live journal about how much my life sucks.

(1 minute 40 seconds) Here's what is cut: Sailor Moon mourns the loss of her comrades. Suddenly, the spirits of all the Senshi appear to encourage and motivate her to finish the task that they gave their lives for. We then see Sailor Moon running towards her destination (and may I say, weirdest. run. ever.) We then see Tuxedo Kamen in his Micheal Jacksonesque sleeping chamber (two zings in one comparison! Heck yeah!), he gets up and gives an evil smile.

And thus, episode 45 ends. Dear God, that was painful for me. Hopefully it was good for all of you though.

Total Retained 35%

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