41 "Mou koikara nigenai! Ami to Mamoru taiketsu"
(I Won't Run Away from Love Again! Ami & Mamoru Face Off)
37 "Tuxedo Unmasked" 95-10-31

Endymion was gathering the people (and cat) of which the seven great youma once resided. The Dark Kingdom's plan was to create the greatest youma with all of them gathered in the same spot. Ryo saw this in a vision and called Ami to warn her of what was to come and to protect Rei's grandfather. Mako went with Ami to find him while the others stayed at the shrine to watch over Rei's grandpa. Endymion finds Ryo, who was able to run away momentarily before running into Sailormercury and Sailorjupiter. Endymion catches up with the three and Jupiter tells the other two to go while she holds him off. The two take refuge near a ferris wheel, where Mercury calls for Moon to join to be able to heal Mamoru back to normal. Endymion would arrive before Moon and capture Ryo, however Mercury was able to take his crystal away and shatter it, freeing all who had been captured. Moon and Jupiter arrived, and the three were able to weaken him to the point of healing him, which worked for some moments before he was transported away again.

Wow, it has been a long time since writing these up. More time than I care to admit, but the wait is finally over. I just wish I could've restarted comparisons with a better episode as this one was hell to go through. The script here was mangled and stayed within the plot fairly loosely.

The script for this episode was meh. The basic plot was there, but that's it.

There is no MotD for this episode, and technically no VotD either.

Pre-episode treatment is the same as it has been for a while now.

(7 seconds) There is a shot of the sun which eventually fades to a mountain background, where the camera pans to the right is all cut. The episode starts when the camera pan reaches a tree on the right side of the screen.

(2 seconds) Snippets as Endymion was taking back Reika caused my two videos to go off sync by around 2 seconds.

It's interesting to note that the entire scene with Endymion is before the title card in the original version. I don't remember if this was done in previous episodes or not.

Digital fuzz is added to the TV screen as its turned on, yet the Japanese text remains untouched.

I have to put the chic-chat between Amy and Greg as an SDA. With how the two characters interact with each other, Amy would not invite him to her place at this point of time in the episode. Later on towards the end quite possibly, but not here. The first half of the conversation in the dub was too casual for my taste, the second half at least kept the plot going.

(15 seconds) The phone conversation had some of the zoom ins and zoom outs shortened. The biggest cut in this section is where the screen had Ami on one half and Ryo on the other. This part had Ami then a slide to create the two halves, then a slide to have Ryo by himself. It's great how nifty effects like these are already present in the original, yet not good enough for DiC to keep, yet they have no problems adding useless ones in places that make no sense whatsoever.

(7 seconds) A shot of Ryo, then a building, and a good portion of a closeup shot of Ryo were cut.

As mentioned in the cut box a couple boxes up, there's a myriad of digital effects added in the next few minutes that include:

* Digital fuzz to Lita's communicator
* Scene bumper to the Dark Kingdom
* Cloud effect added to Beryl's crystal ball
* Lightning is added at least twice that I could see

(7 seconds) The conversation between Beryl and Kunzite had snippets that cut around 2 seconds, then 5 seconds were cut off at the end of the scene.

While in the original there is some subtle tension shown by Kunzite, it is not as blatant as shown in the dub, nor did Beryl make any mention of Zoicite.

(4 seconds) Various shots of the girls in the shrine were cut short but no shot were actually cut. It feels important to note that the Japanese text on the shrine gate was intact.

Yet another digital bumper between scenes.

(2 seconds) Shot of the street is cut short.

(5 seconds) There was a shot of Makoto looking at Ami from one angle when she was speaking to her that was cut.

(3 seconds) Another shot of Makoto looking at Ami 9n a different angle outside the phone booth before another closeup of Makoto's face appears on both versions.

And yet another digital bumper.

Here us why changing Endymion's name was a mistake. In the original he says, "Mamoru? Someone else called me that before, but you have the wrong person. My name is Endymion." Which makes perfect sense.

So because of the change, we get "Correction, Prince Darien, champion of the Negaverse." Joy. -_-;

(4 seconds) Where the dub does a diagonal fade to commercial when the camera is on Ryo's face, the original has the camera zoom out more, eventually adding Mercury's and Jupiter's faces to the shot.

JAotD: Jupiter Thunder ....... Clap/Zap. I don't know which one, played it multiple times but it wasn't clear enough to me. If they kept the attack name the same the entire season, I could've ignored this altogether and there would be no need for this box to showcase my failure.

Digital scene change. It's like they have a quota to meet for these all the time.

(2 seconds) While this shot was cut short by a couple seconds, I'm actually surprised that the red effect screen was left in. I'm guessing it was because Endymion didn't actually smash Jupiter's face in as what looked like was going to happen.

There are two digital bumps added literally seconds apart from each other. And a THIRD as I wrote that down. WHY?!

(3 seconds) The camera pan down the ferris wheel was longer and showed signs on the gate before the fade to a camera panning to the right. The dub managed to have this same fade effect but not show the signs at all save for the main sign already in English.

Lot's of love-filled dialog that wasn't in the original was added in that seemed odd. Thankfully the video during this section was not touched.

Diagonal digital fades out for second commercial and fade back in. However, no slight recap when the episode starts back up.

"All of Luna's training must've paid off."

No, it was the conversation you had with Makoto earlier that gave you more confidence in the battle. -_-

"And that means you" episode, proving the theory again. My head hurts, this was not a good episode to pick back up on after years. @[email protected];;;

(2 seconds) The heart that showed Ami and Ryo while on the ferris wheel was on the screen a bit longer.

And the episode would not be complete without a fade to a pink background with moons and stars.

Total Retained 72%

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