42 "Sailor Venus no kako, Minako no hiren"
(Sailor Venus' Past: Minako's Blighted Love)
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After everyone was searching for the entrance to the Dark Kingdom with no results, Minako got a call from someone named Katarina and went to see her. Katarina knew Minako was Sailor V, and they had worked together in the past. Katarina thought Minako had died. Minako sadly asked about Alan, who was told he was fine, before Katarina asked Minako if she could help the other senshi. Not wanting to get her involved, Minako said no and ran out of the room. As Katarina was about to go after her, Kunzite appeared and turned her into a youma. The youma finds Minako who transforms into Sailorvenus, but is overpowered. Usagi and the cats find her and are able to escape on a boat to an empty cruise ship, where Minako explains the events of her past, with how her and Katrina were like sisters and worked together. Sailor V was caught in an explosion and lived, but she saw the two together and decided to quietly leave them. The youma would find them after the story, where Usagi transforms into Sailormoon and attacks the youma. Venus begs Moon to help her, to not fault her for Alan's choosing of her. She complies and Katarina is back to normal.

Not much to comment on here, being skipped and all. I suppose we'll never know why, I just wish it hadn't as it adds a layer of depth to Minako's character.

Well, the entire episode was cut. I don't know why, no one else knows why, there isn't even a good guess that could use any sort of logic.

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